Thursday, February 28, 2013

Free Digital Template & Scrapbook Sketch #33

Hello everyone! I have another sketch and digital template to share. Please feel free to pin it, or save it to your computer for later use. If you are a digital scrapbooker, please scroll down for your template freebie.

HL_Free_Sketch_Template #33

This is an older layout of mine that I used as inspiration for the sketch. I created this page with my August Scraptastic Club kit and add on called "The Story Begins". I focused on the teal and the pink in the kit to make this layout.

It's a tradition that the girls fight over who is going to be the boss when we visit my grandparents' house. On this visit, my niece wanted to dance by herself and Jordan decided to help her. As you can see, she was NOT thrilled with that at all.


As usual, my design team made some amazing examples. I love my MMD Divas so much. They do a great job showing that you can use the sketch in many different ways.

Alison Krogsgaard says: I found the punched borders incredibly inspiring, and that was my starting point when I began creating my layout. Since I was working with an 8.5x11 size layout, I eliminated a lot of the extra elements originally found in the sketch, and stuck with a clean and simple design. I love keeping the main focus of my layouts the photos, and the story they have to tell. I also wanted to keep my layout masculine friendly, since the main subject was my husband, so I used brown and green and blue- the colors that are already found in the pictures. For a subtle hint of femininity, and to tie my daughter into the entire scenario, I added a tiny touch of pink and red. Unlike the sketch, I wanted to include a little room for journaling, so I made space above the title mat.

Ali K.

April Walker says: A little about my page: When I saw Heather’s awesome sketch I was immediately drawn to the scalloped borders and took my inspiration from them to start my page.  I had this awesome picture of my hubby and I and used it to journal to him about a favorite phrase he always says to me.  It’s simple and sweet but I absolutely love the results!

April Walker

Lesley Walker says: I am trying to get our beautiful Murphy's album finished before we get our new puppy next week. I used Martha Stewart punches and the Cricut for the background shape.


Marlene Murphy says: My take on the sketch uses photos from a road trip I took last fall.  There is hidden journaling explaining our surprise to find, at our first stop, a banjo store.  Which was even more surprising because my son was actually looking for a new banjo.  Talk about Kismet!  The layout is pretty simple, in that it only uses two patterned papers, Echo Park Little Boy and Pebbles Family ties.  The die cuts were made using a Cricut Signs cartridge.  The little cars are buttons.  I followed the sketch for the scalloped strips top and bottom, my border punches to make these cuts are Fiskars.  The base is a grid print by Scenic Route, so it's been in my stash for a while.  This was a fun sketch to work with.

Marlene Murphy

Mitra Pratt says: I was sorting through another bunch of Peru photos and came across this photo of my Mom taken on the very last day. Part of the tour took us to a very high end store and I remember being back on the bus when my parents got back with their hat purchase. My Mom was VERY pleased with herself and the ladies on the bus were happy for her. Of course there is a story behind this hat. A story that ties into my very existence... But we can save that for Story Telling Sunday! Happens to be just around the corner, so you won't have to wait long!


Nancy Keslin

Nancy Keslin

Sandi Pressley

Sandi Pressley

Sharon Fritchman says: I love Heather's sketch this time!  As soon as I saw it, I immediately thought of the photos that my sister-in-law sent me of our kids sledding on the hill at Nazareth Park!  The Echo Park papers seemed to be perfect here, too!

Sharon Fritchman

If you’re a digital scrapbooker and you’d like to download the free layered digital scrapbooking template that I created in Adobe Photoshop Elements, you can download it by clicking the link above. (Please respect my TOU.)

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Wild Bunch-Animal Kingdom Scrapbook Page

I’m interrupting my vacation series with a scrapbook related post because I’m not quite finished editing the next set of photos. My poor little mouse clicking finger needs a break. You’re actually getting a sneak peek of one of the photos I took at the Animal Kingdom, so I guess it’s kinda Disney related!

I do have something awesome to share… Oh my gosh! I totally fell in love with the .svg files at Miss Kate's Cuttables for scrapping my Disney trip. When I saw these trees and the title, this layout popped right into my mind. It's really rare that a project turns out exactly the way I pictured it, but this one did! I have been working on using more die cuts and Miss Kate's files make it impossible to resist.

Heather Landry_A Wild Bunch_Animal Kingdom_Disney Scrapbook

I used Bo Bunny's Zoology line to make this page. I had it in my stash to scrap zoo photos, but it fits perfectly with the Animal Kingdom theme too.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

An Epic Adventure: Disney 2013 Day Three in Hollywood Studios

We spent February 12th in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We were exhausted from the long day in the Magic Kingdom, but we got up when Mickey called us with our wake up call. I have to say that my packing solution of putting every day's outfits/accessories in a Ziploc bag worked wonderfully. I was able to toss a bag at each kid and we got dressed in record time. We met my in-laws in the hall of our hotel and they followed us over to Hollywood Studios.


