Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sketch/Template #10

Good morning! I'm back to share another sketch/template with you. I included room for a vertical 5x7 photo, but you could also put several smaller photos in the same space. If you would like to save the sketch to your computer, feel free to right click on the image and then click "Save As".

I asked the wonderful contributors at Ideas For Scrapbookers to create example pages with the sketch. I was grateful that several of the ladies offered their assistance. Dolores sent me this beautiful page with a photo of her sweet dog! I love the color combination that she used, and the way she kept the scalloped circle accents.

Marlene made a very frosty, fun page! I love how she substituted the photos inside of the scalloped circles. It's a great way to include more photos in the design. I also love the journaling on her page. It tells such a fun story! I'm a big fan of never growing up.

Nancy made this beautiful scrapbook page with four photos instead of one large focal photo. I love the floral accents and the spool of twine. I think her take on the sketch is a great reminder that a sketch is only a suggestion or jumping off point. Changing things up or making different design choices is a neat way to make the sketch uniquely yours!

I made two examples with the sketch. This is a digital page that I created with supplies from Elle's Studio. (They're available at Jessica Sprague's website.) I stayed pretty true to the sketch but I added some swirls and a big cluster of flowers. I also didn't journal around the edges as indicated on the sketch.

This is a paper page that I made with a Scraptastic Club kit. I loved the patterned paper with the banners on it, so I chose to fussy cut and use them on my page. The writing on the photo was done digitally in Photoshop Elements before I printed it out to scrapbook.

Thank you very much to all of the lovely ladies who helped me provide example pages for this post! I really appreciate your help and creativity.

I didn't forget the freebie! Please click on the link below if you would like to download the layered template that I created in Photoshop Elements.


Wood Grain Thank you

Monday, January 30, 2012


I’ve been seeing all of these blog posts lately that have the same theme. Many bloggers that I know have been posting lists of what they are currently doing. I thought it would be fun to play along!

Watching: The end credits roll on the TV because I just watched Water For Elephants. I loved the book so I was a little wishy washy about watching the movie, but I’m really glad I did. It was weird seeing Edward cheat on Bella though. Just sayin’.

Eating: Nothing right now but I did eat whole wheat toast for breakfast.

Drinking: Coffee. Always, always coffee. (Well, sometimes water.)

Wearing: I’m still in my pajamas. Hey! No judging. It’s only 10:30 and it’s cold here. Plus, I don’t have anywhere to go today. Yippie!

Wishing: That I could have one of every new product that comes out after Winter CHA. These sneak peeks are KILLING me. Game Day Chili from Jillibean Soup… You WILL be mine.

Needing: I need to finish all of my blogging projects so I can scrapbook. Let’s just say I need a clone. One of us could scrap and the other could blog. If I had two clones then one of us could clean too. This may get a bit out of hand… Ha!

Thinking: I might be getting early symptoms of carpal tunnel. I woke up this morning and my thumb and index finger are pretty numb. It pretty much stinks!

Worrying: That Alexis is going to fail fourth grade. It’s seriously not going well. The school district has only recently agreed to test her to see if she’ll qualify for special education classes even though I’ve been begging them to all year. I am NOT happy with the school she attends. It’s been a hot mess. (This subject needs it’s own post!)

Listening: Perfect peace and quiet because I turned my phone off. I have a lot to get done today and I find that I get really distracted in my old age so I’m trying to concentrate on one thing at a time. Oh, I do hear my LOUD air purifier. It’s always on, but it becomes background noise after a while.

Wondering: If I should go grocery shopping tomorrow. I HATE grocery shopping. People are rude, prices are high, and I’d rather stay home so I can scrapbook.

*Before I go, I have a TON of new projects to share. I was extremely busy last week, and this week is looking really busy too! I have two new Scraptastic Club kits to create with. You want a sneak peek of those? Yeah, I thought so!

A Boy’s Life Kit

a boy's life full 1.21.12

A Boy’s Life Add On

a boys life add-on 1.25.12

Heart’s A Flutter Kit

hearts a flutter kit 1.25.12

Heart’s A Flutter Add On

hearts a flutter add-on 1.25.12

I couldn’t help myself, so I ordered both of the amazing add ons and the second kit. After seeing all of that scrappy goodness, you really can’t blame me! Right?

1: Origins


When I saw the title on this week's Photoshop Friday, it made me think about the origin of our family and how we built this house with having a family in mind. I've always wanted to scrap our home being built and this was a neat way to accomplish that.

