Monday, March 12, 2012

Time To Practice

I really enjoy watching Brandon at tee ball practice. He’s having a wonderful time as well. He’s not as sure what to do sometimes, but he’s learning really quickly. I’m a proud Momma and as long as he has fun, that’s all I need!

Their practices are at night so it’s really hard to get a decent photo. This one is the best I’ve gotten so far. I’m really looking forward to the games because they’re during the day and I’ll be able to get better photos!

There’s been a lot going on around here other than tee ball. We bought new furniture for the living room. Our old sectional was broken because one of the kids decided to use it as a trampoline. I’ve threatened to ground them for life if they jump on the new sofa. (I’m only halfway kidding!) It’s so comfortable and I really love the touches of blue in the pillows and the rug. I’m trying to decide whether I want to paint an accent wall blue too.

I’ve also been planning Brandon and Jordan’s dual birthday party. It’ll take place later this month. They’ve requested a three tier SpongeBob cake and I may have bitten off more than I can chew by agreeing to attempt one. Wish me lots of luck on that and stay tuned for the results. LOL

In other news, Alexis brought this super cute little project home a few days ago. He’s growing hair like crazy. It was a St. Patrick’s day project that they did in their Science class. He’s going to need a haircut really soon. I’ll need to ask her if he has a name as well.

Speaking of projects, I have a few of my own to share. I’m sure you’ve all noticed that I’m making fewer pages lately. I’ve cut back on my scrapping a little bit to make more time to relax and work out. I’m trying to take better care of myself and stress less. I’m still meeting my design team commitments but I haven’t scrapped a page just for me in a while.

1. Birthday Birdhouse


I created this little birdhouse out of paper. I used a birdhouse digital die cut file by Samantha Walker.

Digital Dies Birdhouses

I think I'm planning to use it as a birthday gift. I could tie some twine around money and tuck it in the house. The twine could be attached to the little perch so I don't lose the end of it! The only birthday sentiment is on the back though, so could be displayed just because it's cute. LOL

I used 30+ flowers on the top of the house to dress up the roof and I added Perfect Pearls to the center of each flower. The supplies to make this house came from the Scraptastic Club “Celebrate Life” kit and add on.

2. Birthday Boy


I created this page with the template and instructions from the latest Photoshop Friday episode. I don't really like sepia photos much, so I left it the chocolate tinted black and white that Jessica talked about.

Definition Labels
Spellbound Element Pack
Circa' 2012 Documents
Circa' 2012 Paper Pack
Red & Black Extension Kit
Vintage Red Collection
FRESH PICKED - Spring Collection
Photoshop Friday Sepia Photos

Wood Grain Thank you


Just Jaime said...

Love the picture of Brandon blowing out the candles. Good luck with the cake!!

Mitra Pratt said...

What a sweet bird house! Love it!

A said...

Ooooh I'd love to see photos of the blue accent wall when it's done :-)))

Patrice said...

Beautiful - love that layout!

Suzy said...

So much inspiration in this post! Love your new furniture.. we are getting our new stuff delivered on Saturday :) I sprung for the rug.. so glad I did.. I love how it looks in your room! I say yes to the accent wall. Now if only I could convince myself to paint one too LOL!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Love the living room. I love blue and I think the accents are just perfect. Looks so grown up!