Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Less Epic Photo Update

I am so, so, so excited! My awesome husband is buying me my dream DSLR camera and I can not wait to play. It should be here next week sometime, and I’m already planning to sew a camera strap cover for it tomorrow so I’ll be ready to go! I’ve never had a DSLR, so I’m a little worried about the learning curve. You all will have to be patient with my photos if they’re a little blurry at first!

Speaking of photos, I have a few to share. Brandon and I get pretty bored when we have to wait two hours for Jordan to finish her occupational and physical therapy. We end up goofing around and taking photos or building structures with the foam shapes in the waiting room. Last Thursday, we built towers and a cave. See if you can find the kid in this photo!


We got bored with building stuff after about an hour. I took him outside so we could see what the ducks were up to in the pond by the therapy center. We were really excited to find a gaggle of geese with babies. The parents were less than thrilled to see us, and they hissed at us every time we walked around the trail.


I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but I really hate grocery shopping. I can’t imagine that there are many people out there who love it. Grocery shopping gets worse in the Summer when I have to bring the kids with me. I always end up with random things in my cart. Exhibit A: Brandon made me buy this coffee cup because it had his nickname on it. I needed a new travel cup because I broke the old one. I was going to buy a pretty flowered cup, but nope. Vetoed!


Brandon has tons of opinions now. He’s never cared how I dressed him, and he used to go with the flow. Not anymore! Lately, he’s really interested in “matching”. Enter his Angry Birds t-shirt, and his Angry Birds Winter hat. He insisted that he needed to wear the hat outside in 90+ degree weather. It wasn’t worth the disagreement, so I just let him wear it.


A few days ago, I had a really bad craving for ice cream. I’ve completely changed my lifestyle and diet, but every now and then I have to have a treat. I’ve made sure to work these things into my diet and I haven’t felt deprived. So far, I’ve lost 45 pounds since November 2010. Cold Stone is my kryptonite... I love their coffee ice cream!


Jordan asked me to take these photos. She wants to scrapbook a layout about getting her braces made. She outgrew her last pair, so it was time to get cast for a new set. First, they put on a wet sock-like covering on her leg so the cast won’t stick to her. She says it tickles!

Then they wrap her leg in the cast, and form it while the material firms. We call it her free foot massage. She chose the hot pink cast material. She also got to choose the color of the future braces and the pattern. I won’t have photos of them for a few weeks, but I’ll post one when she gets the new pair.

Once the cast is hard, they cut it off of her leg and send it in for her custom braces. She really doesn’t like the process of cutting it off. Even though they use safety scissors, it still makes her REALLY nervous. I can’t say that I blame her either.

See? This post was MUCH shorter than my last photo update. I’m trying to update more frequently! I’ll be back tomorrow with some Scraptastic Club scrappy projects to share.

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Just Jaime said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Coldstone is amazing. We don't have one within 50 miles which is probably a good thing =)

Alison said...

How positively COOL that Jordan wants to scrap something as epic as having her braces made! I think that's just the neatest thing, and kudos' to her for wanting to do it!

Sand and Sunshine said...

You know you could get some acrylic paint and either stencil or doodle on some designs, that way it's the best of both worlds, Bubba is happy and you have a pretty cup.

I don't blame J one bit, I never cared for the cutting off part of the casting.

Of course I found the kid in the picture.

Cindy deRosier said...

Really? I LOVE grocery shopping! I'm always surprised when I hear someone doesn't like it. Besides scrapbook shopping, it's the only other shopping I like. I don't like shopping for clothes or anything else. I think it's because I love scrapbooking and I love cooking (and eating!), so those types of shopping are super fun.

April said...

So excited for you about the camera! Awesome job on the weight loss also. ;)