Friday, November 30, 2012

Football? Tackled!

I tackled (pun intended) some photos that I’ve had on my desk for a while now. They were photos that I wanted to scrap. Not for design team work… just for me!

1: Saints VS. Warriors


My poor little Brandon. He woke up on the morning of this football game with a headache. He wanted to go play anyway, but I could tell he was tired. The photo on the left... That's my little man getting his butt kicked. We found out a few days later that he had the flu even though he had a flu shot. He's a tough cookie! I used a two page sketch from Becky Fleck to make this layout. I had to fit a lot of photos and journaling in to tell the story.

2: All Star


Another football scrapbook page for Mr. Brandon. Again, I used a PageMaps sketch so I could use a ton of photos and journaling. Becky's sketches are awesome! I did change it a bit because I wanted to add one additional photo.

I've been using Fancy Pants' Little Sport collection for Brandon's football pages. I probably have six more games to scrap. I blame my new zoom lens for my photo taking obsession.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hello, Hello

I hope you’re all enjoying  your Sunday. I have been catching up on design team assignments and I’m hoping to be able to scrap a bit more tonight. I have two recent pages to share before I go back to editing my Thanksgiving photos.

1: This Week In My Daily Life


I used my Scraptastic Club kit and add on called “When Skies Are Grey” to make this layout. I found this photo of Alexis when she lost her first tooth and it made me remember how freaked out I was the first time I had to help her pull one. I thought it was gross and she agreed with me. This page is based on a PageMaps sketch by Becky Fleck.

2. Hello, Hello


I used my November 2012 kit called “Home Sweet Home” from The Sampler Kit Club to make this page about my two favorite boys in the whole entire world. They are so much alike that it makes me laugh. They are most definitely related. Again, this page was inspired by a fabulous PageMaps sketch from the talented Becky Fleck.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

What’s Cookin’?

Hello! I hope you all had an absolutely fantastic Thanksgiving yesterday. While we're all coming down from our turkey and sugar high, I thought I would share a bit of holiday help. I come from a family full of amazing cooks and we always take pictures of the food before we eat it at holiday gatherings. I already scrapped most of those photos from last year, but I had a leftover photo of my grandfather in the kitchen. I decided that I really wanted to use it to tell a story about his excellent cooking.

When I'm struggling to scrapbook traditional holiday photos, I often try to come up with a different angle for my journaling. Instead of journaling about my grandfather taking the turkey out for Thanksgiving, I brought up his talent as a cook and the fact that he makes an amazing gumbo. Don't feel limited to one story line. Everyone can tell by the date and the turkey in the photo that it's Thanksgiving. The more detailed journaling helps me remember a fact about my grandpa that I don't ever want to forget.


Dani Mogstad's Secret Recipe Kit
Jessica Sprague's PSF Fonts & Alphas

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Family Photo Shoot

Every year I beg some random relative to snap a candid photo of us for our Christmas card. Not this year! I’ve finally got a kickin’ camera with a tripod and a remote.

I made my family dress in something other than their pajamas last Saturday and we made the trek to our local state park. I got to play momarazzi and practice my photography skills all at the same time.

The only thing Alexis loves more than being outside is being outside at the beach. It was really fitting to take this photo of her at the lake. She loves it there and so do I.


Jordan asked Ronnie to put her up on a high branch in an oak tree. Ronnie called me over to take a photo. After I recovered from the shock of being ASKED to take a picture, I snapped this shot.


Here we have the most elusive of photos! It’s a picture that I’m actually in. Gotta love the look on Brandon’s face. I’d just finished kissing his cheek really loudly. He looks thrilled.

5x7 Love

You should’ve heard the fussing over asking them to kneel in the sand. “We’re going to get dirty!” Umm… How is that different than any other day playing in the backyard? Sand brushes off and I have to scrub the dirt out. Just sayin’ people.


Miss Jordan sitting on the roots of a huge oak tree at the park. Gotta love that sassy smirk. You can just see the mischief brewing.


This is Brandon saying, “No more pictures Mom.” “I’m too tired for photos.”


Oh please guys? Just one more. I still haven’t gotten the perfect one of the three of you. This one is better. Thanks my babies!


Well maybe just one more… Then again maybe not. (Is it terrible that this is my favorite photo from the entire session? It shows so much of their personalities.)


