Friday, March 30, 2012

Sketch/Template 14

Hi everyone. I have another sketch and template freebie to share. Please feel free to right click on the image and then click “Save As” to save the sketch to your computer for future use. You can also feel free to pin the image to Pinterest. I don’t mind a bit!

HL_Sketch_Template 14 Prv

I based it on a layout that I created with the Scraptastic Club “Celebrate Life” kit and add on.


I also created an example with the layered template that I made in Photoshop Elements. I stayed pretty true to the design, and I love how it turned out.


My good friend Nancy, also used the sketch as inspiration for a paper page. She decided to scrap some older Disney photos. I love the way she changed the design to work with her embellishments and the title is perfect.


Thank you so much for your help Nancy! I really appreciate everything you do.

Please click the link below to download the layered template freebie.

Wood Grain Thank you

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Latest Layouts

I’ve only finished three layouts over the past week or so. I’ve been too busy enjoying the sunshine and planning a birthday party. Brandon and Jordan’s birthday party was this past Sunday. It went off without a hitch and everyone had a wonderful time. I am still cleaning up from the party fun!

Unfortunately, my camera malfunctioned at some point and I didn’t realize it. I don’t have many photos from the party, and the ones I do have are going to have to be edited like crazy before I can share them. Thankfully, my grandmother scraps and she’s promised to send me the photos she took.

1: Hello Spring


I had the hardest time photographing this page because of the foil papers and embellishments I used. They reflected light, and wouldn't show up correctly. The flowers are also iridescent so they're reflecting too. This was the best I could do!

I made this layout with a kit from Paper Wishes. My grandma gave it to me for Christmas and I'm just now working around to using it. The flower/vine on the right hand side is a cutter file from Samantha Walker. was a cutter file from Designs by Cloud 9. I used a sketch from The Sampler Kit Club as inspiration.

2: Wish


These aren't the best photos, but way back in the day my camera wasn't that great! Still, these photos are SO special to me. Jordan really enjoyed her cake when she turned one, and I really enjoyed watching her. We just celebrated her 8th birthday yesterday, so I was feeling a bit nostalgic. Sigh.

Birthday Girl Mini-Theme
Reversed Out Journaling

3: Welcome Spring


The Photoshop Friday episodes definitely keep me on my toes! I love having new inspiration to scrap every week. It's already been hot enough to play in the sprinkler here in Louisiana. I loved this photo of Jordan enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

This & That Graceful Full Collection
Photoshop Friday Tone On Tone

***Stick around! Later this week, I’ll have a new sketch and free digital template. New subscribers, I usually create two sketches a month and I post them about two weeks apart.

Wood Grain Thank you

Monday, March 26, 2012

Celebration Cards

I have three different birthday cards to share today. We celebrated Brandon and Jordan's birthday yesterday so it's a good thing that I had quite a few scraps leftover from my Celebrate Life kit and add on. I used those scraps to create these cards.

I love how versatile the Scraptastic Club kit was this month. I was able to make feminine and masculine cards out of the same paper by changing the embellishments a bit. I totally love when that happens. The cupcake patterned paper was my favorite in the kit. So cute!


This card is a little more grown up and elegant. I think my Mom will be receiving it when her birthday rolls around. I used the Perfect Pearls to add a little bit of shimmer to the big flower. They're so easy to use.


I think the next card could be used for a boy or a girl! I added a little bit of ribbon from my stash and I popped the tag with foam dots. I loved the sentiment on the tag. It's a really great view to have about life.

Have you all seen the sneak peeks for next month?! I am so excited to get my hands mine. They both look gorgeous. (As always!)

Wood Grain Thank you

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

I’m so very sure that you all will be sick and tired of seeing tee ball photos by the time the season is over. I don’t get tired of them though! This first set of photos is from practice last Tuesday. They have the kids practice batting into the fence. It took Brandon a little bit to realize that he was supposed to smack the ball as hard as he could. He would hit it and then run, but he was too polite to all out smack it!

The coaches are so good about working with the kids on skills. They don’t just let them out on the field and let chaos ensue. They take turns working with each kid on their technique. I think it’s really wonderful!

Now he’s getting it! See the fierce concentration and the MEAN look on his face. Smack that ball boy!! Hehe

Last Saturday morning was insane! Jordan had a horse show and Brandon had his first tee ball game on the same day at practically the same time. I was rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to make it to everyone’s events.

We arrived at Jordan’s horse show early and had a few minutes to kill. I gave the girls my cell phone so they could play games. Alexis wasn’t really in to cheering Jordan on so she just played the iPhone to keep busy while she waited. Check out her purse and jewelry… Someone is growing up! Sigh.

It was a foggy, dreary day but we made the most out of it! Jordan did a wonderful job even though she wasn’t very sure of the routine. She had missed the previous week’s practice due to her bronchitis. She always looks like a little jockey when she rides. We are so proud of her!

I took a video of Jordan navigating the obstacle course toward the end of the show. I always get a giggle out of how she has to kick the horse to get her going. Kit Kat is so old that she doesn’t really want to go, and Jordan is so tiny that I can’t imagine Kit Kat cares much when she tries to get her to go.

