Monday, February 25, 2013

An Epic Adventure: Disney 2013 Day Three in Hollywood Studios

We spent February 12th in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We were exhausted from the long day in the Magic Kingdom, but we got up when Mickey called us with our wake up call. I have to say that my packing solution of putting every day's outfits/accessories in a Ziploc bag worked wonderfully. I was able to toss a bag at each kid and we got dressed in record time. We met my in-laws in the hall of our hotel and they followed us over to Hollywood Studios.


We got there before the park opened because we had early reservations at Hollywood And Vine’s Play And Dine. Brandon is spoiled rotten and he kept asking people to pick him up. Brian agreed to tote him around for a bit. Sucker! Brandon weighs nearly 60 lbs. and he’s 4’2” at five years old. He’s a tall little bugger so it’s easy to forget that he’s still a little boy!


Brandon’s absolute favorite character right now is Jake from Jake And The Neverland Pirates. We were really excited to find out that he would be at our character breakfast. Brandon smiled so big that his eyes watered. I thought he was going to cry! He was just thrilled and it melted my heart.


Jake invited the kids to dance but Brandon was too shy to get up in front of everyone. Guess who wasn’t?! Miss Diva Jordan got up and danced for about 15 minutes. We actually had a really hard time getting her to eat anything. She told me that she couldn’t eat when the characters were around because it was rude to talk to them with food in her mouth.


After we finished eating breakfast, we ran into some other characters. We found Chip and Dale! Alexis and Brandon had a blast posing with them, but Jordan had a meltdown and absolutely refused to have anything to do with them. She couldn’t really give us a reason either. She just was NOT doing it!


Thankfully, she recovered a few minutes later while we were in line to meet Goofy. Oh… I guess I should mention why we were wearing the matching t-shirts. It was Mardi Gras day! Louisiana people can’t ignore Mardi Gras even if they are in Disney World. We got so many comments on our shirts!


Jordan really, really wanted to see Sophia The First while we were at Hollywood Studios. She isn’t doing character greetings yet, and Playhouse Disney has been closed for renovations. We talked to a cast member who told us that they were doing soft openings to test the new Playhouse Disney show. We were able to get in one of the test shows and Jordan was so very happy! Here she is trying to catch bubbles that were falling from the ceiling. 


We were early for lunch at Mama Melrose’s so we went shopping. I snapped this photo while Sharon and Stephanie were waiting for the kids to come out of the Pizza Planet where they were playing arcade games to kill time.


After lunch, Brandon and Jordan really wanted to meet Mater and McQueen. They were totally impressed! Alexis did a better job at pretending to be into the characters on this day. I promised her that she could ride Expedition Everest later in our trip as long as she was patient with the other kids.


Phineas and Ferb were my favorites because they were so funny. Even Ronnie got into posing for this photo. Don’t you love how my purse blends in with the bright yellow fence? It’s like I planned it!

5x7 Phineas

My in-laws went back to the hotel around three in the afternoon. We weren’t tired yet so we got in line to go on the Toy Story Mania ride. When we came out we noticed that we could meet Buzz and Woody across the street. They had a bunch of photo props to play on while we waited. The kiddos loved the claw machine!


We finally got to meet Buzz and Woody after only 30 minutes of waiting! They were really cool but they made Brandon a bit nervous. I think it was because they were so much bigger than the other characters.


Ronnie’s favorite fireworks show is Fantasmic. Like I mentioned in the last post, Brandon and Jordan have sensory issues. That means that they are extremely sensitive to loud noises and some textures. We can usually get around some of the issues with noise cancelling headphones. We quickly learned on the trip before this one that the fireworks in Epcot and the Magic Kingdom are too overwhelming for them even with the headphones.

Luckily, Fantasmic is the one show they can tolerate. We got in to sit down early thanks to advance tickets that we got from our lunch at Mama Melrose’s. In the photo below, Jordan is asking Ronnie if he’s sure this is the same show we saw last time. She was really nervous, but I told her that her trying to make it through the show would be the best Valentine’s Day present ever. She agreed to try!


Ronnie bought neon toys for all of the kids. The girls got necklaces that lit up like crazy and Brandon got a super cool McQueen spinner. They had their own little bit of light when it got dark.


Here’s Alexis with her necklace. She was excited to see the show! Sometimes I feel bad that the other kids’ sensory issues limit the things that she can experience, but I guess that it can’t be helped.


They all made it through the show without crying (YES!) and we made our way out of the park. We paused for one more photo with a Photopass Photographer. It’s not the best photo, and we all look exhausted, but it’s our family!

5x7 HollywoodStudios Family

Stay tuned to hear about day four of our epic adventure. That post will be coming soon!

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Paisley Petals said...

I am really enjoying your Disney wrap ups....when normally I skip over other Disney recaps! Looks like you are making wonderful memories for your family :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How fun!!! I loveeeeeeee all the photos!!!

Debbie P said...

Love all the photos! Looks like so much fun! What an awesome idea what you did with their clothes for each day!

Mitra Pratt said...

Lovely! I really love the matching t shirts too!!!! Your photography is always amazing!

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Great pics and summary of your day; felt like I was right there w/ you!

Cindy deRosier said...

LOVE the matching shirts! I cannot wait to see all this scrapped!

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I have enjoyed these last three posts - looks like a very fun vacation. Disney rocks!

Sand and Sunshine said...

To cool rocking that soft opening.

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

so fun. love your photos.