We got there before the park opened because we had early reservations at Hollywood And Vine’s Play And Dine. Brandon is spoiled rotten and he kept asking people to pick him up. Brian agreed to tote him around for a bit. Sucker! Brandon weighs nearly 60 lbs. and he’s 4’2” at five years old. He’s a tall little bugger so it’s easy to forget that he’s still a little boy!


Brandon’s absolute favorite character right now is Jake from Jake And The Neverland Pirates. We were really excited to find out that he would be at our character breakfast. Brandon smiled so big that his eyes watered. I thought he was going to cry! He was just thrilled and it melted my heart.


Jake invited the kids to dance but Brandon was too shy to get up in front of everyone. Guess who wasn’t?! Miss Diva Jordan got up and danced for about 15 minutes. We actually had a really hard time getting her to eat anything. She told me that she couldn’t eat when the characters were around because it was rude to talk to them with food in her mouth.


After we finished eating breakfast, we ran into some other characters. We found Chip and Dale! Alexis and Brandon had a blast posing with them, but Jordan had a meltdown and absolutely refused to have anything to do with them. She couldn’t really give us a reason either. She just was NOT doing it!


Thankfully, she recovered a few minutes later while we were in line to meet Goofy. Oh… I guess I should mention why we were wearing the matching t-shirts. It was Mardi Gras day! Louisiana people can’t ignore Mardi Gras even if they are in Disney World. We got so many comments on our shirts!


Jordan really, really wanted to see Sophia The First while we were at Hollywood Studios. She isn’t doing character greetings yet, and Playhouse Disney has been closed for renovations. We talked to a cast member who told us that they were doing soft openings to test the new Playhouse Disney show. We were able to get in one of the test shows and Jordan was so very happy! Here she is trying to catch bubbles that were falling from the ceiling. 


We were early for lunch at Mama Melrose’s so we went shopping. I snapped this photo while Sharon and Stephanie were waiting for the kids to come out of the Pizza Planet where they were playing arcade games to kill time.


After lunch, Brandon and Jordan really wanted to meet Mater and McQueen. They were totally impressed! Alexis did a better job at pretending to be into the characters on this day. I promised her that she could ride Expedition Everest later in our trip as long as she was patient with the other kids.


Phineas and Ferb were my favorites because they were so funny. Even Ronnie got into posing for this photo. Don’t you love how my purse blends in with the bright yellow fence? It’s like I planned it!

5x7 Phineas

My in-laws went back to the hotel around three in the afternoon. We weren’t tired yet so we got in line to go on the Toy Story Mania ride. When we came out we noticed that we could meet Buzz and Woody across the street. They had a bunch of photo props to play on while we waited. The kiddos loved the claw machine!


We finally got to meet Buzz and Woody after only 30 minutes of waiting! They were really cool but they made Brandon a bit nervous. I think it was because they were so much bigger than the other characters.


Ronnie’s favorite fireworks show is Fantasmic. Like I mentioned in the last post, Brandon and Jordan have sensory issues. That means that they are extremely sensitive to loud noises and some textures. We can usually get around some of the issues with noise cancelling headphones. We quickly learned on the trip before this one that the fireworks in Epcot and the Magic Kingdom are too overwhelming for them even with the headphones.

Luckily, Fantasmic is the one show they can tolerate. We got in to sit down early thanks to advance tickets that we got from our lunch at Mama Melrose’s. In the photo below, Jordan is asking Ronnie if he’s sure this is the same show we saw last time. She was really nervous, but I told her that her trying to make it through the show would be the best Valentine’s Day present ever. She agreed to try!


Ronnie bought neon toys for all of the kids. The girls got necklaces that lit up like crazy and Brandon got a super cool McQueen spinner. They had their own little bit of light when it got dark.


Here’s Alexis with her necklace. She was excited to see the show! Sometimes I feel bad that the other kids’ sensory issues limit the things that she can experience, but I guess that it can’t be helped.


They all made it through the show without crying (YES!) and we made our way out of the park. We paused for one more photo with a Photopass Photographer. It’s not the best photo, and we all look exhausted, but it’s our family!

5x7 HollywoodStudios Family

Stay tuned to hear about day four of our epic adventure. That post will be coming soon!

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

An Epic Adventure: Disney 2013 Day Two At Magic Kingdom

We started day two of our adventure on February 12, 2013 at ‘Ohana in the Polynesian Resort. I adored the group photo that they took of our family. I especially love how the girls are posing. Hello sassiness! These two definitely got the message that they were princesses on this trip. All of the cast members called them princess when they talked to them. They ate it up!

5x7 Ohana

We met Lilo first and Jordan loved talking to her. She had the biggest grin on her face. All you can see are dimples! Alexis is really getting a little old for the whole character thing, but she goes along because she knows I’ll throw a fit if she doesn’t. (I told her if she wants to ride the big rides, she needs to be patient while the little kids do their thing.)


