Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dazed & Confused

Today was a day for interesting conversations. Alexis wrote a very interesting essay about why we go to church. “We go to church to find out why Jesus ate that poisoned apple.” Wait. What? She’s mixing up Jesus, Adam & Eve, and Snow White. I had to set her straight. When I did, she decided that it made a lot more sense that way!

Brandon asked me if he could marry Jordan. I told him, “You can’t marry your sister because you are related.” Then he declared that he’d marry me instead. Alexis told him he couldn’t because, “Duh Brandon, she’s already married!” Then he asked, “Well who am I gonna marry then?” I said, “I don’t know.” “You haven’t met her yet.” He said, “Well then she’s a stranger, and I can’t go because I’ll miss you.” You can bet that my heart just melted.

To cap off the confusing evening, Jordan announced that she needed surgery on her pelvic kidney right away so she could get pregnant. (She has a pelvic kidney that’s functioning fine, but she will eventually need surgery if she wants to get pregnant. She overheard the doctor telling me this a while back.) I told her that she didn’t need the surgery right now, but she wouldn’t drop the subject. Ronnie finally told her that maybe she was meant to adopt like we did instead of having surgery. She loved that idea and it changed the subject for a while until…

Alexis announced that she’d recently had a dream that she got pregnant at ten years old, but she didn’t know how. She did remember that I was really, really mad at her. Uh yeah. HELP!?!

Is it any wonder why I turn to crafting to quiet my brain?! I couldn’t sleep last night so I stayed up to scrapbook. When I scrapbook I don’t think about anything else, just where should I put embellishments and what colors should I use. Much safer! Here are a few of my latest projects.

1. Much Too Young

Jordan and I scrapbooked together a few nights ago and this is the page that I made. My Uncle passed away unexpectedly a while back. This is one of the last family photos we had. I've been putting off scrapbooking it because I wasn't ready to journal about our loss. He was an amazing son, a wonderful Dad, and a fantastic uncle! We miss him so much.

I based this page on a PageMaps sketch, and I used an old Scraptastic Club kit to create this layout.

2. Boys (By Jordan!)


This is the page that Miss Jordan made. She used paper that Nancy sent her for her birthday, and she was thrilled that it was “the right color blue”. I’m creating a monster. (A cute, color coordinating scrapbook monster. Ha!)

3. Lucky In Love

I was very lucky to find such a good man to marry. He's always willing to take time to play with the kids, and he's a great Dad.

I wanted to let him know how lucky I feel by scrapping this page.
Based on a sketch by Holly from The Sampler blog.

4. Allergic To Milk


A few months ago, Brandon developed an allergy to milk. We've had to make a bunch of drastic changes to his diet. (And to ours by extension just to be fair!) I wanted to document his allergy since it's such a huge part of his life now. You wouldn't believe how many things have dairy products in them. It's insane!

Photoshop Friday: Make A Photo Strip
Note To Self Full Collection

5. Bummer


The kids and I were really disappointed to find Fort Jackson closed when we visited. There were hours displayed that said it should've been open, but for some reason they weren't. We took a few pictures of what we could see from exterior, and I had to do a page with them.

Loopies Vol.1 - Flutterby
Chasing Rainbows Complete Kit

Other Supplies:
Scrapping With Liz Blog Challenge Template

6. We Never Get Any Sleep!


Journaling: I don't know why they call it a "sleep" over. I certainly never get any during one! June 2011

This layout was inspired by Lynnette Penacho's "Smile Always" page. It was a great way to use a bunch of scraps from an older collection.

Speaking of sleep…. that’s sounding pretty good right now! I hope you all have a good night.

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Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

ok, your kids are crackin' me up with their conversations today! and you know I love all the new projects. please tho....stop scrappin'! lol

Michelle said...

Well, I think I started that color coordinating monster and you passed it onto Jordan. The conversation about the kidney cracked me up yesterday, as I was hearing it first hand. She is too funny. Hope you didn't stay up too late.

Just Jaime said...

I pinned two of these because I love them so much!

Oh man, what conversations in the Landry household!

Cindy deRosier said...

Hilarious! I hope these stories make it onto scrapbook pages. LOVE your pages today. My favorite is "Allergic to Milk"- the pictures are gorgeous and the color combo is perfect.

Mitra Pratt said...

oh Heather, some days I don't feel experienced enough to answer some of their questions!!! I wanted to tell you I loved these layouts but what really really caught my eye was that flower all pretty on the last one with a big of bling it the center...

S said...

Interesting pages and fascinating conversations. My daughter thought that our Pastor was Jesus when she was 3 - 4 years old - not a bad person to confuse Him with, I suppose.