Saturday, February 23, 2013

An Epic Disney Adventure: Day One Travel & Polynesian

We drove from our house in Louisiana all the way to Walt Disney World on February 10th. We got up at 3:30 AM, threw the kids and the luggage into the car, met my in-laws at a gas station, and then headed out. Fourteen hours of “Are We There Yet?’s later, we made it. We still had all three kids, and all of our luggage too. We rock at this!


We stayed at the incredibly beautiful Polynesian hotel in the Magic Kingdom area of Disney. The rooms had such a fun, tropical vibe and we even had a towel in the shape of Mickey on our bed when we arrived. I made the kids sit on the couch while I took pictures of the room before they went wild. It never looked like this again while we were there. Ha!


The heathens were really impressed by the leis that they got while we were checking in. They posed for a brief photo by the waterfall while we waited for our luggage. *Please note that posing for a photograph and looking at the photographer do not always go together.


This is the view from our first floor, lagoon view balcony. That’s the Grand Floridian and the wedding pavilion across the lagoon. The landscaping was wonderful. I can’t say enough about how gorgeous and comfortable the hotel turned out to be.


We were able to watch the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom from our balcony (or our beds depending on how tired we were) every night. It was really, really amazing. They light up the lagoon and even the reflections are lovely. We were far enough away that Jordan didn’t freak out over the noise. (They were still pretty loud.)


After we watched the fireworks, I unpacked while Ronnie got the kids into the tub so we could rest for a beautiful day in the Magic Kingdom.

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Paisley Petals said...

"Posing for the photographer"....and not looking at the photographer! Lol I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I especially love that you made them sit on the couch so you could get pictures ;)

Debbie P said...

Oh how awesome! We've only been to WDW once about a year ago. We had to take a shuttle from our hotel, so we didn't get to see the entry way. Your view from your hotel room was beautiful!!! tfs

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

I still can't believe that your drive was 14 hours...I would just die! I mapped it on Google...the drive time is close to 9 hours...that means 5 hours of stopping! EEEEEK

Linda Jordan said...

Looks like tons of fun [except for the long car trip part]. And, 2 out of 3 looking at the camera? I'd say that was a pretty successful photo ;)

Sharon Fritchey said...

Loved sharing Day 1 with you, too, Heather. We have always wanted to stay at the Polynesian! Looks like it was awesome!

Cindy deRosier said...

A 14-hour drive?! That's my personal version of Hell.

Cindy Gay said...

I love the group photo in the newer post and the pictures of Brandon on the rides!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I was there back in 2001 as a winning prize from my job and got to stay at the Grand Floridian!! I loved it there!!! Great photos!!!

Izzy Anderson said...

What a wonderful trip you had. You got so many great photos too. I love posing but not really posing one, ha ha. I get those too. We haven't been to Disney yet. Jealous!