Carina Gardner's Well Traveled Mini Ric Rac Set (Coming Soon!)
Carina Gardner's Well Traveled Journal Notes (Coming Soon!)
Carina Gardner's Well Traveled Paper Set One
Carina Gardner's Well Traveled Paper Set Two
Carina Gardner's Well Traveled Paper Set Four (Coming Soon!)
Carina Gardner's Well Traveled Postage Frames (Coming Soon!)
Carina Gardner's Well Traveled Stamps (Coming Soon!)
Photoshop Friday Add Journaling Around A Photo Collage
Splendid Fiins Flea Market Brads

2: Bless Your Heart Card

Still using up the rest of the scraps from my Basic Grey "Two Scoops" stash. I also added some random stickers and embellishments from my stash and a TON of Stickles. This card is very blingy IRL.

3: Baby Cards


Another case of scrap guilt... I can't be the only one that won't throw scraps away if I can still make a card out of them! In this case, I had enough scraps for three cards. This paper is about three years old. I love using up older scraps. It gives me such a sense of achievement and building my card stash means I won't have to rush to make one at the last second.

The top right card was based on a sketch 108-S by Valerie Salmon. The bottom card was also inspired by Valerie's sketches. This one was sketch 129-S. The other card was created with a sketch I made.

4: Boy Birthday Cards

I had a few scraps from my Basic Grey Hang 10 pack. (WAY back in the day! LOL) I couldn't just throw them out so I made these quick cards. The Mater one is for Brandon's 5th birthday in a few months, and I thought the other one might work for my grandpa's birthday.

5: Happy Birthday

I used an older Scraptastic Club kit that featured Imaginisce's Birthday Bash line to create this page. I also used a sketch from The Sampler as inspiration. I loved the scattered circles. They reminded me of confetti, so I decided to scrap a birthday page.

Journaling: We celebrated Ronnie's 30th birthday with a little party at home. We made him a card and a cake. The kids bought him a present. He always says that the best present is being with us. Dec. 2008

6: Shells And Sand

A just because layout... I've been trying to work through some of my stash and I had a few Basic Grey Two Scoops scraps to use. I found a PageMaps sketch that worked with the photos I had, but I didn't have quite enough paper, so I stole a few pieces from my Basic Grey Nook and Pantry stash. I drew the flourish on the wrong side of a scrap of cardstock and then cut it out. I'm quite proud of the fact that this ENTIRE page is done from scraps except for the white cardstock background.

If my embellishment choices don't make sense, you'll understand once you read the journaling. LOL

7: Love


When I first started to scrap this photo I planned to journal about the sibling relationship between my oldest and youngest. I found this quote by accident and and I loved it so the page went in a different direction.

In The Making Designs' Flirty Full Kit
baker's twine
Rockin' Template Pack

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back bright and early tomorrow with a new sketch and a corresponding free template!

Wood Grain Thank you

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Monstrous Fun!

A few months ago, I saw a commercial for a monster truck show that was coming to New Orleans. I thought that Brandon would be really thrilled by seeing monster trucks jumping and smashing everything. After all, he is a boy! I also knew my biggest boy (AKA husband) would enjoy it.

They all had a good time, but Jordan surprised us by having an absolutely fantastic time. It was so out of character for her because she has sensory issues that make her sensitive to loud noises. We had her wear huge protective headphones, and it still took her a little bit to get used to the noise. She ended up crying for a minute until the announcer said that we were being recorded for the Speed Channel. She decided that “Her friends couldn’t see her cry on camera if they watched the monster truck show.” and she quit fussing that second. Once she calmed down, she really enjoyed the show.

Alexis didn’t say much of anything the entire time. Her eyes got really big, and she just stared. When I asked her if she was having fun, she grinned this BIG.

The hit of the night was the Robosaurus. It’s a gigantic dinosaur robot that “eats” old cars. Ronnie wasn’t impressed, but we thought it was really neat. Jordan is fascinated with dinosaurs so this part of the event was right up her alley.

We didn’t get home until 11:00 PM but it was definitely worth it. I was so glad that we all had a good night out as a family. It had been a while since we did anything fun like that.

Of course, I have a few scrapbook-related things to share before I go. I completed a few more projects with the Scraptastic Club Button Box kit and add on. I was totally obsessed with using every last scrap of this kit because I loved it so much. After I finished making the first few layouts, I used the leftover scraps and embellies to squeak out one more layout that used up tiny scraps. I also made seven cards. (I did add one piece of red cardstock and a few red gems when I created the cards.)

Before I created this page, I searched the web for sketches that used tiny bits of paper. I found an amazing one in the latest PageMaps release that inspired me. This is the layout I came up with. I used some older photos of Brandon. I loved how well the flags in the kit worked as banners to hang from my twine.

I also made two sets of cards. I used two different color palettes when I designed them. The first set closely matches the layouts that I made with the kit. They are all misted with the mist that Jessica included as the extra goodie this month. All three of these cards were inspired by Studio Calico sketches, I've said it before... They have amazing sketches on their blog.

On this next set, I pulled a sheet of red cardstock from my stash because I really liked the small red dashes that ran through the striped paper. I thought that adding the red cardstock would really make those pop, and it worked!

