Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Scrapbook Sketch & Free Template #36

Hi everyone! I'm back to share another sketch and free digital template with you. This is sketch #36. Please feel free to save it to your computer or pin it for later use.

Scrapbook Sketch And Digital Template Heather Landry

The sketch is inspired by a page that I made a few weeks ago. Jordan has always been very musically inclined. She loves instruments and frequently asks for them as Christmas presents. This particular year she asked for a guitar and a singing game. I just had to document her love of music. 

Christmas Layout_Musical Gifts_Daughter

My MMD Divas have done an amazing job creating inspirational projects to share with you!

Ali K. says: Ohh, I thought the new Well Travelled collection kit worked so well with the pictures I used. At the time, I was babysitting the kitty in the picture, and it suits her to a tee! Being a stray kitty that found her way into my sisters' truck when she worked for UPS, she was adopted into her family, then made her way to my house, while my sister and brother in law were moving from one place to another. Neruda IS a well-travelled girl, and the view from inside my recycling bins must have provided her with quite the view of my kitchen- if not a limited one!!

The brown card stock is Recollections, and the green polka dot patterned paper is Stampin' Up. Everything else is Carta Bella.

Ali K._Cat Themed Layout_Banner

Sharon Fritchman says: I used photos that were taken this past weekend at Citizen's Bank Stadium!  Katie wanted to go to a Phillies' baseball game to celebrate her 19th birthday, and Heather's sketch was perfect for these photos!

Sharon Fritchman_Baseball Birthday Scrapbook Page

Lesley Walker says: Here is my take on Heather's latest sketch. Stuck pretty much to it this time except for a small change due to orientation of photo's. Shows brave little Henry at his first visit to the dentist. All straight cutting this time with the exception of the scallop edged circle which was done using a Spellbinder die.

Boy_Dentist Visit_Lesley Walker

Layout by: Mitra Pratt

Peru Scrapbook Page_Flowers_Mitra Pratt

Layout by: Nancy Keslin

Thank you for the help ladies! I appreciate each one of you very much.

Please click HERE to download the free digital template that I made in Photoshop Elements. I'd love to see what you create with it. Don't forget to respect my terms of use!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Earrings, Tee Ball, + Dog Sitting

It should never, ever be said that there's a dull moment in my life. This past week was a blur of appointments and school issues. Just lots of stuff going on! Jordan and Alexis had eye appointments that went well. Their vision is unchanged. It's time for new glasses as Jordan's old ones are bent, and Alexis' old glasses are broken because she snapped them in a fit of rage. I think we asked her to clean her room. Argh!

Jordan had therapy on Thursday and she worked so hard that she was exhausted. Since she had a school excuse, and school hasn't been the most wonderful place for her lately... I let her stay home. She ran errands with me and I decided to surprise her with something she's wanted to do for a while now. I brought her to get her ears pierced! Here's the before photo.

And the after! She picked tiny little gold cross earrings because she wanted "her ears to remember Jesus". She threw an absolute fit after the first ear was done. I warned her that it was going to hurt but I don't think she expected it to be as painful as it was. Poor bitsy thing. She made it through the second ear and we bought extra earrings to celebrate! She won't be able to wear them for another six weeks, but knowing they're there is awesome.

In other news, Mother Nature has finally gotten the news that it's Spring. We've been having some warmer weather and thunderstorms. The sky was a pretty purple and pink when the sun set on Friday night. I was outside walking the dog when I noticed the gorgeous colors.

The dog I mentioned is not mine. We're dog sitting for a good friend. Her name is Patches and she has seriously attached to me. Wherever I am, she is! She's going home later this morning and we're all going to miss her. Not enough to get another dog though. Ronnie won't even consider it!

Patches was really sad on Saturday morning when we had to leave her in the kennel to go play tee ball. We got up at the crack of dawn to get everyone dressed and ready for the game. Brandon played first base for a while. You've just gotta love the knee high socks!

Jordan was in the outfield for most of the game. We worry that if the ball comes right at her, she won't be able to react in time to move out of the way. She actually has quite an arm, so she does a great job throwing the ball in. During this game, she didn't do well on a particular play so she threw her glove down on the field. She took off running to me in the dugout. Poor peanut. I was able to convince her to go out for the next play.