Jordan placed second in both categories and her good friend placed first. Jordan told me that she wasn’t sad about placing second because she was so proud of her friend. Isn’t that sweet?

As soon as her ride was over, I picked Jordan up and grabbed Alexis and practically RAN them to the truck so we could head to Brandon’s game. Ronnie brought Brandon to the field early to get his uniform. Right after they got the uniforms, they posed for team pictures.

They also took individual photos of the kids for their baseball trading cards. Ronnie knows about my scrapbook tendencies so while the photographer was taking photos he did too! What a good husband, right?! (We’re ordering the professional photos too.)

Brandon loved his uniform. He is particularly proud of his hat. He informed me that his favorite color is blue so he’s really glad he didn’t get the orange uniforms the other team had. I love that he has an opinion about the uniforms. It’s too cute!

His first game went really well! He scored three points and followed directions really well when it was his turn to bat. Playing in the outfield when it was time to catch didn’t go as well. At one point he was spinning in circles while singing… I’m a terrible sports Mom because I thought it was cute and really funny!

Here’s a short video of him running from first to second base! You can hear me on the video saying RUN! He forgets to go when the next person bats. I get the biggest kick out of watching the kids play. It’s so adorable!

This is the audience! Jordan threw a holy tearing fit because she had to sit in the stands for two hours. It was hot and she was sore from riding in the horse show. Those two things equal one cranky Jordan. At least I didn’t have to take her home early. Alexis said that she really liked watching Brandon play.

We came home after the game and we ate a super quick lunch because we had to go pick up my new van! Meet Snowball. She’s a Toyota Sienna and I am in love. My old van kept breaking and having problems so we finally gave up and traded it in. It was seven years old, and the final straw was when the accelerator stuck while I was driving on the interstate.

My favorite thing about the van is that it has Bluetooth! I love not having to look for the phone if it rings. It’s much safer. After we picked up the van, we raced back home so we would be on time to drop off our old couch at a Habitat For Humanity house. When I say Saturday was busy, I mean it!

We took it easy on Sunday because we were all so worn out from Saturday. Ronnie cut the grass we messed it up once he was finished. I got the sprinkler out and put the kids in their bathing suits. I loved being able to sit out in the sun. I’m really excited about the warmer weather.

I’m NOT excited about the kids soaking me in freezing cold water from the sprinkler, but apparently they were. (As evidenced by Miss Jordan’s mischievous grin.)

This is the end of the longest blog post EVER! I have to go bake three cake layers for Jordan and Brandon’s party this Sunday. We had to schedule the party for Sunday because of his tee ball game on Saturday. I didn’t think many people would come because the party is on Sunday, so I invited a ton of people. Guess what? Nearly everyone RSVP’ed so the guest list is over 30 people! I’d better get cooking.

Wood Grain Thank you

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sketch/Template #13

It’s Friday and that automatically makes it a good day! What makes it even better?

I’m back with another sketch and free template! I hope you enjoy it. If you would like to have your page featured on my blog, feel free to email your completed project to me. Here’s the sketch…

I based the sketch on this paper page that I made with the March Scraptastic Club kit and add on called "Celebrate Life". I used the octagon shape as a background because I wanted to try something new. The pinwheels are also a new thing for me. I've never made them before, but they were super simple to make.

I sent this sketch out to quite a few of my talented friends. They definitely didn't disappoint me! Nancy emailed me this fabulous layout about a fundraising concert that she attended with her husband. I love that she made this layout with some of her older paper. The bracket shape she used in place of the octagon looks great!

Lesley contributed this adorable layout about her grandson's first train ride. The train embellishments are awesome. The photos really make this page stand out because you can see the wonder and amazement in his eyes. She capped her page off with some really cool rosette embellishments.

This sunshine filled layout is by Dolores. She used some really special pictures from a recent family gathering. I really love the color combination on this page. The sun peeking from behind the octagon is a perfect way to draw attention to that corner. A very inspiring, happy layout!

This beautifully distressed page is by Vicky! I love all of the paper tearing and the butterflies look like they are about to fly right off of the page. I think the chicken wire looks fantastic too because it makes the page more masculine.

This last layout is mine. It's a digital page that I made with Jenni Bowlin Studio's Homespun Collection. I used the template, but I deleted the octagon layer. It gives the design a more graphic feel.

19Beautiful Babies_HeatherLandryWEB

Thank you very much for contributing pages to this post ladies! You all did an incredible job and I appreciate your help very much.

Please click the link below to download template #13.

Wood Grain Thank you

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Play On!

I’ve had a very limited amount of time to spend on the computer lately. Our lives have been very consumed with the addition of t-ball to our already busy schedule! I’ve also really been enjoying the sunshine, so it’s hard to stay in when I want to go out and play. I’m keeping up with my design team commitments though. It’s actually nice to HAVE to make time to scrap.

