Saturday, April 28, 2012

Up The Levee With A Basket

I am running really behind on sharing photos and stories that I had planned to post here on my blog. I apologize in advance for this hugely epic post!

This photo was taken the day before Easter at my grandmother’s house in Port Sulphur. The kids were climbing the levee to hunt for Easter eggs. My cousin and brother hid the eggs so well that the kids had a hard time finding them at first. Thankfully, they managed to find every one of them eventually.

We had an extra visitor at Easter. This teeny, tiny sparrow. My Aunt found him after he fell out of a tree and she’s spent hours feeding him and snuggling him. His name is Zazu just like the bird from The Lion King.

The kids were just fascinated with him. They each had a turn holding the bird. Jordan was very nervous about it, but Alexis was really happy and she sat still so she didn’t drop Zazu. Brandon only held him for a second before he lost interest.

We spent Easter Sunday at home. The kids woke up really early to examine the loot that the Easter Bunny brought them. They were all still half asleep in this photo. They’re growing up so quickly. I can remember when they were smaller than the baskets. Sigh.

We also held a small Easter egg hunt in our backyard. Of course, we had a quick photo shoot of the kiddos in their Easter finery once they were done hunting. This is the best shot I managed to get. It’s really hard to get all three of them to look at the camera AND smile at the same time!

Brandon’s been doing really well in tee ball. This photo is from his second to last game. He even caught a ball and got an out during this game. It’s so neat to see how far he has come during the season.

Last week Ronnie came home with some “just because” flowers for me. “Just because” flowers are the very best kind because they let you know that someone’s been really thinking about you. They’re different than flowers that they HAVE to order for special occasions. I loved the colors and foliage in this bouquet.


On the 19th, Ronnie and I chaperoned Jordan’s field trip to the Aquarium Of The Americas in New Orleans. We had to wait a long time for the buses to get there because they got lost. We took advantage of the cool, sunny weather by sitting on a bench near the Mississippi River.

We also got to look at some of the ships that were in New Orleans for Navy Week. They had quite a few sailing ships lining the river front and they were gorgeous. I especially loved the pennants and banners hanging from the lines. So pretty! (I’m sure that wasn’t their intention.)

We found Nemo while we were in the aquarium. I managed to get a few decent shots during this trip even though the kids that were assigned to us kept running around and leaving when they weren’t supposed to run off. It was really frustrating!

You know what else was frustrating? Jordan was devastated by the fact that our group contained a little boy who bullies her at school. She cried on and off through the field trip. Ronnie and I kept trying to cheer her up, but she wasn’t having any of it until we gave her cheese crackers to eat in front of the shark tank.

Last night was Brandon’s last tee ball game for the season. Brandon’s team did a great job and I am so proud of my little man. He’s already planning to play NEXT season! He was so thrilled with his little trophy and he loves the tee shirt he got for playing.

This is the last shot of the full team. Brandon is on the left hand side, kneeling behind another little boy. I’m really hoping he gets the same coaches next year because they did an amazing job. I can’t say enough about how well organized the Covington Recreational District was either. Brandon had a wonderful experience!

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mustangkayla said...

What a fun peek into your lives! Great post and great pictures!

janet said...

Your kids are so cute! Great pictures...glad I finally made it to your blog!

Cindy deRosier said...

I love these posts of yours- so fun to see all the pics and hear about all your adventures.

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

busy, busy, busy! love all the photos.

Mitra Pratt said...

oh man! I want cheese crackers in front of the shark tank! Those kids have great parents too!!! I can tell all the way from NY!

Izzy Anderson said...

Heather, that shot of your three kids together on Easter is such a sweet sweet photo. I love it. I can hardly get my 1 kid to cooperate in front of the camera, so I can't imagine trying three. The kiddos are growing up so fast. Brandon in particular looks all grown up in that pic. Waaaaah. It happens too fast. Love all the other pics too. So glad that Brandon had a good experience with tee ball. Great photos there too.

Just Jaime said...

Looks like LIFE is getting in the way of blogging =) Your kiddos look like they have such long legs in the Easter basket picture. Cute outfits for Easter! That sucks about Jordan having a bad time on the field trip. Grrr

Sharon said...

I am so far behind posting photos that I want to share, too. These are fantastic! I was so sorry to hear that a boy is bullying Jordan. I am glad that you were able to cheer her up. You are such a great mom!!!!