After all of that, we do have a winning family photo. I’m not ready to share the completed Christmas card here yet, but I will wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your day is full of food, family, and fun. I’ll be purposefully missing all of the madness that is Black Friday tomorrow, but if you go out please be safe.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Sampler: November 2012 Card Challenge

I made a sketch for the November challenges over at The Sampler Kit Club this month. (I’ve also created a matching digital freebie. If you want it, scroll down!) I hope this sketch inspires you. If it does, don’t forget to link your creation on their blog! You’ll be entered to win a sampling of products from The Sampler.


I used the sketch as inspiration for the card below. I loved the bright colors in the November Home Sweet Home kit. I’m calling this one an anniversary card, but I think it would work well as an everyday card too.


I also made a digital template from the sketch to give away to my hybrid card making friends. This is my example card. I used a paper pack and embellishments by Samantha Walker. *Please don’t try to print the example card. It’s extremely low resolution and it won’t work! You can download the template here.


Holly created an amazing sketch for The Sampler’s layout challenge. I’m sharing what she made here, but please link any pages that you make with it on The Sampler’s blog.


This is my take on Holly’s sketch. Alexis has entered a stage where getting her to smile for photos is totally hit or miss. I wanted to document her lack of enthusiasm for my photography with a layout. Ha!

Journaling: Alexis, Act like you love your siblings. Please smile!

Again, I used the November 2012 kit called Home Sweet Home from The Sampler kit club to create this page.


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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Simply Thankful

I’ve been listing something I’m thankful for every day in November and it’s really helped keep me grounded in the midst of a bunch of craziness here lately.

We’ve been starting to make holiday preparations and our decorations are going up a little at a time. I also took my family to the local state park to take photos for our Christmas card, but I don’t have those completely edited yet.

I do have photos of the football banquet that Brandon and Jordan attended at the end of football season. Here’s Jordan with a group of her cheer friends. They were waiting on their awards. I didn’t get a photo of Jordan getting her award because someone stood in front of me.


I did get Brandon. He was a little embarrassed because we were all cheering very loudly for him. We were are extremely proud of him!


I have a layout to share that I made with Lori Whitlock’s new Frosty paper line. It’s so colorful and it coordinates really well with Jordan’s pajamas.


Jordan was so excited on Christmas morning last year. She got the American Girl doll she's wanted for a long time. I just had to document her excitement on a page.

Christmas Day Elements
DSD FB Template Freebie by Scrapping With Liz
Lori Whitlock's Frosty Paper Pack

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Monday, November 19, 2012

SVG Freebie: Houses

What’s up buttercups? I’m back with another svg freebie! These little houses go perfectly with the free home themed word art svg that I gave away a while ago. Each of the houses has a different shape cut out of it. I also included a plain one, so there should be something for everyone.


Don’t forget to respect my TOU. Here’s your free download. Enjoy!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sketch/Template #28

Hello everyone! I have another sketch and digital template to share. Please feel free to pin it, or save it to your computer for later use. If you are a digital scrapbooker, please scroll down for your template freebie.

HL_Sketch_Template 28

The sketch was based on this scrapbook page that I created with the November 2012 Scraptastic Club Farmer’s Market kit and add on.

It's always SO hot here in Louisiana during the Summer months. It makes us extra grateful when temperatures start to go down a bit. The die cuts came from Samantha Walker's .svg files at Jessica Sprague's site.


As always, my design team made some amazing examples. I love my MMD Divas so much. They do a great job showing that you can use the sketch in many different ways.

Sharon Fritchman decided to use this fantastic photo that she took with some gorgeous sun flare. She did a rockin’ job with all of the layered banners! I especially love the fence in the corner, and the fun stitching really makes this layout shine.


Mitra Pratt’s project is warm and eye inviting! The inking sets the photos off so well, and I think it’s awesome that she used sparkly beads on the heart. Her photos are so great and I love the buttons tied with twine.


This page was sent in by Marlene Murphy. The photos make me smile because her family looks like a ton of fun to be around. Also, Marlene had the coolest idea for this project. The die cut banner set originally said “Fall”, but she added an “S” to make the title work with her photos. Way to make things work Marlene!

We love fallsMarleneMurphy

Nancy Keslin provided this spooky layout about her beautiful daughter. It’s not scary because of the subject matter… Its spooky because I’m traumatized by how fast her daughter is growing up. That’s enough of that! I love the Halloween embellishments she used. They’re just perfect!

NancyKeslinrocking night

This creative design is from Ali! She incorporated some wonderful photos from her local air show and I really admire the way she turned the sketch on it’s side. The airplane embellishment looks amazing!

Ali K.

April Walker’s project is so soft and lovely. I love how she offset the banners to make the design her own and the stamping looks fabulous! The yellow background is very eye-catching too. So neat!

