Monday, January 30, 2012


I’ve been seeing all of these blog posts lately that have the same theme. Many bloggers that I know have been posting lists of what they are currently doing. I thought it would be fun to play along!

Watching: The end credits roll on the TV because I just watched Water For Elephants. I loved the book so I was a little wishy washy about watching the movie, but I’m really glad I did. It was weird seeing Edward cheat on Bella though. Just sayin’.

Eating: Nothing right now but I did eat whole wheat toast for breakfast.

Drinking: Coffee. Always, always coffee. (Well, sometimes water.)

Wearing: I’m still in my pajamas. Hey! No judging. It’s only 10:30 and it’s cold here. Plus, I don’t have anywhere to go today. Yippie!

Wishing: That I could have one of every new product that comes out after Winter CHA. These sneak peeks are KILLING me. Game Day Chili from Jillibean Soup… You WILL be mine.

Needing: I need to finish all of my blogging projects so I can scrapbook. Let’s just say I need a clone. One of us could scrap and the other could blog. If I had two clones then one of us could clean too. This may get a bit out of hand… Ha!

Thinking: I might be getting early symptoms of carpal tunnel. I woke up this morning and my thumb and index finger are pretty numb. It pretty much stinks!

Worrying: That Alexis is going to fail fourth grade. It’s seriously not going well. The school district has only recently agreed to test her to see if she’ll qualify for special education classes even though I’ve been begging them to all year. I am NOT happy with the school she attends. It’s been a hot mess. (This subject needs it’s own post!)

Listening: Perfect peace and quiet because I turned my phone off. I have a lot to get done today and I find that I get really distracted in my old age so I’m trying to concentrate on one thing at a time. Oh, I do hear my LOUD air purifier. It’s always on, but it becomes background noise after a while.

Wondering: If I should go grocery shopping tomorrow. I HATE grocery shopping. People are rude, prices are high, and I’d rather stay home so I can scrapbook.

*Before I go, I have a TON of new projects to share. I was extremely busy last week, and this week is looking really busy too! I have two new Scraptastic Club kits to create with. You want a sneak peek of those? Yeah, I thought so!

A Boy’s Life Kit

a boy's life full 1.21.12

A Boy’s Life Add On

a boys life add-on 1.25.12

Heart’s A Flutter Kit

hearts a flutter kit 1.25.12

Heart’s A Flutter Add On

hearts a flutter add-on 1.25.12

I couldn’t help myself, so I ordered both of the amazing add ons and the second kit. After seeing all of that scrappy goodness, you really can’t blame me! Right?

1: Origins


When I saw the title on this week's Photoshop Friday, it made me think about the origin of our family and how we built this house with having a family in mind. I've always wanted to scrap our home being built and this was a neat way to accomplish that.

Carina Gardner's Well Traveled Mini Ric Rac Set (Coming Soon!)
Carina Gardner's Well Traveled Journal Notes (Coming Soon!)
Carina Gardner's Well Traveled Paper Set One
Carina Gardner's Well Traveled Paper Set Two
Carina Gardner's Well Traveled Paper Set Four (Coming Soon!)
Carina Gardner's Well Traveled Postage Frames (Coming Soon!)
Carina Gardner's Well Traveled Stamps (Coming Soon!)
Photoshop Friday Add Journaling Around A Photo Collage
Splendid Fiins Flea Market Brads

2: Bless Your Heart Card

Still using up the rest of the scraps from my Basic Grey "Two Scoops" stash. I also added some random stickers and embellishments from my stash and a TON of Stickles. This card is very blingy IRL.

3: Baby Cards


Another case of scrap guilt... I can't be the only one that won't throw scraps away if I can still make a card out of them! In this case, I had enough scraps for three cards. This paper is about three years old. I love using up older scraps. It gives me such a sense of achievement and building my card stash means I won't have to rush to make one at the last second.

The top right card was based on a sketch 108-S by Valerie Salmon. The bottom card was also inspired by Valerie's sketches. This one was sketch 129-S. The other card was created with a sketch I made.

4: Boy Birthday Cards

I had a few scraps from my Basic Grey Hang 10 pack. (WAY back in the day! LOL) I couldn't just throw them out so I made these quick cards. The Mater one is for Brandon's 5th birthday in a few months, and I thought the other one might work for my grandpa's birthday.

5: Happy Birthday

I used an older Scraptastic Club kit that featured Imaginisce's Birthday Bash line to create this page. I also used a sketch from The Sampler as inspiration. I loved the scattered circles. They reminded me of confetti, so I decided to scrap a birthday page.

Journaling: We celebrated Ronnie's 30th birthday with a little party at home. We made him a card and a cake. The kids bought him a present. He always says that the best present is being with us. Dec. 2008

6: Shells And Sand

A just because layout... I've been trying to work through some of my stash and I had a few Basic Grey Two Scoops scraps to use. I found a PageMaps sketch that worked with the photos I had, but I didn't have quite enough paper, so I stole a few pieces from my Basic Grey Nook and Pantry stash. I drew the flourish on the wrong side of a scrap of cardstock and then cut it out. I'm quite proud of the fact that this ENTIRE page is done from scraps except for the white cardstock background.

If my embellishment choices don't make sense, you'll understand once you read the journaling. LOL

7: Love


When I first started to scrap this photo I planned to journal about the sibling relationship between my oldest and youngest. I found this quote by accident and and I loved it so the page went in a different direction.

In The Making Designs' Flirty Full Kit
baker's twine
Rockin' Template Pack

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back bright and early tomorrow with a new sketch and a corresponding free template!

Wood Grain Thank you


Emily Cheney said...

Oh, Heather, how I Love your blog! And I hear you about grocery shopping! I have to work up the energy to go, too!

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

I was here, but now I'm gone....
I left my name to turn you on!!!!

Love the new projects, Chickie! And you say I have been busy! I am a slacker next to you!

Just Jaime said...

Love your list. Good luck with Alexis and the fourth grade. I can't believe she hasn't been tested yet! I'm totally with you on grocery shopping

Great layouts.

mustangkayla said...

I always love your posts! Love your layouts and cards. I have that Hang 10 line and just recently did a layout with it. I bought it at a garage sale. I know it is old, but I love the colors! I have the baby line too and just can't seem to get rid of the few pieces I have left. So I am right there with you. I'm still flunking my challenge to myself to make a card with the bits and pieces left over from a layout.

Cindy deRosier said...

I love what you made! Everything is awesome. How fun to see the Hang 10- an oldie but a goodie.