Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sketch/Template #25

Hello everyone! I have another sketch and digital template to share. Please feel free to pin it, or save it to your computer for later use. If you are a digital scrapbooker, please scroll down for your template freebie.

HL_Sketch_Template 25Prv

The sketch was based on this scrapbook page that I created with the September 2012 Scraptastic Club Noted kit and add on. It features some photos of my grandpa showing Brandon around his house boat. He even let him drive!


As always, my design team made some amazing examples. I love my MMD Divas so much. They do a great job showing that you can use the sketch in many different ways.

April Walker made this soft, sweet layout with an awesome misted background. The floral paper really pops, and I adore the fact that she used these super photos of her girls. They all look so very happy!

April Walker

Sharon Fritchman decided to use a monochromatic blue color scheme with pops of pink. The tiny whimsical details are fantastic! I especially love the stitched accents, and the fun garden themed embellishments really make this layout shine.

Sharon Fritchman

Mitra Pratt’s project is rustic and elegant all at the same time! The large chipboard swirl sets the photo off so well, and I think it’s awesome that she used Scrabble tiles as part of her title.

Mitra Pratt

This page was sent in by Marlene Murphy. She added lovely lace borders to her design, and I think they look fantastic! The sweet hearts tied with twine really draw your eye around her project, and the shades of blue make for a really peaceful color palette.


Nancy Keslin provided this gorgeous layout about her husband’s birthday celebration. I love the playful feel of her page and the mixed font title work is so cool.

happy birthday to youNancyKeslin

This creative page is from Ali! She incorporated a tea pot and cup into her design. I really admire the way she tells the story of her everyday life on her pages. It’s so refreshing!

Ali Krogsgaard 25

Melissa Birlem sent me this festive digital project. The little leprechaun is a great embellishment choice and I like how she used a photo of the flag as part of her background.

Melissa Birlem (2)

Last but not least, I also made a digital example layout. I scrapped about having lunch with my Mom when she came up to visit. I took these sweet photos of her helping Brandon with his crossword puzzle. Full credits here.

Hanging With HoneyHeatherLandryWEB

If you’re a digital scrapbooker and you’d like to download the layered digital template freebie that I created in Adobe Photoshop Elements, you can download it HERE. Please respect my TOU!

Thank You copy

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Is That An Echo I Hear?

Hey everyone! I decided to have mercy on my poor neglected blog today. It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I have a few photos and projects to share. Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow too. I’ve got a sketch/freebie post scheduled!

All I have to share this week are iPhone photos. As usual, I’ve been running around like crazy. My iPhone is always nearby so that’s what I grab first. I really need to work on bringing Big Bertha out with me more.

This set of photos came from our Monday night football/cheer practice. I swear we just need to move our furniture to the Covington Recreation fields so we can be comfy. I spend more time there than I do here. Jordan’s practice is only an hour long, and when she’s finished we go over to watch the last hour of Brandon’s practice.


We brought Brandon and Jordan to Children’s Hospital in New Orleans on Tuesday. Jordan had a follow up appointment to check on her pelvic kidney and Brandon had an appointment to check on his missing testicle. (Poor boy!) Jordan’s kidney is growing and draining well. They are very pleased with her progress.


Brandon wasn’t so lucky. He’s going to have surgery in the next few months to relocate the missing testicle. They did manage to find it, but it was way up in his tummy. He told the doctor that he can’t have surgery during football season. The doctor started laughing and he assured Brandon that he would work around his schedule.

Sassy Miss Jordan has been trying a new hair style and she wanted to share it with everyone. She asked me to take a few photos of her new look and I couldn’t pass on sharing them here on my blog. She’s letting her hair grow out and she’s been using a headband to hold it back. I think it makes her look much older.


I managed to make a scrapbook page too! I’ve decided to challenge myself to start using my older supplies. At the beginning of the month, I’m going too pull a handful of older things and try to use them. If I don’t use them at all that month, I have to donate them. This layout was the result of my September challenge to myself.

You Are A Reason To Celebrate


Journaling: You were the missing piece of our family, now we are complete. We are so happy that God sent you to be a part of our lives. My precious baby boy.

I used the 3 because he's my third child. I can't believe my teeny tiny baby is FIVE now. Where do the years go?

Thank You copy

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Referee Was Blind!

As I’m sure you already know, our lives have been consumed by football and cheer. Jordan and Brandon have practice four days a week. We spent a ton of time at games on weekends, then we go to church on Saturday night. Let me just tell you honestly, my house looks like a pig sty. I finally managed to fold and put away some clothes this weekend but it doesn’t feel like I accomplished much. It’s hard because I’m a bit of a perfectionist and having my house this messy is killing me! It won’t be much longer and they are having a blast, but still…


We got up even earlier than normal this past Saturday for football team pictures. We had to go to the gym at our local junior high school before Brandon’s game. I took this photo without a flash or a tripod. Obviously I'll be purchasing the professional ones, but I couldn't resist snapping my own. We love our 5/6 Saints!


