Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Adventures In Hippotherapy

I recently got to see Jordan ride her horse. I usually go with Lexie and Ronnie goes with Jordan. Lexie had last weekend off so we all watched Jordan. (Their lessons occur at the same time every Saturday.) Jordan is getting so big and I couldn't believe how many new skills she's added. She adores hippotherapy and especially loves her horse Kit Kat.

It was incredibly cold that morning so she was dressed in layers. She had on two pairs of pants, two long sleeved shirts, and a jacket. She took off the jacket once she warmed up. Riding can be hard work! She really enjoyed riding in the pasture instead of the arena because of the additional sunshine.

I even got some video of Missy Prissy trotting. That’s her favorite part of riding. She’s got a lot of her Daddy in her… she likes to go fast!

In this photo, the instructor was trying to teach her how to dismount correctly. She almost got it! Kit Kat is so patient. Jordan can get a bit wiggly and she just ignores it and goes where they ask. I think Kit Kat’s favorite part of the lesson is the treat after it ends.

Here’s the hippotherapy audience! See? I told you it was cold. We had to break out the big puffy jackets. I only got to take one photo with my iPhone before Mr. Angry Birds confiscated it to keep himself entertained.


After she finished riding, we met Jordan’s new friend at the park. Jordan saw her at school and decided she was going to be friends with her and told her Momma that she should call me so we could set up a play date. (I’m leaving her friend’s name out because I don’t have permission to use it.) She even wrote her a note about being friends and included my phone number. Being the awesome Momma I am… we scheduled the play date as soon as we could!

We have a wonderful playground here in our town that’s accessible to special needs children. I can’t tell you what a blessing that’s been to Jordan over the years. They even have wheelchair ramps up onto the equipment and everything is wide enough for the chair to fit!

Jordan loves the see saw and having her new friend on it with her was a dream come true. She had been planning and imagining the play date for a week. They ran all over the playground together and Jordan was exhausted by the time everything was over.

She was definitely exhausted but happy. After all, it was a very adventurous day!

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Cindy deRosier said...

Very cool!

Elizabeth said...

How exciting for her! A new friend playdate AND horses all in one day! So happy your boy is OK. ;)

Just Jaime said...

What a fun day and a great friend!!