When the Giants came into the dugout to line up in our batting order, Brandon put his arms around Jordan and gave her a pep talk. He said, "Jordan, You did good and I'm always very proud of you." "Everybody makes mistakes." She quit crying and everything was all better. He's the best brother!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Magic Kingdom Layout: Disney Bliss

I've been working through scrapping my Disney photos again! All of my Disney layouts go into the same album and I try to keep them in order. This photo is from our first day together at the Magic Kingdom. We always go to the Magic Kingdom first because it's our favorite park. 

I used my April 2013 kit from The Sampler to create this page. Even though the color scheme doesn't make you think of Disney right away, I still think it works well due to the colors we were wearing in the photo. I wanted the layout to feel whimsical so I added the looped twine across the bottom of the page. I'm actually planning to go back and add hidden Mickey icons to all of my pages once they're finished. I'm going to try to figure out how to make them all tie in together. Wish me luck on that!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

You're A Birthday Star At Chuck E Cheese

We celebrated Brandon and Jordan's birthday last Saturday. Brandon turned 6 on March 2nd and Jordan turned 9 on April 18th. Why did we wait so long to celebrate Brandon's birthday? 

He didn't want to have his birthday party without Jordan! They are like two peas in a pod. It's so amazing how much they love each other. During the party, Brandon threw his arm around Jordan and grinned like crazy. They both had a wonderful time and I'd like to think everyone else did too. Chuck E Cheese isn't my favorite place, but it surely made them happy!

Here's a fun photo of Chuck E Cheese trying to put the birthday crown on Brandon's head. They had to change the size, but obviously Chuck E Cheese couldn't figure that out with everything else going on. Luckily, our party host got it all sorted out.

We had more grown ups than kids at our party. Ronnie's parents, my Mom, my cousin, Brandon and Jordan's friends' parents... They all look really, really entertained by the Chuck E Cheese show.

Jordan begged me to take a photo of her with Chuck E Cheese when he was walking around. I don't know what they see in this place, but honestly... Her smile couldn't possibly be any bigger. Her dimples need their own area code!

Last but not least, we had twelve kids! They ran around, danced, played games, and got cool goodie bags. What more could any kid ask for?

Jordan and Brandon would like to thank everyone that came out to the party for their time and the gifts. They felt very loved and completely happy. They're still talking about the party days later!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tee Ball Game: Giants VS. Rangers

Brandon and Jordan are playing tee ball again this Spring! This past weekend was the third game that they played this season. They played against the Rangers and thank goodness that they weren't keeping score because the other team was crazy good. At some points I was worried that they would get hit with the ball because they didn't react very quickly. Yikes!

Miss Jordan got to play on the tee ball team because of her disability. I have to say that she's been rockin' it out. She runs around the bases, she can catch quite well, and she throws the ball like nobody's business. Every now and then she gets tired and Coach Daddy (Ronnie) helps her around the bases. I am SO stinkin' proud of this kid!

I'm also really proud of Ronnie. He is quite shy but he volunteered to help the kids' tee ball team. He's an associate coach! He gets on the field in front of everyone and really gets involved. It's awesome to see him interact with the kids. He's such a great Dad to step out of his comfort zone to make his kids happy.

Jordan played in the outfield during this game and she actually stopped three different hits. Go girlie! She loves being paired up with my friends' daughter, Emma. They are adorable together.

People applauded after Jordan caught the ball, so she waved at everyone when she was done throwing it. I had to laugh. She's such a diva and she loves her adoring fans!

Ronnie's responsible for setting everyone up to bat. He's been hit by the bat several times but he keeps going back. He's definitely braver than I am for sure!

My little slugger! Speaking of being less shy and opening up more... Brandon has grown so much since last year. He's really playing a lot better and I think he's amazing. (Not that I'm biased or anything. Right? Hehe)

I caught the ball! I caught the ball! Wait. Where do I throw it again?

What do you do when you make it to first base? You draw in the dirt of course! At least that's what Brandon does. There's no ballet in the outfield this year though.