1: Play On


My son had his shoes on wrong at his first tee ball practice so his coach stopped everything to switch them around. It was really cute to watch him try to figure it all out. He is looking forward to the rest of the season and so am I!

Grand Slam Mini-Theme
Photoshop Friday Match Your Journaling And Title

2. Beautiful Babies

19Beautiful Babies_HeatherLandryWEB

My grandparents live in the country and they raise goats. This Spring so far they've had four new babies born. Three of them were from a set of triplets!

Homespun Collection
Hello, Spring Mini-Theme
Homespun Stitches
very krafty-bold move
This & That Graceful Element Pack #1
Loopies Vol.1 – Flutterby

Other Supplies:
Three Paper Peonies' Warm Woolen Mittens Paper Pack
Darcy Baldwin's Brittany Print Font

3. Believe It


Jordan worked SO hard to learn how to walk. She was two and a half when all of the physical therapy finally clicked and she figured it out. I remember her smiling and giggling even when she fell down. She was just so thrilled to finally get the hang of it.

Cobalt Edition Full Collection
SuperVillains elements
mixed bag- sampler platter

*I also have an amazing layout from one of my readers to share today. Mayol made this beautiful layout! I absolutely love her take on the hexagons in this sketch. The rosettes are AMAZING and I really love all of the different punched layers.


Thank you so much Mayol! As always, if anyone would like to send me layouts that they’ve made with my sketches I’d love to feature them on my blog with a link back to yours.

Wood Grain Thank you

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fantastic Four

Hi everyone! I've already used most of my Scraptastic Club Celebrate Life kit. That means I have had to look for more creative ways to use my scraps. I really wanted to use the kit with these photos of Brandon because the colors worked so well together. I searched the internet for inspiration and when I came across Susan Stringfellow's sketch #66, I knew it would be perfect.

I used the little word stickers from the kit to do a tiny bit of journaling. I also used a lot of Stickles to dress up the sticker embellishments from this kit. The cake on the journaling spot has Rock Candy Stickles on it, and the star circle is outlined in Black Diamond Stickles. The little button brad came from my stash.

This is the first time I've ever successfully made a rosette! I've tried before, but they kept popping up. Apparently the secret is in using the right glue. I had to search for a while to find my hot glue gun, but once I did it all came together. I topped the rosette with a sticker and more Stickles.

I finished the layout by adding a simple title and I placed the pinwheel next to it to add interest because it felt a little too plain. I really loved these sparkly Thickers that came in the add on

Wood Grain Thank you

Monday, March 12, 2012

Time To Practice

I really enjoy watching Brandon at tee ball practice. He’s having a wonderful time as well. He’s not as sure what to do sometimes, but he’s learning really quickly. I’m a proud Momma and as long as he has fun, that’s all I need!

Their practices are at night so it’s really hard to get a decent photo. This one is the best I’ve gotten so far. I’m really looking forward to the games because they’re during the day and I’ll be able to get better photos!

There’s been a lot going on around here other than tee ball. We bought new furniture for the living room. Our old sectional was broken because one of the kids decided to use it as a trampoline. I’ve threatened to ground them for life if they jump on the new sofa. (I’m only halfway kidding!) It’s so comfortable and I really love the touches of blue in the pillows and the rug. I’m trying to decide whether I want to paint an accent wall blue too.

I’ve also been planning Brandon and Jordan’s dual birthday party. It’ll take place later this month. They’ve requested a three tier SpongeBob cake and I may have bitten off more than I can chew by agreeing to attempt one. Wish me lots of luck on that and stay tuned for the results. LOL

In other news, Alexis brought this super cute little project home a few days ago. He’s growing hair like crazy. It was a St. Patrick’s day project that they did in their Science class. He’s going to need a haircut really soon. I’ll need to ask her if he has a name as well.

Speaking of projects, I have a few of my own to share. I’m sure you’ve all noticed that I’m making fewer pages lately. I’ve cut back on my scrapping a little bit to make more time to relax and work out. I’m trying to take better care of myself and stress less. I’m still meeting my design team commitments but I haven’t scrapped a page just for me in a while.

1. Birthday Birdhouse


I created this little birdhouse out of paper. I used a birdhouse digital die cut file by Samantha Walker.

Digital Dies Birdhouses

I think I'm planning to use it as a birthday gift. I could tie some twine around money and tuck it in the house. The twine could be attached to the little perch so I don't lose the end of it! The only birthday sentiment is on the back though, so could be displayed just because it's cute. LOL

I used 30+ flowers on the top of the house to dress up the roof and I added Perfect Pearls to the center of each flower. The supplies to make this house came from the Scraptastic Club “Celebrate Life” kit and add on.

2. Birthday Boy


I created this page with the template and instructions from the latest Photoshop Friday episode. I don't really like sepia photos much, so I left it the chocolate tinted black and white that Jessica talked about.

Definition Labels
Spellbound Element Pack
Circa' 2012 Documents
Circa' 2012 Paper Pack
Red & Black Extension Kit
Vintage Red Collection
FRESH PICKED - Spring Collection
Photoshop Friday Sepia Photos

Wood Grain Thank you