Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cold Toes, Warm heart?

It’s very chilly out today and I have cold feet. If my feet are cold, I’m cold. It’s a very strange phenomenon! I decided to curl up with a blanket and write a blog to keep warm.

We met Ronnie’s parents for lunch on Saturday. We went to their house after we were done so they could visit with the kids. Ronnie was so excited because his dad FINALLY let him drive his Corvette. I went out to snap a few photos of them leaving. Ronnie’s Dad looked really nervous.


They made it back in one piece! I knew Ronnie would be really careful. In fact, his Dad had to tell him to step on the gas a bit. Ronnie liked it except for the fact that Corvettes are tiny, and he’s 6’4”. It took a LOT of maneuvering to fold his height down into that tiny space.

While I was cleaning up outside on Sunday, Brandon found an ant pile. He didn’t realize and he stood in it for a while before they started biting him. He started shrieking and running around. I practically had to tackle him so I could brush them all off of him. I gave him Benedryl and soaked his feet in cold water to relieve some of the itching. He had a total of 27 ant bites all the way up to his thighs. After a few days of Benedryl, he’s feeling much better but his little legs are all scabbed up.


Yesterday I found my missing Swiss Dot Cuttlebug folder! I had been looking for it for over two  months. I found it tucked in to an older scrapbook kit. I must’ve accidentally grabbed it and tucked it back in the bag with the papers. It’s my favorite folder so I’m super stoked to have found it again!


I’m sleep deprived today. Jordan woke up around two in the morning crying because she had a nightmare. (A T-rex roared at her when she got the wrong answer on her test.) She climbed in my bed for about an hour then Ronnie and I heard Brandon screaming. He had thrown up all over his bed. He’s got that terrible stomach flu again.

I put Jordan back in her bed, and put Brandon in mine after I threw his sheets in the washer. He stayed home from school today and he’s mostly been laying around watching TV. He recently informed me that he’s ready to go back to school. He doesn’t look ready though.


The only problem with that is the fact that I have to go to the school  for a meeting in a bit to get Jordan’s new wheelchair! He’s going to have to come along. (So far he hasn’t thrown up again so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.) We have been waiting to get it for months and she is so excited. She was only a little bit mad that she had to miss her field trip today to meet with the wheelchair distribution guy. I’m sure I’ll have photos of the new chair here on my blog soon.

P.S. I’m hosting this week’s Scraptastic Club challenge. The prize is two Echo Park collections. Be sure to check out the post here.

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Agnes said...

Go Ronnie :-) By the way, those T-Rexes look really scary, I can relate!

Alison said...

Hey Heather, even though your little dude isn't feeling well, he's looking SO grown up! When did that happen?!

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

poor brandon! first the ants and then the tummy. he is growing so stinkin' fast. so excited for jordan and her new wheels. and ronnie...suck it up. lol have an ad for an acupuncturiest (their misspelling) and herbalist. hee hee

Just Jaime said...

Hope Brandon is better. I feel the same way about my feet, I don't wear flip flops in the fall or winter because of it!

Patrice said...

I remember the ant bite days - those bites can be awful!