I hope that I inspired you to use more of your scraps! I have more projects to share tomorrow, and I have a sketch/template freebie to share on Tuesday. It’s going to be a busy blog week!

Wood Grain Thank you

Monday, January 23, 2012

Digi Dishing Diva

I’ve been busy lately but it’s a very happy kind of busy! I managed to create SIX digital projects in the last week. Yesterday I made three cards and one paper layout, and today I sewed two pair of pajama pants. I love being creative! It puts a smile on my face and lots of joy in my heart. I’m going to post the digital layouts on this post, and then later I’ll come back to post pajama photos and paper pages. Here goes…

1: Who I Am

Heather Landry Who I Am WEB

I really love Elle's My Dear paper line. It was perfect to scrap an important quote to remember in relation to my ten year old. I had the perfect photo too because I took her outside a few days ago and we had a really fun photo shoot. (I love it when that happens!)

My Dear Papers
Fabric Covered Buttons Kit
Fresh Blooms Digital Kit
Pretty Felt Feathers
Paper Garden

Other Supplies:
Word Art by Elegant Word Art
Template #10 by Heather Landry (Coming Soon!)

2: You & Me


I'm loving Photoshop Friday in 2012! This is my take on the "Adding Grunge to A Journaling Block" episode. I loved Jessica's design so I didn't change too much. I needed more journaling space so I used a bigger brush and I changed the color of the title.

Photoshop Friday 2012 Adding Grunge To A Journaling Block

3. Dream


This Digital Art Journaling page is based on the prompt Goals/Desires. I chose this quote because I really liked the part that said, "It isn't a calamity to die with dreams unfulfilled, but it is a calamity not to dream." My goal is to dream big and work at achieving my goals and desires. If I don't succeed, that's okay. Basically, I'm giving myself permission to dream as big as I can imagine. Who knows what will happen?

Jessica Sprague's Digital Art Journaling Class

4: Best Friends


This is my take on the friend prompt in Jessica Sprague's Digital Art Journaling class. I have this amazing friend who always understands where I'm coming from and she's never judgmental. She is such a treasure to me, so I chose this quote to reflect our quirky (FUN!) friendship.

Jessica Sprague's Digital Art Journaling Class
Journal Your Art Out 1
Journal Your Art Out 2

5: Journey


I've been working on incorporating bits of my handwriting and art work into the digital art journaling pages I've been doing in the Digital Art Journaling class. I painted the "journey" word art, and then scanned it in to use as a brush.

I seriously need more hours in the day because I am LOVING this class. I find myself dreaming of page ideas. LOL The woman standing on top of the world was in a dream about a journey. See? I'm art journaling in my sleep now!

Jessica Sprague's Digital Art Journaling Class
Hopeful Art Papers
Impressions Painting Brushes

6: Domestic Goddess


When I think about who I am on the inside, I'm much more than a housewife that does dishes, irons, vacuums, and takes care of the kids all day. Inside, I'm an artist and a creative person. I'd much prefer to be known as a domestic goddess!

I made the word art and some of the journaling on this page myself. I used watercolors for the swirled brushes, and art pastels to make the "domestic goddess" portion of the title. I'm thinking that I may journal on paper a bit too. I had to borrow my daughter's watercolors just so I could play and scan things in.

The household images were from The Graphic Fairy website. I converted them into brushes and stamped them on the background. Then I changed the mode to overlay and did a bit of blending with Nancie's watercolor brushes.


Jessica Sprague's Digital Art Journaling Class
Journal Your Art Out 3
Journal Your Art Out 2

* I’ll be back soon with more layouts, an update on how this kids are doing in school, and pajama pant pictures. Also, you’ll want to stick around because there’s another free template coming soon!

Wood Grain Thank you

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Such A Fun Day!

Hi everyone! I’d like to share a page that I made with a fabulous Scraptastic Club kit. I got to create with the Button Box kit and add on this month. I found an older photo of  my son with his grandpa and I knew right away that I wanted to use it with this kit. The design on this page was inspired by a Studio Calico sketch. I went to their blog to see how their design team was using the tissue tapes that Jessica included in the kit, and while I was there I found an awesome sketch. I love it when that happens! This is my take on their sketch.

I also took some close up photos so you could see how I used the trim. I decided to use it the same way I would use ribbon or strips of cardstock. The tissue texture added a lighter feel to the page. (I used two scraps from older Scraptastic Club kits on this page. The grey resin flower and the white string.)

One of my favorite embellishments in this kit was this butterfly button. It's different and really fun! I layered several diecuts and a few stickers to create this cluster of embellishments.

I hope I managed to inspire you today! Please note: The Button Box kit and add on are sold out. If you want to be notified when the next months’ kits go up you can sign up to get the Scraptastic Club newsletter here. (Trust me, you want to go sign up so you’ll get first choice of the February kits. I’ve seen them and they are incredible!)

