Saturday, May 26, 2012


The Eclos beauty prize still hasn’t been claimed. I’m going to call a new winner and hope she claims it. I’m going to go with the second person on the list. Nicole Koch! Nicole, If you’re reading this please email your contact information to miraclesmommadesigns(at)hotmail(dot)com. If Nicole doesn’t claim it in 4-5 days, I’ll keep going down the list.

In other news, I have an update on my 32 in 32 project! I’ve accomplished THREE more things. Whoo hoo!

I did number 14 on the list. (Get your eyebrows waxed. Don’t cry!) I did it on May 18, 2012. It wasn’t as bad as I remember. If you really need a before photo, click here to see the Eclos post. Ugh! This photo was taken at the wedding reception last weekend. Jordan fell asleep on my lap. She couldn’t party as hard as we did.

I also completed #24. (Buy an outfit that features pink as a prominent color and WEAR it.) I bought a super cute maxi dress to wear to the beach as a swimsuit cover up. I wore it to the beach and the pool on May 19, 2012. You can see it in the photo below. Proof! I liked it so much that I’m wearing it again today. Maybe I’ll break out of my neutral rut?

I almost forgot about number 18! (Cook some couscous.) I had never tried couscous so I decided to add it to my list. It was surprisingly good. The different texture did take a bit of getting used to though. The kids and Ronnie  ate it and liked it just fine.  We ate it for dinner on 5-10-2012. I’ve also recently tried mango for the first time and I’ve fallen in love with it. It’s such a good idea to try new things.


I hope you all have a wonderful three day weekend. We’ve already been out and about getting into trouble. (More about that later!)

Wood Grain Thank you


Cindy deRosier said...

Good job with your 32 progress! The pink dress is super cute!

HeatherLynn said...

Great job marking things off of your list!! Love the pictures..your babies are so cute!!Congrats to Nichole!

Mitra Pratt said...

Dude! I was 5th on that! Go the other way, LOL! Love all the cool things u are trying, I always believe I am getting better as I age!!!

Just Jaime said...

Awesome! I love trying new things! I love that dress too!

Nichole Koch said...

Thank You!!! I'll be emailing you :) I love trying new things, glad you are enjoying them :)

Izzy Anderson said...

I love your list of things to try!

Chicken said...

Ah, I won but I didn't have the internet for two weeks due to moving house and being delayed with construction work so I was unable to check your blog. But fair enough that you have passed it on to Nicole, enjoy your prize!