Thursday, December 20, 2012


Continuing on with the insanity that is my life… Can someone please tell me why I take so many photos? At some point I’ll realize that each time I take photos I have to edit, upload, Facebook, AND blog them before I can file them away. I’m a little OCD. Can you tell?

Not this Wednesday but LAST Wednesday, my friend Danielle came over to give my kiddos their Christmas presents. She gave them enough candy to keep them hopped up for weeks. MAJOR sugar high. As you can tell, they loved everything!


I got my new 50mm lens last week as well and I had to test it by taking a few portrait shots. It was really getting dark out so I grabbed my reflector and took a couple of photos of the kiddos. This is Jordan showing me “what cool looks like”.


Brandon is always super tolerant of my photo obsession. He will smile at me and pose quickly so he can get it over with. It’s actually pretty funny to watch!


Alexis is getting so big. You have to love all of the wispy bangs escaping her pony tail. She has really fine hair and it’s hard to corral. She always looks like this at the end of a long day. Super cute!

_MG_5016 copy

You only get frost and flowers at the same time in Louisiana. This has been the most productive year ever for my camellia bush. I keep cutting flowers to bring a bit of color into the house.


We celebrated Alexis’ 11th birthday on Saturday. Pardon me while I pinch myself! I can not believe my little chubby cheeked toddler is this grown up. Ouch! I brought her outside in her party dress for a few quick portraits before the celebration commenced.


In keeping with crying over how old she’s getting, I should say that all she wanted was clothes and shoes. No toys! I bought her some ridiculously bright, sparkly stuff from Kohl’s and Justice. She was thrilled. Now I’m trying to convince her that she needs to wear a Christmas dress instead of neon to my grandparents’ Christmas gathering.


Did I mention jewelry? Yeah, she likes that too! A lot.


My friend and her girls spent the night and we stayed up late watching movies. Four giggly girls and one sullen boy. Brandon didn’t want to sleep on the floor with the girls. He took the couch and played DS while the girls watch the American Girl McKenna movie.


I almost forgot to mention that my Mom came too! Here she is pretending to be shocked by the mass chaos that ensued.


I had to pose for a pic with my friend. The big girls had fun too. I think we giggled as much as the little ones while trying to get a decent photo. We also painted our fingernails and toenails after we painted the girls’ nails for them.


I baked a cake that had eleven candles on it. I don’t even want to talk about that! Eleven?! I mean, REALLY?


Oh and of course there was dancing… Lots and lots of dancing. They played the Michael Jackson experience and it was hilarious to watch. They were so seriously competitive! I was worried about my Christmas tree for a while there.


If you made it to the end of this post… thanks for reading! Tomorrow I’ll be back with a card template and some info on The Sampler’s December challenges.

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!! I loveeeeeeeeee the photos!!!!

Linda Jordan said...

Looks like you had tons of fun!! Alexis looks adorable in that dress :) It must be a pain having her birthday so close to Christmas but it looks like you were able to make it special for her! My bf's birthday is a week after Christmas & he always hated that as a kid!


Chantal Vandenberg said...

You take lovely photos! That's why you take so many! :)

Cindy deRosier said...

Fun pics! I love the portraits of the kids.

Debbie P said...

How fun, a new lens! The photos are so adorable! Happy Birthday to your little Alexis!

Izzy Anderson said...

You are doing wonderful work with that new lens. Your pictures are just wonderful. Love all the documentation, the portraits and everyday life. The love shines through. :)

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

so many cute photos. the birthday party looks like it was tons of fun.

Cindy Gay said...

Great pictures! Love the dresses too!