April Walker

Thank you very much for your help ladies! I appreciate every one of you.

I also made a digital example using Lori Whitlock’s Office Oriented kit. I love these photos of Jordan. She was cheering at a night game and I caught these photos at dusk. She’s my favorite cheerleader!


I used the following supplies:
Lori Whitlock's Flourish Brushes
Office Oriented Papers by Lori Whitlock
Office Oriented Findings 1
Office Oriented Findings 2

If you’re a digital scrapbooker and you’d like to download the layered digital template freebie that I created in Adobe Photoshop Elements, you can download it HERE. (Please respect my TOU.)

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Touch Me Nots (Scraptastic Club)

Remember the paper layouts I told you about? Here they are! I finally got them edited so I could share.

1: Touch Me Nots


I used my Scraptastic Club Farmer's Market kit and add on to create this page about Jordan touching plants to make their leaves curl closed. It's something I used to do as a little girl at my grandparents' house and it was so neat to show her the same thing. Generations have been amazed by those little quirky plants.

My design was inspired by a fantastic PageMaps sketch from Becky Fleck. I used the exclusive photo themed stamps that I designed for Scraptastic Club on this layout.

2. Give Thanks


I had SO much fun using the exclusive November 2012 Scraptastic Club fall themed stamps on my card. It's really neat to have my actual designs in hand. Having my own clear stamps made has been a dream of mine for a while, I'm so thrilled that it came true! Again, I used the Farmer's Market November 2012 kit and add on to make this card. It helped me use the last of my scraps from my kit. This card was inspired by yet another amazing PageMaps sketch.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We Are NOT The Champions (Unfortunately)

We all went to the elementary school last Thursday for family night. They fed us some chicken & noodle concoction, and we got to run around the school doing different tropical activities. The girls got their faces painted but Brandon didn’t want his done.

He did participate in the reading section in the library. The library has a little staged reading area with potted plants, monkeys, and painted murals. Brandon was making his best monkey face so he would fit in with the d├ęcor.


We also got to make bracelets and sundials. The photo below was taken at Jordan’s desk in her classroom. She was really interested in how the sundial worked. Alexis got to meet her old third grade teacher. She said, “I wonder if she’ll recognize me?” She did!


We arrived in the gym a little early so Jordan could line up with the choir. She’s really easy to pick out of this photo. She had her hands over her ears because she was frustrated with the amount of noise the other kids were making. I could see her telling them to shush because they were supposed to stand there quietly until it was time to sing. She’s a stickler for rules, and add her sensory issues to that… She was on overload. They did a great job with their performance. We were so proud!


This past Saturday Brandon’s team was in the championship.  Jordan wanted to pose for a photo with Brandon before the game but he didn’t want her to mess with him. In this photo, she’s grinning naughtily because she just poked him to make him holler. Kids!


They got to play on the big boy field at Northlake Christian School in Covington. It’s a gorgeous field with plastic turf instead of muddy, yucky grass.


Brandon’s cheering section. My in-laws, his sisters, and me. Ronnie was off volunteering to hold the marker during the game. It’s a nice way for him to be near Brandon during the game to make sure he’s doing well.


I was on the field helping Miss Jordan and her cheery friends stay peppy. I love this photo I snapped of Jordan shaking it during one of her favorite cheers. She honestly had a blast this season cheering for her brother.


A halftime photo. Everyone hanging out on the bench listening to the coaches talk strategy. Unfortunately, Brandon stayed on the bench in this game too. He didn’t even go in for one play. I was so frustrated with the events from the last two games that I had a conversation with one of the recreation workers before we left. Brandon didn’t learn much about football this season. Instead, he learned that life isn’t fair. He was taught that it doesn’t matter if you show up and want to play, sometimes just don’t get what you deserve. A hard lesson for someone to understand at five years old. The competitiveness at this age is ridiculous when they’re all supposed to be afforded an equal opportunity to learn how to play.


I know my kid isn’t the next Drew Brees. I’m not saying he is and neither is my husband. All we know is that he deserves the chance to play. As parents, when we see our child come off the field looking like this… It’s a little tough to swallow.


When my husband got to him, he asked Ronnie if he was still proud of him even though the coaches never put him in. This photo breaks my heart. You can just see the disappointment in his posture.


Where did it get the coaches? They still lost the championship game. I’m sorry that the team lost. I really am. I just worry that my son has lost more than that game. He may have lost the desire and the joy he felt in just being able to PLAY the game of football.

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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