Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Everything!!

We celebrated Alexis’ 10th birthday this past Saturday. I absolutely can not believe that she’s in the double digits now! She asked me for lipstick and high heels for her birthday. I gave her flats and my sister-in-law gave her lip gloss. We’re calling it a compromise. I really wish she wasn’t in such a hurry to grow up.

I can remember being her age though and I felt the same way. I was in a huge hurry to shave my legs and wear makeup. These days you have to twist my arm to get me to wear makeup. I guess it’s a case of the grass always being greener on the other side of the fence.

I bought her this fun and funky Christmas dress and a nightgown with a matching outfit for her doll. I’m trying to have her hold onto being little for as long as I can. It’s not working well though. She already looks SO grown up!

Ronnie’s parents and his sister came over for her party. His sister decided to give the kids their Christmas presents early. She bought all three of the kids new bedding and curtains. They were ecstatic!

Jordan got a set with Rapunzel on it, and she pretended to sleep when I took her photo. She’s such a ham!

Brandon got a Cars 2 set and he couldn’t possibly have smiled any bigger. He tucked all of his stuffed animals in before he would lay down to go to sleep.

Miss Alexis got a more sophisticated pattern with hearts all over it. No characters for her anymore! She also got blackout curtains and that means she can sleep later. I had to roll her out of bed around 9:30 this morning so we could go to vision therapy.

The kids are all enjoying their Christmas vacation. We went shopping at Target today so Alexis could spend her birthday money! Target + 3 kids= A giant migraine. I’m just now starting to feel better. Sheesh!

Our Christmas tree is up and I’ve finished wrapping all of our presents. These kiddos are spoiled rotten! I am finally starting to get into the Christmas spirit because there are quite a few things that I can’t wait to see them open.

The kids have also gotten new clothes and goodies from my Dad and my Step-Mom. They also got new toys too, but the girls were especially excited about the awesome clothes. They are pint sized divas! Even Mr. Brandon is wearing accessories these days.


I got a new toy too. My Mom brought me this gorgeous teal and cream cruiser bike. I’ve been riding around chasing the kids on the street. They thought it was so funny to see me riding a bike, and they were SO impressed that I don’t need training wheels. Plus, they thought it was awesome that I could stand up and pedal. Mommy has tricks up her sleeves!


I have one post with a free template coming up in a few hours, and after that I’ll be back when all of the Christmas craziness is over. I would like to thank everyone for visiting my blog this past year! I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

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Cindy deRosier said...

Awesome photos! I can't believe Alexis is 10 either... and I've never even met her. I've "known" you at sb.com so long it feels like I've watched her grow up (I suppose I have, just through layouts instead of in real life.)

Just Jaime said...

Happy birthday Alexis! What fun stuff for everyone. Loves Alexis's dress. Your bike looks so fun! Merry Christmas!

mustangkayla said...

Happy birthday to Alexis! Cute photos! Sounds like a great Christmas break so far! LOVE the photos of them so happy with their new bed sets and clothes! Merry Christmas!

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

oh goodness..growing up so quickly. love the new bedding, the new clothes, your new bike. glad yoiu are finding your holiday spirit. hugs.