Wood Grain Thank you

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sketch/Template #9

Good morning everyone! As promised, I'm here to share a sketch and free template with you. I also asked a few of my friends to contribute inspirational layouts for this post. I ended up liking the sketch so much that I made a few pages to share as well. You will find the sketch below. Please feel free to right click on the image and then click "Save As" if you would like to save the .jpg to your computer for later use.

Michelle contributed this page of her kids playing in the snow. I really love how she changed the sketch to work with the photos she had. I also love the misting on the blue paper and the super adorable snowmen!

The next page is by Amanda Johnson. She stayed pretty close to the sketch design, but she enlarged the title and that makes it have so much more impact! I also really like the way she added the brad to the wooden banner in the upper left corner.

Juliann did a wonderful job converting the sketch to 8.5 x 11 so it would work with her scrappy style. I think the way she overlapped the letters is really neat. I also love how she double matted the photos!

I am inspired by the way Jessica left the centers in the alphabet letters.  Her design choice really helps them stand out a little more on her blue background. She also cut a flower diecut so it would look like a cloud. That's such a good idea!

Thank you all very much for using my sketch! I really appreciate your help and creativity.

I created the next three pages. The first one is a paper page. (*All of the paper layouts in this post were created with supplies from Scraptastic Club kits!) I loved being able to use lots of different embellishments on this layout. The Prima flower was my favorite accent. It's just so pretty!

I also created two digital layouts using products from Becky Higgins and the other fabulous designers at Jessica Sprague's website. This page was for my Project Life last year, I was able to fit seven photos on one page!

This is the second digital page. Again, it was a page that I included in my Project Life. I used it twice because it was an awesome way to cram a ton of photos on one page. Don't worry, I didn't put them side by side in my book so no one will ever notice!

I followed the sketch and template pretty closely on my pages. It made scrapping go much quicker. That's one of the reasons why I love sketches and templates so much!

If you're a digital scrapbooker and you would like to download the layered template freebie, you can click on either of the links below to download.

4shared OR Box

Wood Grain Thank you

Monday, January 16, 2012

Digital Art Journaling Love

I have been on a serious digital scrapbooking jag lately! Between my creative team work and and the AMAZING Digital Art Journaling class I’m taking… I’ve been cranking pages out left and right. I made six digital pages last week and I would love to share them with you today!

1: Treasure


I was at a loss on what to do with the prompt “Treasure” until I found this quote. Then it all came together. I planned the entire page around it and searched the web for brushes and images I could use. I don't normally use darker color schemes when I scrap, but I thought... why not step ALL of the way out of the box? LOL

Jessica Sprague's Digital Art Journaling Class
Sitting Pretty Accent Pack
The crown brush on the bottom was provided in Jessica's Digi in Deeper class.
Digi In Deeper

2: Confidence (I See…)


Journaling: She knew this year would be different because when she looked in the mirror she saw confidence.

Confidence is also my one little word for 2012. I thought it would be fun to tie it in to the Digital Art Journaling project too. Fonts: Bebas and Angelic War.

Jessica Sprague's Digital Art Journaling Class

3: Chaotic (Home)


I should probably explain the journaling on this page a little bit. Many of you know that Alexis has a mental illness, and she's gone through a really rough time. This page was a bit of scrappy therapy for me because I've really been struggling with the fact that our home doesn't feel much like the sanctuary it's supposed to be sometimes. We are praying really hard that things get better for her and us as a family soon.

Jessica Sprague's Digital Art Journaling Class

4: Family


Have I mentioned that I'm having a blast in this class? I love it! I'm putting so much thought and symbolism into the pages that they're taking a bit longer. Not that I mind a bit, I'm loving the end products. This was my take on the "family" prompt. I followed Jessica's techniques but did my own thing design-wise.

Jessica Sprague's Digital Art Journaling Class

5: Beautiful


The prompt for this page was "beautiful" and this is what I came up with. I've always loved the lyrics to the song "You Are Beautiful" from Christina Aguliera so I built the page around that theme.

Jessica Sprague's Digital Art Journaling Class

6: Valentine


Jordan puts a ton of thought into choosing Valentines for her friends every year. I decided to use the Photoshop Friday #2 template to scrap about how her love of writing them.

Photoshop Friday Filling Text With Paper1
XOXO Papers
XOXO Journaling Tag Pack
Be Mine Paper Pack
Cosmo Cricket Glubers
Homespun Stitches
EZ-PZ Template 01 (Overlay)

Other Supplies:
Three Paper Peonies' Warm Woolen Mittens Paper Pack

*That’s all for now. (Thank goodness right?!) I’ll be back tomorrow with a FREE digital template so don’t forget to stop by!

Wood Grain Thank you