Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Epic Photo Update (You’ve Been Warned!)

It’s been such a long time since I’ve done a photo update. I tried to get to it this past Wednesday but it just didn’t happen! Alexis started Summer school at the end of May, and since there’s no transportation I’ve had to drive her everyday. On top of that, Jordan attended vacation Bible school at Church of the King last week. I spent hours every day driving in circles! I’m hoping this week is MUCH calmer since we only have to drive Alexis to Summer school.

Ronnie helped me find Alexis’ new school on the first day because I had no clue where she was supposed to go. She’s going to LEAP remediation because she failed the test by three measly points. Needless to say, she’s pretty unhappy about it and we’re doing our best to keep her encouraged.

On the way home, we stopped at the park with Brandon and Jordan. They were bummed that we had to leave Alexis so we had to do something to cheer them up. It was an all around yucky day for everyone. The park helped make them smile a little.

Okay, maybe more than a little! “Look Ma, no hands!” Brandon saw me with the camera and started posing. Do you think he’s used to me saying, “Say cheese?” LOL

Before we left the park, they had to stop by the fountain so they could rinse the sand off of their hands and feet. They also had to play in the water. Nothing’s ever as simple as just rinsing their hands! Especially with my little fish.

A few days later we were back at the same park, but this time we packed the swimsuits. They played in the fountains and I didn’t fuss at all about them getting wet. I encouraged it! I wanted them to wear themselves out so they wouldn’t wear me out later. They ran around screaming like banshees while I read a book.

They were both fascinated with catching water in a bucket so they could dump it on each other. Crazy kiddos!

When they were done playing in the fountains, I dried them off and dressed them so we could go to the Summer reading program at the library. They watched while our librarian read books about owls.


Once story time was over, they got to make their own owl masks. I was only slightly creeped out by the finished product. (Admit it! You’re a bit spooked too. Aren’t you?!) Is it just me?


They took their owl masks off long enough to get their faces painted. It was a total surprise because the librarians didn’t even know that the lady was coming to do it. Jordan didn’t know what she wanted, so she made her into a superhero. Jordan said she was “Nature Girl”.


Brandon knew exactly what he wanted. He asked for a baseball. I thought that would mean a small baseball on his cheek... Nope! She painted his entire face as a baseball. Words can’t express how happy he was with it!


Last Saturday we had to fulfill a promise that we had made to the kids. We promised them that we would take them to the new Chuck E Cheese when it opened. I’m not a big fan of going there. I usually end up with a headache from the screaming kids and the flashing lights. A promise is a promise though, so we went. Here’s a photo of my biggest kid playing with my three littler ones. (Yes, I’m referring to my husband.)

Brandon loved playing basketball. He did really well. He told me he’s looking forward to playing basketball this Winter. We have to get through football in the Fall first. He’s very excited to “mush people”. He wants to be a linebacker!

Jordan wouldn’t go hug Chuck E Cheese unless Alexis went with her. She still looks REALLY nervous in this photo. I was proud of her for going anyway!

We can never get out of the grocery store without the kids riding one of the little rides by the door. Ronnie brought Alexis to horse therapy so I could go grocery shopping. Brandon and Jordan got to come with me to the store. As a reward for their good behavior, I gave in when they asked to ride this police motorcycle.


A few days later, Alexis had a doctor’s appointment and she missed Summer school. Since she was already out of school and she’s missed so many of our Summer activities, I decided to take her to a puppet show at the library.


We saw a show by the Hobgoblin Hill puppets and I have to admit that I even laughed at several points. It was pretty funny! The show wrapped up just in time for us to grab a few books before we headed out to get Jordan from VBS. 


The next morning, I found that the level of coffee in my cup was conspicuously low. Then I found THIS heathen drinking my coffee! He’s really lucky he’s cute. Look at him, he doesn’t look at all worried that I busted him. “I yike coffee Momma.” Sheesh. So I gave him his own little tiny cup with about a half an inch of coffee in it. I’m pretty sure I’ve created a monster!


In other news, Brandon and I went to watch the final performance at the Church of the King vacation Bible school last Friday. We sat with Jordan and she was very glad to have us there. She was so impressed with all of the plays and she wanted to share the experience with us. I’m really glad that we were able to go.


I took this photo Saturday evening. See that little line of white in the clouds? That was the last bit of sun that we saw for days! It rained all day and all night. At one point the wind was so bad that it knocked down a portion of our fence. We had to go out in the pouring rain to fix it, but it’s better now.


So what do you do when the sun comes out late on Sunday? You play in the puddles of course! After four days of rain, we had six inches of water in our backyard at the deepest point. Because I’m such an awesome Mom, I let the kids go puddle jumping. It didn’t take long before I joined them. See? Don’t our feet look happy?

Speaking of happy, Alexis even volunteered to let me take her photo. I nearly fell over before I recovered and snapped it quickly. She might have changed her mind! I love seeing her looking so content.

Jordan didn’t like playing in the water at all. Nope! She moped and cried and begged me to take her back inside. See? Okay, I’m kidding. If her smile got any bigger her dimples would take up residence near her ears.

Brandon is all boy and the minute I said he could, he ran into the puddles. He found a stick and used it to splash everyone. We didn’t mind. I just love the mischievous look on his face in this photo. That’s his “I'm about to get you” look!

We found something else while we were playing in the puddles. Or more accurately, someONE else. We’ve had a frog living in our backyard for about a year now. When we first found him, he was about an inch long and I saved him from the lawnmower. Jordan named him Charlie and the kids have talked to him whenever we see him hopping around.

Silly Charlie decided to go swimming in the rain water and he was stuck by part of our fence. I decided to rescue him again and Ronnie snapped this photo of me holding him. Crazy frog! I had to get a photo of him on dry (kinda) land. He doesn’t look very thankful for being rescued. Maybe I should’ve kissed him instead?

I warned you right? It was epic. I’ll try to do a better job of posting a bit at a time so you all don’t have so much of my rambling to read. Come back soon for more scrappy projects! Probably tomorrow if I don’t lose my mind first. Summer vacation is kicking my butt!

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Michele said...

Ha! I can't sleep and thoroughly enjoyed reading all of this. Your Brandon and my Brendan are alot alike! Same haircut too!! :-) He too wants to play basketball in the winter. Fun times Heather. Hope you are enjying yourself. It sounds like it. Kids here are in school until the 22nd.

Mitra Pratt said...

DUDE! I wanna splash in the puddles and make an owl mask!! All sorts of jealous, to be a kid again!!!

Mitra Pratt said...

oh and your Toad? COOL!!!!

Patrice said...

Great picture update - I heard about all the rain ya'll have been getting, and we've been getting a little of it up here in Atlanta.

Just Jaime said...

Sounds like a busy and fun summer this far! The owl masks were...interesting. Great photo of your froggie friend!

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

so many photos! stop taking photos.

Izzy Anderson said...

Great pics and documentation. I especially love the three pics at the end, of each individual child after water play. Jordan and Alexis look so happy and Brandon just a bit mischievous!