They also took cheer team pictures. Of course, I'm buying the professional ones from this session too. Again, I just couldn't resist capturing one of my own to share.


I captured this shot while we were waiting to take the professional photos. My two little hams. They are ridiculously cute!


The game was in Abita Springs this past weekend. At least they had a bench for our boys to sit on this time! At the game, Jordan stopped to give Brandon a pep talk before she started cheering. Words can NOT describe how much I love this photo. I'm thinking of enlarging it to put in their room. Sigh.


Alexis was watching from the bleachers. She helped me by passing out drinks to the cheerleaders, and she chatted with us the whole time. She didn't want to cheer this year. She is sticking with riding her horse. It was ridiculously hot on Saturday. We all felt like we were roasting. I think she was glad to be sitting down instead of being out on the field.


See that kid at the bottom of the pile? Yeah. That’s Brandon. He got caught up in a huge group of boys and ended up on the bottom. He got the wind knocked out of him, and I think it’s the hardest he’s been hit yet. He came off of the field crying and I felt so bad. After a while, he pulled it together and ended up going back in. My kiddo is tough. A lot of the kids were crying just because it was so hot. (Not mine.) They all had sweat pouring down their poor little faces.


My happy cheerleader! She's so red in this photo. I swear, I slathered her with a half a bottle of sunscreen. I love my Jordan. (She didn't get burnt. I'm an awesome Mom if I say so myself. Ha!)


Didn't believe me when I said it was hot? Look at the sweat dripping off my poor rosy cheeked boy! He drank Gatorade by the ton so we could keep him hydrated. Ronnie had just taken his helmet off before I snapped this photo.


Our boys won even though the referees were BLIND. We should’ve had twelve more points than we had, but they kept calling our boys back. Argh! Here they are giving high fives to the other team before we left. When we got home, I stripped Brandon down to his undies and let him run around like that. He was so grateful to have all of his equipment off.


I only have two layouts to share in this post. (One paper page, and one digital one.) I have a few more in the works, and some exciting news coming up in October about a very special Scraptastic Club kit. Unfortunately, I can’t share yet so stay tuned!

1: Spring Swim Fun


I made this layout with scraps from my September Just Beachy Scraptastic Club kit and add on. I've been having a blast scrapping some older photos of my kiddos lately and I found these from 2008. Look how little they were!

This page is all about how when it gets warm in the Spring, the first thing my kids want to do is swim. They are lucky that we live in Louisiana. My design is based on a sketch from Scrapbook Trends.

2: Today You


My baby girl is one tough cookie. She's never let anyone tell her she couldn't do something because of her disability. A few weekends ago, she cheered at her first football game. Pretty awesome for a kid they said wouldn't walk! I'm so proud of her. She's such a determined little star! Linked credits here.Thank You copy

Friday, September 21, 2012

Just Jump In!

I absolutely ADORED the Scraptastic Club Just Beachy kit and add on this month. I live in Southern Louisiana and we spend a lot of time in or near the water to cope with the sweltering Summer heat. I had a lot of beach photos that would've gone with the colors and beach theme of the kit, but I wanted to try to step outside of the box a little. I decided to use the kit to scrap two sets of swimming photos.

On this first page, I scrapped photos of Brandon on an inflatable raft. He was resting after hours of swimming and he kept looking around like "Yeah, I'm cool. I got the raft and you don't." It was really funny. We were at a friend's pool and he commandeered all of the floaties. Little stinker!

I cut the sun and the banners by hand. I was at a crop and I didn't have access to my Cricut. Now that's old school! I thought the sunglasses went with my cool dude theme so I added them on top of the journaling spot. A few rosettes and a lot of splattered mist finished off this page.

This second page is based on a sketch that Ronnie drew for me. He has lots of ideas and I turn them into layouts. Let’s just call him my assistant sketchologist. I used photos of Jordan on this page. She isn't afraid of anything. It's to the point that she gives me gray hair. She decided to jump right in the deep end of a friend's pool. I figured she would be worried or scared but NOPE.


I bet you can tell that I just loved the rosettes in this kit. They were so bright and fun. If you look closely at the layout you'll see the tiny bits of bling that I added to the water. I thought it would be a good way to highlight the splashing!
Thank You copy

Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 2012 Challenges @ The Sampler

Today is challenge day over at The Sampler Kit Club. One of the challenges includes a card sketch that I made. I hope you go over there to participate. *Holly sends out awesome prize packs! (I’ve also made a corresponding digital card front freebie. Please scroll down to download if you’re a digital scrapper.)

