Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When All Else fails

The St. Tammany fair sets up next to my kids’ school every year. As a result, each year my kids have a walking field trip to see the animal exhibits. I had to do TWO walking trips this past Thursday. One of them was with Brandon’s pre-school class and let me say, his teacher is a saint. I don’t know how she does it!

I brought our all terrain wagon to the school to pull Miss Jordan around. Her wheelchair will not roll over the rocks and mud. Yuck! I was really irritated that she wasn’t included in the class photo this year. Her teacher didn’t wait for her. So I took her photo in front of the props all by herself. She insisted on pig tails that morning because “they’re sassy”.

One of the more decent animal photos… Have you ever wondered why roosters have combs and wattles? (Answer: They are used for temperature regulation and they also attract hens.) See? Now we’ve all learned something today!

This pig must’ve weighed 500 pounds! He almost didn’t fit in the pen they had him in. He was asleep each time I passed by the exhibit with the kids. They kept yelling at him to get up. Personally, I admired his dedication to getting beauty sleep. He surely needs it!

This is Brandon and his little friend that I was assigned. They were so cute together. They both kept reminding each other to pet with TWO fingers like the teacher taught them. Note: Brandon is nearly a full head taller than all of the other children in his class.

This is the class photo. See? I told you that teacher is a saint! Brandon was off to the right horsing around. Pun intended. (I crack myself up! LOL)

After we buried Lady on Saturday, the house was entirely too quiet. We ended up going out to lunch at the new Five Guys that opened here. It was delicious! Those Cajun fries? OMG!  We headed to the fair when we were finished because we didn’t want to go home yet.

Ronnie always carries Jordan around on his shoulders when we go to the fair. She really loves being able to see over everyone. “Being tall rocks!”

The kids played quite a few different games. Alexis and Brandon played a game with race horses. Ronnie played basketball and hit his second shot perfectly. He won Jordan a huge stuffed Pooh Bear and she was in heaven. I was really impressed!

Brandon played the duck game because they “guaranteed a prize”. I can only imagine how ticked he’d have been if he didn’t get anything for his $5.00. Speaking of which, holy cow! When did fair games get so expensive? I remember playing for fifty cents! Jeez.

Jordan and Brandon didn’t want to ride any rides, instead they did this jumping activity. They both had a blast. This year was the first year that Jordan was able to do it by herself without Ronnie helping. She was thrilled!

This was Brandon’s first time jumping and he did an amazing job. I tried to get some good shots of his face but I couldn’t since I was shooting into the sun. It really bummed me out because he was SO excited.

Alexis chose to ride the mini Chinese dragon roller coaster. She was ALL grins. I could hear her giggling even when it went to the other side of the track. She is my little daredevil. She keeps asking me if she can go on the Yeti ride when we go back to Disney World! How can I explain to her that I’m too chicken to ride it? I’ll probably end up doing it just to make her happy. Yikes!

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Cindy deRosier said...

What kind of a lame teacher doesn't wait for a child with mobility issues before taking a group photo?! I'd be super annoyed too.

Agnes said...

Looks like the kids had a great time :-)

Just Jaime said...

Looks like the fair is so fun. I'd be ticked too about the teacher not waiting for Jordan.

Moondust47 said...

What great pics!! I really love fair pics! By the way congrats on your win over on the Cosmo Cricket Blog! You totally rocked it!

Paisley Petals said...

Your kids are so sweet to each other! Sounds like they need to give Jordan's teacher a lesson in niceness!!