Monday, November 21, 2011

Giving Thanks!

I know I was a bit vague at the end of my last post about Brandon’s possible health issues. It almost as if I felt that giving the doctor’s suspicions a voice meant it would be true. He had been throwing up off and on in the middle of the night and complaining of headaches. One minute he would be sleeping peacefully, and the next he would be vomiting everywhere. This went on for about two weeks with four total episodes. At first we were sure that he had a stomach virus, but as things kept getting worse I got worried. I brought him to the pediatrician and she said that throwing up like that is a big sign of a pediatric brain tumor.

I couldn’t breathe for a full minute after she told me. After all, my Mom had a brain tumor. Even though they said it wasn’t a genetic type of tumor, my first thought was that doctors don’t know everything. They scheduled an MRI and we waited two days for the appointment. My Mom came up to help me with Brandon and it’s a very good thing she did because he absolutely refused to go to sleep on the medication they gave him. He was scared and I’m sure he was picking up on how stressed I was. He finally went to sleep when the MRI tech let my Mom come in. The MRI went by very quickly. I’ll be honest and say that I prayed the entire time and watched him like a hawk. I was scared he would wake up and be terrified. Thankfully, he didn’t and we were able to tote his little sleepy self home in the van.

The next day we anxiously waited for news. We didn’t hear anything until about three in the afternoon and I can tell you that it was the longest day ever! I was in an appointment when the pediatrician’s office called and told me his MRI was clear. I started crying in sheer relief. It was like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. They decided that he has really bad acid reflux and they’ve put him on Prevacid. I can handle that. It’s much, much better than the alternative! Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. I just know that they made a difference. I didn’t want to leave everyone wondering about what happened so as soon as everything settled down a bit I came to post!

*I also have some scrappy news to be grateful about. Don’t forget to check out the Free Holiday Class over at Jessica Sprague’s site. It looks absolutely awesome! I’ve already signed up. I hope to see you there!

While you are there, check out their newest designer! It’s Becky Higgins and she is offering the entire Project Life series in digital format.

1: Week 45

21Week 45 (Nov 5, 2011 to Nov 11, 2011)WEB

I've been super bummed that I couldn't get my hands on a digital version of Project 365, so when I heard that Becky Higgins was coming to I did a little happy dance. After I was done dancing, I started creating!

Clementine Edition Full Collection
DESIGN 365 - A Year of Rubons
Crystal's {Tons of Scallops} Template Kit
Creativity By Crystal's Free December Papers (Blog Freebie)

2: Week 46

Week 46 (Nov 12, 2011 to Nov 18, 2011)WEB

This two pager is the most recent week in my Project Life. I love the Cosmo Cricket Mr. Campy collection. The wood grain papers are just so cool!

DESIGN 365 - A Year of Rubons
Mr. Campy Elements
Mr. Campy Borders
Mr. Campy Paper Pack
The {365 Challenge} Templates - July 2009
Flea Market Brads
very krafty-the neutrals

3. Waiting For Santa


One year Jordan wanted to wait under the Christmas tree until Santa came. I had to take a photo of her waiting for him, but eventually we settled for leaving him a letter. This is what she said...

Journaling: Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a baby doll and a Pablo. I know I didn't sit on your lap again this year. To be honest, you still scare me a little. Love, Jojo December 2008

Holiday Magic Paper Pack
Holiday Magic Element Pack
feedsack element pack 2
Fonts: WW Flakes and Vaguely Repulsive

4. Alligator Mississippienis Habitat

This layout was totally inspired by Jennifer Barksdale's layout called "Jealous" on page 90 of the December 2011 issue of Scrapbooks Etc.! I loved her design. I did make some changes once I got my photos out and discovered they wouldn't work the same way hers did.

I used my November "Autumn Splendor" kit and add on from Scraptastic Club to create this page.

Alligator Mississippienis is the scientific name for the American Alligator.

Journaling: October 2010 We spent the day at Fountainbleau Park in Mandeville, La. We hiked back to see the alligator habitat. It was a long hike but seeing the alligators was worth it. They were too far away to get decent pics! (I did get a pic of a slippery snake. Eww!)

Please note that the green bling, and ribbon were not in the kit. They were older pieces from my stash.

*Stay tuned tomorrow for a post about Jordan’s hippotherapy adventures! I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit and I need to get back into the swing of things.

Wood Grain Thank you


Agnes said...

Oh Heather what a relief, great news on Brandon's MRI!!!

Veronica said...

Oh Heather! So GLAD that it is just acid reflux! continued prayers for you and your family! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Moondust47 said...

Glad to hear all is well!! I wondered but figured u had your reasons for not elaborating. Glad to see the inspiration is flowing too! Great projects!

Just Jaime said...

Oh my gosh, how scary! So glad he is ok!!

Cindy deRosier said...

So glad to hear he's OK! It sounds odd to say that I'm thrilled that Brandon has acid reflux, but I know you know what I mean. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

so glad to hear the good news. great new projects. happy thanksgiving.

Izzyb said...

An early Thanksgiving! Now that's something to be thankful for. Hope the med does the trick and he is back to his old self soon. LOVE your projects, every one!

mustangkayla said...

So glad to hear you figured out what is going on with Brandon. Fantastic layouts!