Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Creating A Cake

I’ve finally gotten all of the birthday party photos edited so I can share them here on my blog. In the week leading up to Brandon and Jordan’s party I managed to bake and assemble a massive SpongeBob cake. I took photos throughout the process so I could scrapbook about it!

This is all of the marshmallow fondant that I made. Ronnie had to help me tint it because I had to knead the color in for so long that my hands and arms got sore. It was insane!


I made buttercream frosting that was delicious. I had to keep the kids away from it because after they licked the beaters, they wanted to grab spoons. I wouldn’t have had enough for the cake!


The night before the party I started assembling everything. I iced the cake before draping it with fondant. This was the bottom layer.


The assembled cake with all of the fondant decorations I added. The crumbs on the bottom of the pan are crushed animal crackers. I thought their color worked better as sand. (Graham crackers were too dark.)


After I finished that part of the cake, I decorated for the party. This is the table covered in confetti. I figured that I would already have to sweep several times due to cake crumbs so we decided to live dangerously!


I used my Cricut to paper piece SpongeBob characters and a title for the top of the cake. When they were finished, I taped them to lollipop sticks and stuck them down into the cake. The kids were so thrilled with the finished cake.

Some of our guests! These are all members of my family. Brittany, Shawn, my brother Jordan, Maw Maw, Momma, Aunt Laura, and Uncle Buddy. They were all outside watching the kids in the bouncer.

After everyone blew out the candles and ate cake, the kids opened presents. They made out like bandits. Legos were the present of choice this year. Ronnie has spent a ton of time assembling all of the sets that they got.

Jordan got a pile of scrapbook stuff too. She’s looking forward to making beautiful scrapbook pages with all of her new goodies. In this photo she’s holding up a mini album that Nancy sent her and she’s sitting next to goodies from the ladies that own Flamingo Scraps.

Alexis got presents too because everyone felt like it would be unfair to just give stuff to Brandon and Jordan. Of course, Alexis was thrilled. She colored this purse that Brittany gave her as soon as the party was over.


When everyone left, we all crawled back in the bouncer and spent time as a family. It was nice to hang out and wind down after all of the excitement. Brandon was overwhelmed by everything.

We ended up going back in when Brandon had an absolute melt down. The kids all went to bed by 7 pm. That left Ronnie and I cleaning up the mess, but I really didn’t mind. I was just grateful it all went well.


I took this photo of Jordan a few days after the party. The morning of the party, my Uncle and cousin installed Jordan’s new wheelchair ramp. She can get in and out of the house MUCH easier now and she’s super thrilled with it.


Brandon had a field trip last week but I had to miss it because it was rescheduled from the week before. I couldn’t cancel Jordan’s therapy two weeks in a row so I had to take her to therapy. Luckily, Brandon’s friend’s Mom was able to chaperone and she took lots of photos for me. Thanks Stephanie!


Brandon was really iffy about the whole field trip. He wasn’t certain that he wanted to go at all because, “I don’t even WIKE strawberries Mommy!” I was glad when Stephanie told me that he had a really good time.


They each picked a pint of strawberries to bring home. Brandon said he really liked that part. I got a complete explanation on why you only pick the red strawberries. “Because the green ones are so gross!”


They planted beans, and learned about working on a farm. Brandon said that it was so hot he felt like swimming.

This past weekend we did a lot of resting to recuperate from last weekend’s party craziness. Brandon managed to catch a stomach virus on Friday and after I brought him home from school, he passed it to Jordan. Let’s just say I spent a lot of time cleaning. Blech!

When Jordan’s sick she wants her Daddy to rock her. I managed to snap this photo when she was starting to look a bit less green.


The kids are out for Easter break this week and they’re driving me bananas. They are lucky I love them! They keep asking to go to the beach. We may try to go to the lakefront some time this week before it gets too hot.

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Just Jaime said...

That cake is so impressive!! Great job!

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

so many great photos. looks like the party was faboo! sorry you didn't get to go on the field trip, and the little ones are sick. spring break rocks! just wait until summer.

HeatherLynn said...

wow! you guys have been busy! the cake turned out super cute!! the kids looked happy with their gifts! :) sorry to hear you had a bug going around your house..not fun!! hope everyone's all better now!

Cindy deRosier said...

Awesome. And I LOVE that confetti is your version of living dangerously. That cracks me up... mainly because I resemble that remark.

Alison said...

hey heather, next time you make fondant, try mixing the colour right into the marshmallow as you're melting them. it'll be MUCH easier on you!!! (that was a little hint a friend of mine suggested when we were making the girls' birthday cake. we made our own fondant, too). The cake looks great, by the way!!

Laurie! said...

That cake looks fantastic! You are so talented!

Mitra Pratt said...

WOW on that cake! Looks like an amazing party!!!!! So glad everyone had fun!

A said...

My goodness Heather it's the best cake ever!!! And I am not just saying!!!!

Jana Holden said...

Awesome cake!

Linda Jordan said...

Your cake came out amazing! I've always wanted to try making marshmallow fondant but I've always been too scared that it won't come out, haha. Have a fun Easter break!


Patrice said...

You did a great job!