HL_CardSketch_Template 3Prv

Here is my example paper card. I used The Sampler September kit called Flying High to make this card for a friend who got a new job. I thought the office themed embellishments would work wonderfully. I especially loved the embossed button. It's so cute!


On this next layout, I used a sketch from Holly King at The Sampler. (It’s this month’s layout challenge. Go check it out!)

I had this photo of Jordan from a few years back and it went perfectly with the pinks in the September kit. I ended up journaling about how there are moments that I wish I could stop the clock and freeze time. I swear, it seems like all three of my kids are growing up too quickly. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a pause button?


This is my digital card front example. I used a kit from Echo Park Hybrid called Sweet Day. (Please do not try to print this example. It is very low resolution and it won’t print correctly.)


Don’t forget to download the layered digital card template here. Please respect my TOU.

Thank You copy

Monday, September 17, 2012

Let’s Get Fired Up!

This past weekend was Brandon’s first football game at Coquille Recreational Complex. That also meant that it was Jordan’s first time cheering for him. She was a little nervous at first, but once she changed into her uniform she was ready to go. She looked awesome and I was so proud of her. She’s overcome so much to be where she is today,  and I am so blessed to be her Momma.


Here’s a closer photo. Taking photos in the shade in front of a grey wall, while your subject is wearing black and white… not advised! Everyone looked washed out no matter what I did. Oh well, she still looks perfect to me! Maybe I should go with the grey and just convert it to black and white?


I wandered back and forth throughout the game so I could get photos of both of the kids. Brandon was resting here after they warmed up. The other game ran long and the our Saints players were bored. He was one of the few kids who actually “took a knee” like the coach instructed.


He just looks SO young in this photo. Why did I let my baby play football again?! Oh yeah, because he’s not a baby anymore. Sigh. He’s growing up entirely too fast. He’s shot up another few inches and he’s in the 99th percentile for height. Now he looks like I don’t feed him!


Did I mention that it was swelteringly hot this past weekend? We stood around in the heat for four hours. There were no bleachers or seats. Everyone was expected to sit in the muddy grass. I didn’t want to do that so I just walked around. In the photo below he’s messing with his mouth guard. Toward the end of the game they were all hot and cranky. He tried to convince me that his mouth guard was too big and he wanted to play without it. Uh… NO!


Yeah, I don’t think Jordan likes cheering at all! Do you? You can tell by the HUGE grin on her face that she’s just miserable. LOL I’m kidding! She had a blast and I swear she was one of the loudest there. We could hear her all the time. She cheered the entire hour without complaining once. My girl rocks!


In other news, I haven’t been scrapping much at all. In fact, my hobby has been interrupted big time for football season. I don’t mind much though. The kids are having too much fun for me to complain. I only managed to get one page finished in the past week.

I made this page with the fantastic September 2012 kit from The Sampler called Flying High. It's an amazing kit that features a great mix of papers and embellishments. I used it to scrap an older photo of Brandon. I miss him being this little. Did I mention that?


Thank You copy

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tutorial: Stamping With Mist

Don't you love how Scraptastic Club sometimes includes mists as an extra goody when you subscribe to the kits? I know I do! Recently, I got bored with using my mists in the same old ways so I tried something new. Of course, I'd love to share the technique with you all.

Spraying is fun and flicking mist from the sprayer is great BUT... Did you know about stamping with mist? If not, you're in luck. Check out my first (EVER) video tutorial!

This is the layout that I made with the stamped cardstock. I used some old Studio Calico veneer stars as a template to cut the stamped stars. This page is about my Brandon's first day of school. I wasn't planning to send him to school until he was ready for Kindergarten, but his pediatrician recommended that he go to preschool for socialization and speech help. I took the photo below on the day that he headed in for testing. He was just so small and the school seemed SO big.


I used one lone wood veneer boy figure to match Brandon in the photo. I adhered one of the journal spots as a mat and I popped the star up with a foam dot. I finished it off with an enamel dot.


I loved the idea of using the Hello tag as part of the title. The full title reads "Hello My Name Is Big Boy". Sigh. I just wish he would stay little. I'm sure I'm not the only Mom that feels that way.


I used the number 1 die cut because it was his first day. The life tag was used because a lot of life is learning to let your kids grow up and be independent. Whether you like it or not! You can see the stamping a lot better on this larger star. I had a blast with that technique. I love making messes!


I really hope that you enjoyed the video tutorial. All of the supplies on this page came from the Scraptastic Club September “Noted” kit, add on, and stamp add on. My layout design was inspired by a sketch from Liz Chidester.

Thank You copy