Saturday, November 3, 2012

Trick Or Treat! (Drug Free Rally)

I had something to do with the kids nearly every day this week. I picked up my friend Danielle on Tuesday and we met our kids at William Pitcher Jr. High for the annual Drug Free Rally. Our local law officials put on a show for the kids to show them how they protect us from illegal drugs. Jordan had a blast except for the part where they shot blanks. She doesn’t like loud noises and she about flipped her wheelchair trying to get to me. I was sitting next to her and she tried to dive out into my lap. I didn’t know they were going to do that or I would’ve warned her, and she could’ve brought her headphones.


My favorite part was watching the helicopter land on the football field while we were in the stands. It was a little nerve-wracking through. Who knew helicopters were so maneuverable? The pilots made it circle around and buzz the bleachers before they landed. The kids were all totally impressed when they got the chance to look inside of it later.


Here’s my Sassafras. She’s so used to me taking photos of her that she can strike a pose in seconds. If I call her name while I’m wearing my camera, she poses right away. It’s pretty funny when I’m not trying to take her photo. (Yes, there are times where I’m not taking a photo. Jeez!) She was sitting in a huge Wildlife and Fisheries boat when I snapped this one.


Tuesday night was Brandon’s first late football game. It was a playoff game and I’m proud to say that our boys won. They scored four touchdowns and the opposing team didn’t score a single one. They were on a roll!

My Aunt met us at the field so she could see Brandon play and Jordan cheer. Alexis was trying to catch up on her school work, so Aunt Laura bent down to add her two cents to the book report Lexie was writing about Snow White.


It was COLD at the game… The kind of cold where you need something hot to drink to warm up. Clammy, deep, shivery cold! Moms are smart though. We had the cheerleaders wear turtlenecks and sweatpants under their uniforms.


I had the HARDEST time getting photos of Brandon at this game. Some parts of the field were flooded with glaring light and others were totally dark. This is the best photo I got even with the glare. Weeknight games are really hard to get to as well. Particularly late night, out of town games! I’m so glad our next one is on the weekend.


Wednesday was Halloween, and I volunteered at the elementary school’s Fall Festival. I helped Brandon make spider cookies with pretzels and fig bars. (He couldn’t have the sugar cookies because they had milk in them.)


I also helped them make pumpkin art and pumpkin bookmarks. I even learned a really neat technique in their art class that I hope to put to use on a future art journaling layout.

I also got to watch Jordan participate in Spirit Day. She was dressed as her American Girl doll, Molly. I had her bring the book because if you didn’t know about the book, then the costume didn’t make sense. She told me that people kept asking if she was an artist. I guess if you throw on a beret you look artistic! (Note to self: Buy a beret?)


I got the kids dressed a little early for Halloween. I’ve learned through the years that I need light if I want decent photos of their costumes. Jordan was a very sassy Tiana. She wore a costume that my in-laws bought her in Disney World last year.


Alexis chose to be Ariel and she informed me that the best part of her costume was her six pack abs. As you can probably guess, once I saw the costume on her I second guessed it a bit. By that point, it was too late and she went with it. (My in-laws bought it for her a few years ago, but she’s since gotten taller a lot more tummy shows.)


Brandon was Mario from Super Mario Brothers again. I miss the good old days when I could pick out his costume without him fussing! He wasn’t wearing his hat in the photo because he got it dirty at school and I had to run it through the washer really quickly. Boys!


The whole crew lined up and ready for a photo. Okay maybe not. Alexis is the only one looking at me! Oh well, you get what you get right?


They look a lot happier in the photo below. Must be all of the sugar they ingested? We walked around a few streets until everyone got tired. Jordan’s wheelchair was lit by pumpkin LED lights so she was visible. They also made it easier for us to see where to push her chair. A win all the way around!


I asked Ronnie to snap a photo of me with the kids. I had angel wings and a halo on, but Ronnie cut the halo out of the photo. It’s okay though… I won’t beat him because he didn’t drop the camera.


Thursday was therapy and I spent all day Friday catching up on design team work. I also edited a TON of photos so I could share them here and order prints online. I can’t wait to scrap my pictures. I’m hoping to get some down time this weekend so I can create pretty things.
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Sharon Fritchey said...

HEATHER! Will you please say it's about a drug free rally in your title!!! I saw this photo and got totally scared that it was your front lawn!!!!! LOL!!!!
I love your photos - you are an amazing photographer!!!!! Your trick-or-treat night looks like so much fun!

Sharon Fritchey said...

Oh and I forgot to mention, my FAVORITE costume is YOURs!!!!! Love that last photo so much!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I think I need to buy a beret now too!! LOL!! LOVING all the photos!! LOVING that last one of you and the kids together the BEST!!!!!!!!!

Debbie P said...

Love your photos! When I saw the thumbnail of the swat team I thought "what the heck happened". That would have been awesome. My hubby use to fly helicopters. They can land almost anywhere.

Cindy deRosier said...

Tuesday was cold enough for Alexis to need sweats under a cheer uniform, yet Wednesday was warm enough for a bare midriff?! Was there a backup plan for her if the weather was too cold for Ariel?

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

so many great photos! thanks for sharing.

Fi said...

What a spectacular show to watch nothing like scaring the kids at a young age might keep on the right track. So sorry that you little girl was given a fright though.