We also celebrated Brandon and Jordan's birthday party this past Saturday but those pictures aren't ready to share yet. I'm still working on editing them. Can I just say that the lighting in Chuck E Cheese stinks? It definitely does. I'll be back to share those soon.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beautiful Bows

***If you're looking for the Hydrangea Hippo blog hop, please scroll down to the post below this one. Thank you!***

My girls are completely obsessed with cute hair accessories. Sometimes I like to feed that obsession with my arts and crafts supplies! I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that I made bows out of a huge pile of jewel tone felt that I found for a great price at the Hydrangea Hippo Etsy store. I thought I'd share the final product here on my blog.

Hair Bow Set_Accessories_Felt

My pom pom flower bow was inspired by this tutorial. I changed the dimension and thickness of the cuts so I'd have a flower that was larger and suitable for a bigger kid. My girls have already requested this one in more colors and I have to confess that it's my favorite too.

Blue Felt_Pom Pom Flower_Hair Bow

I also made a larger purple felt bow. I usually pin these in the girls' hair with bobby pins, but my bobby pins have all disappeared. I'm sure that they are somewhere in a VERY fashionable baby doll's hair. I'll just have to track them down and pull them out.

Purple Felt Bow_Heather Landry_Hair Accessories

Do you make bows? If you have a favorite bow that you've made or a neat tutorial to share, I'd love it if you posted a comment.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

100 Proof Press & Hydrangea Hippo Hop

Welcome to the next stop on the blog hop featuring Hydrangea Hippo and 100 Proof Press goodies! I'm so excited to participate and I can't wait to show you what I made.

I decided to create a scrapbook page about our road trip to Disney World in February. I used Instagram photos that I printed on Polar Pearl Metallic paper from Red River Paper. I stamped with a lovely stamp from 100 Proof Press called "Circle Of Stars". All of the other supplies came from a fabulous Hydrangea Hippo kit called Rockin' Dude

Disney World Road Trip_Scrapbook Page

Here's a closer look at the stamping! I used one of the American Crafts Chap journaling stickers to ground the epoxy car. I figured it would work really well with the theme of my page. I finished the cluster by placing a metallic button on a pop dot in the center of my stamped image.

Star Circle_Stamping_100 Proof Press

I also cut an arrow shape out of patterned paper to accent my layout. I love that it adds a bit of color to the page and I think it ties everything together nicely. Speaking of tying... I fed a length of twine through a straw that came in the kit and I tied it in a bow to finish my project. 

Hydrangea Hippo_Rockin' Dude_Scrapbook Layout

Don't forget to hop along to the rest of the blogs. I'm including the entire list in case you just found the hop here on my blog.


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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Unfinished Scrapbook Kits: School Themed Layout

I can't be the only one that has a humongous stash of unfinished kits. If you don't... let's pretend you do so I don't feel as bad, okay? I'm not going to admit how MANY unfinished kits I have. (Ahem. Over 30.) 

Now that I've backed off a bit as far as design team work, I'm going to have more time to use older supplies. This layout was made with a kit that's a true blast from the past. I used my Scraptastic Club "School Daze" kit from 2010 to create this page. That's a three year old kit! Sheesh. I've been slacking.

School Layout_Daddy Bus_Kids Page

The beautiful stitched star applique is the only newer thing on this page. It's from the wonderful Hydrangea Hippo Etsy store. I got it in a kit called "Rockin' Dude" but I couldn't pass on using it for a school themed page. Mostly because I was such a good child that I ALWAYS got gold stars in school. (Yeah, right!)

How about you all? Have you used any older supplies lately? What's lurking in the bottom of your scrap drawer? Do tell!

The Sampler April Card Sketch And Free Template

 I posted the challenges over at The Sampler kit club blog yesterday. Make sure you  head over there to see the sketches and enter to win a prize! I also wanted to share the sketch here on my blog, and as always there's a coordinating free digital template to download. Here's the April 2013 card sketch. Please feel free to pin it or save it to your computer for later use.

This is my take on the sketch. I chose to use buttons for the three vertical embellishments but you could use hearts, stars, or anything else you can imagine! You gotta love the pink and aqua color combination in The Sampler Kit club's April 2013 kit.

My MMD Diva's pitched in and made some beautiful card examples! I can't tell you how lucky I am to have them and how much I appreciate all of their hard work.

Card by: Ashley Walker

Card by: Ali K. 

Card By: Sandi Pressley

Thank you ladies!

If you're a digital scrapbooker and you'd like to download the free, layered digital template that I created in Photoshop Elements click HERE. Please remember to follow my terms of use.