Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Frustrated Photographer

I absolutely love Fall. The cooler temperatures always feel just perfect and there are plenty of amazing photo opportunities to be had at all of the different activities. I spent yesterday recuperating from the last week around here. We did so many different things that I had over three hundred photos to edit!

I volunteered at Brandon and Jordan’s school on Friday. They had their Fall festival and it was indescribable. Imagine sixty screaming 4 year olds and you probably get the general idea. COMPLETE AND UTTER CHAOS! I was responsible for manning the bean bag toss and I’m lucky to have escaped with no bruises. I had to jump out of the way several times as the children mobbed the game and knocked the HUGE board over. Asking them to step back, get in line, and take turns did not work because they couldn’t hear me over all of the shrieking.

Don’t let the cute face below fool you… he totally had a hand in creating as much chaos as possible.

The next day, we went to a Fall Festival for a local charity that helps special needs children. We trick or treated at several different houses and the kids even got to pet a snake and an alligator. I didn’t touch the snake, but I was fine with petting the alligator. He was SO cute!

We ate lunch there and once we were finished the girls got up on stage to dance. Brandon was there too but he mostly jumped around and made goofy faces at his sisters. That’s a boy for you! Did you notice that they are wearing long sleeves and pants under their costumes? It has been cold here already. Cold enough that I’m wondering if we’ll get snow again this year!

After the festival, we came home to our house. I threw a small party for my Mom, brother, my friend Laurie, and her two kids! I have photos, but I don’t have permission to post them. We made worm cupcakes, and had the best pulled pork sandwiches. The kids played outside and made lots of happy noise! Lexie got two splinters… it was a very eventful day.

Sunday was pumpkin patch day! We almost didn’t go because we were exhausted from the two days before and Brandon had a runny nose. In the end, the kids managed to convince us that they needed to spend the day with their 2nd cousins again.

I look forward to the pumpkin patch every year because it’s one of the few places that I get photos of the kids together. They were NOT very cooperative this year. I spent half of my time saying “Yoo hoo! Kids! Look over here! Say cheese!” Finally, I just gave up and let them do what they wanted. In the end it made for some really interesting candid photos that I’m going to scrapbook anyway.

They all ADORED the zip line that the pumpkin patch owners put in last year. It doesn’t look like it goes very fast, but when it was my kid on it I got a little nervous because that thing flies!

They also have a huge slide that they made out of a plastic tube. The kids come down it really quickly. Jordan kept complaining that it hurt her bottom. Brandon thought it was hysterically funny!

I think Alexis’ favorite part of the trip was the petting zoo. She got to pet a pony and she even held a tiny bunny. Brandon got his finger pecked by a turkey and came running to me. He thought it was trying to eat him. Poor little guy!

There’s an old covered wagon on the property as well. I’ve taken the kids’ photo in front of the wheels for about four years now. Here’s another photo where they were especially cooperative! (Wait, are we supposed to look at you Mom? What?)

I love comparing how much they’ve grown on this sign every year. Jordan is almost four feet tall already. I can remember when she was barely above the three feet mark and could hardly stand up alone.

We had to carve pumpkins the same night we got home from the pumpkin patch because it was the day before Halloween. Nothing like waiting until the last possible minute! I always make the kids dig the guts out of their own pumpkins because I can’t stomach it. Gross!

Jordan looks slightly sinister peeking out from behind her mutilated pumpkin. She also looks a little wild because her hair was falling out of the ponytail after her busy day.

We took the kids trick or treating down our street on Halloween. They only lasted a little while because it was cold and they wanted to go home. That was fine with me because my back was hurting. I managed to do something to it on Saturday and let me just say… OUCH!

Alexis looked really pretty in her Belle costume. She designed the pumpkin that was all the way on the right. Ronnie and I always let them draw on the pumpkins and then we cut out whatever they create. Alexis’ had goofy teeth and a crooked triangle nose.

Jordan went as Rapunzel. You can’t really tell here but her hair was all glittery and gold with spray that I bought. Her pumpkin is the one in the middle. She wanted it to have lots and lots of sharp teeth. She also requested eyebrows. That was a first!

Brandon was Mario. His costume was the hit of the night. Everyone we passed kept yelling, “Hey! It’s Mario.” He was quite entertained by the entire thing. Brandon’s pumpkin is on the far left. It’s Pac-man! That’s what he asked for so that’s what Ronnie carved. He ended up very happy with it.

They had a great time and ended up with a ton of candy even though we only went on our street. Our neighborhood is getting more popular with trick or treaters and you wouldn’t believe the crowds. We got the kids in bed at their normal bedtime because we are such responsible parents. (Actually, we were exhausted and were looking forward to vegging out on the couch for the rest of the night.)


P.S. Still totally loving my iPhone, and my new haircut too!

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Just Jaime said...

Looks like a fun and busy Halloween. I'm glad it's over, myself, and I don't even have kids yet!

Cindy Gay said...

You did great just the same with the photos of the kids and I want to see more of your haircut!

Mitralee said...

Oh my! Good thing I am resting on my couch Because your post made me tired! Looks like a ton of fun! Love the cool costumes!

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

oh my goodness....i am exhausted just reading your blog today! what an eventful weekend. love all the photos. i so need to take brighton to your patch cause your sign is taller. hee hee

Melissa* said...

What a fun halloween post! Sounds like great memories!