When Lilo tried to talk to Brandon, he magically disappeared! He sank down in his chair so low that we couldn’t even see him. Lilo kept poking him and making questioning gestures with her hands, but he didn’t reappear until she left the table. I was a bit worried that it didn’t bode well for future character greetings. Uh oh!


I took this photo in the Polynesian on the way out of ‘Ohana when we were heading to the monorail. It was so much easier to transport Jordan’s wheelchair on the monorail. Way better than getting her off and on of the buses!


Even though the girls had been to Disney World twice, they had only ever met two princesses. (Cinderella and Ariel.) One of the major objectives this year was to meet some princesses.

We were able to meet Aurora and Prince Phillip. Brandon didn’t want to talk to them at first, but I told him if he did it would be the best Valentine I’d ever gotten. He was sweet enough to go along with it!

5x7 Aurora

They also got to meet Cinderella again. Prince Charming was really sweet to Brandon. He asked him if he took care of his princesses at home, and Brandon said “Of course!” It just made my heart melt! They passed out Valentine cards instead of signing autographs because it was so near to Valentine’s day. You can bet those will end up in the scrapbook!

5x7 Cinderella

Jordan LOVES Rapunzel. She is her current favorite. Rapunzel took her hand and Jordan didn’t let go until it was time for us to leave. I have to say that Rapunzel was my favorite too. She was so cheerful and just had a fabulous personality. Jordan also impressed Flynn Rider because she knew his real name. (Eugene Fitzherbert)

5x7 Rapunzel

I tried to get a good picture of the front of the castle, but there was a HUGE crane in the background because of the Fantasyland construction. If at first you don’t succeed, walk around and look for another angle! I actually like this shot better than the head on shot because it looks like we were the only people there. Definitely not the case!


I didn’t take the photo below, Ronnie did. I ride the carousel every time we go, so I handed my camera to Ronnie. He managed to capture this look of sheer joy on Brandon’s face. I love it so much!!!


We couldn’t miss Ronnie’s Dad’s favorite ride, so we went on It’s A Small World. Jordan was so cute. She pointed out all of the different countries, then told us at the end that everyone was wearing the same color because they were all equal. She went on this whole lecture about friendship too.


Me and my girls. I passed the camera to Ronnie for this picture too. It’s hard to get good photos of us together because we all wear glasses. Someone out of the three of us is bound to have glare. (Sometimes more than one!)


The girls and I really wanted to see the parts of the new Fantasyland that were open. This is Ariel’s castle, and you enter through it to go on the new Little Mermaid ride. As always, Disney’s attention to small details is just stunning.


I took a lot of pictures on this ride, but Ursula is my favorite villain so I just had to share this one.


We had a huge group, so we had to separate into different clamshells. Alexis rode with my Mother and Father in law, Brandon rode with me, Ronnie rode with Jordan, and Steph and Brian rode together. Like I said… a BIG group.


Later in the day, I let Brandon drive me around on the Tomorrowland Speedway. He was thrilled! At first he tried to steer the car so it didn’t hit the rails. After the first five minutes, he decided that it was a lot more fun to ram into the rail so the car would slam from side to side. He thought it was hilariously funny. My neck and lower back weren’t as amused as he was, but hey… What can you do? It’s Disney World!


We stopped at the end of the ride, just short of hitting Ronnie and Jordan ahead of us like we were instructed. Right after we stopped, WHAM! Alexis and Ronnie’s Dad ran right into the back of us. I turned my camera around and caught this shot. They think they are SO funny!


The Buzz Lightyear ride is a big tradition for us. We’ve gone on it during every trip since it opened. Ronnie and Jordan were head of us and Ronnie let Jordan win because she was getting upset.


Alexis was in my vehicle. I managed to kick her butt while taking photo breaks. I rock at the Buzz Lightyear ride!


Ronnie’s Dad was the overall winner though. He wins every single time and it aggravated my mother-in-law to no end. She tried really hard to beat him this time but it just didn’t happen!


We had lunch at the Liberty Tree Tavern and when we were finished, we walked out to see one of the parades. We caught three parades in one day due to good timing.


None of my kids had ever been on the Jungle Cruise, so we did that too! The jokes are so bad that they’re funny. Brandon looks a little worried about the giant alligators. Steph promised to keep him safe.


We stayed in the Magic Kingdom until six in the evening when everyone started lining up for the electric parade. We wanted to watch the fireworks from the hotel because having two kids with sensory issues can be rough in Disney. The last time we tried to watch the fireworks in the park, I ended up rocking two screaming kids on my lap for an hour because we couldn’t leave. It was definitely not an experience I’m willing to repeat. I took this photo on our way out because they had finally removed the crane!


We grabbed a quick dinner at Captain Cook’s in the Polynesian Resort and watched the fireworks with my in-laws on our balcony. It really was the perfect way to end most of our Disney nights.

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