Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We Are NOT The Champions (Unfortunately)

We all went to the elementary school last Thursday for family night. They fed us some chicken & noodle concoction, and we got to run around the school doing different tropical activities. The girls got their faces painted but Brandon didn’t want his done.

He did participate in the reading section in the library. The library has a little staged reading area with potted plants, monkeys, and painted murals. Brandon was making his best monkey face so he would fit in with the d├ęcor.


We also got to make bracelets and sundials. The photo below was taken at Jordan’s desk in her classroom. She was really interested in how the sundial worked. Alexis got to meet her old third grade teacher. She said, “I wonder if she’ll recognize me?” She did!


We arrived in the gym a little early so Jordan could line up with the choir. She’s really easy to pick out of this photo. She had her hands over her ears because she was frustrated with the amount of noise the other kids were making. I could see her telling them to shush because they were supposed to stand there quietly until it was time to sing. She’s a stickler for rules, and add her sensory issues to that… She was on overload. They did a great job with their performance. We were so proud!


This past Saturday Brandon’s team was in the championship.  Jordan wanted to pose for a photo with Brandon before the game but he didn’t want her to mess with him. In this photo, she’s grinning naughtily because she just poked him to make him holler. Kids!


They got to play on the big boy field at Northlake Christian School in Covington. It’s a gorgeous field with plastic turf instead of muddy, yucky grass.


Brandon’s cheering section. My in-laws, his sisters, and me. Ronnie was off volunteering to hold the marker during the game. It’s a nice way for him to be near Brandon during the game to make sure he’s doing well.


I was on the field helping Miss Jordan and her cheery friends stay peppy. I love this photo I snapped of Jordan shaking it during one of her favorite cheers. She honestly had a blast this season cheering for her brother.


A halftime photo. Everyone hanging out on the bench listening to the coaches talk strategy. Unfortunately, Brandon stayed on the bench in this game too. He didn’t even go in for one play. I was so frustrated with the events from the last two games that I had a conversation with one of the recreation workers before we left. Brandon didn’t learn much about football this season. Instead, he learned that life isn’t fair. He was taught that it doesn’t matter if you show up and want to play, sometimes just don’t get what you deserve. A hard lesson for someone to understand at five years old. The competitiveness at this age is ridiculous when they’re all supposed to be afforded an equal opportunity to learn how to play.


I know my kid isn’t the next Drew Brees. I’m not saying he is and neither is my husband. All we know is that he deserves the chance to play. As parents, when we see our child come off the field looking like this… It’s a little tough to swallow.


When my husband got to him, he asked Ronnie if he was still proud of him even though the coaches never put him in. This photo breaks my heart. You can just see the disappointment in his posture.


Where did it get the coaches? They still lost the championship game. I’m sorry that the team lost. I really am. I just worry that my son has lost more than that game. He may have lost the desire and the joy he felt in just being able to PLAY the game of football.

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

That just breaks my heart that he wasn't let in to play... loving the photos!!

Cindy deRosier said...

Are there others that feel this way? Getting a large group together to express how unfair it is (in a league where all kids allegedly get game time) that some don't play might have more impact. I know I wouldn't be signing my son up for a second season after that.

Debbie P said...

I hear you with the the competitiveness at such an early age. How are they to get better and learn if they aren't allowed to play. Adults can just suck all the fun out of activities for kids. I'm sorry this happened to you. The photo made me tear up and I wasn't even involved. That is a tough pill to swallow. I don't know what the answer is, wish I did. Have a great week.

Tamika said...

Its hard teaching the kids about winning and loosing. This week we went to a party and played party games some of the kids (including mine)were devastated over loosing a game of red light green light or musical chairs?

Cindy Gay said...

Ah, hate to see little Brandon's disappointment. Shame on the coach! Love the inlaws and girls' photo.

Sand and Sunshine said...

What a tough time for both J with choir and B with football. That really is stupid. I've seen and know of other coaches who would cycle the entire team through no matter what. It meant a lot of in and out, but at a young age when endurance is low, then all the better!

Sharon Fritchey said...

Oh Heather, I am so sorry that the did not put Brandon in even for a short period. That is just TERRIBLE! We have been through that with Katie and field hockey - it is so hard to see your child's heart broken!!!!

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

poor brandon. life isn't fair is a hard lesson to learn especially for one so young. lovely photos.