Sunday, May 19, 2013

Meeting Myself Coming And Going: End Of The Year Fun

We have been running like mad this week. Miss Jordan got sick Sunday night, so she missed three days of school. She technically didn't need to miss Wednesday but the doctor couldn't get her in earlier. She didn't get to go on a field trip to Liuzza Land due to the scheduling conflict, so I brought her with me to check out the Covington farmer's market. It was a beautifully sunny day!

She had just really started eating again the night before, so of course she was starving. She talked me into buying chicken tacos for her and they came with some very strange looking pickled vegetables. She ate it! I was shocked. She must've been really hungry because she said she liked it too. 

We went to watch Alexis play the West African drums at Pineview on Wednesday night! Her school had some drums that were donated, and they've been playing them in music class. Alexis' class did the best job with them, so they were invited to play in a musical showcase. (She's the tiny one, third from the left.)

We were very proud of her and we went out to dinner afterward to celebrate! I definitely have some musical kids. Speaking of music, Jordan had a choir performance after her therapy appointment on Thursday. I got there very early so I could help the choir director dress all of the kids. Miss J had a duet with another girl and if the video is shaky, you'll have to forgive me. I was trying really hard not to cry!

Friday found me back at the school again for Brandon's kindergarten graduation. His class sang "My Mother Is A Baker" and he got to be the train conductor in the song. He was one happy dude. (Except for the part where he got tickled!) 

My mother-in-law and Ronnie came with me to see him sing and I took a photo of them in the classroom after the performance. You can definitely see where Brandon gets his pretty brown eyes!

We couldn't resist Brandon when he asked us to check him out, so we did! Ronnie's Mom went back home, and we took Brandon to lunch. He just seems so grown up now. I don't know if it's that he's getting taller every second, or if it's just that he's gotten so mature over the last year. Either way, it's killing me. I'd desperately love a rewind button.

We made a quick stop at Kohl's for new tennis shoes for me. Mine were getting old and there's even a hole where my big toe rubs on each shoe. I hate shopping but it was time to go. Ronnie was holding Brandon's hand in the parking lot, but Brandon wanted a hug so he carried him the rest of the way into the store. Brandon might look like an 9-10 year old due to his height, but he's still only 6 years old and he'll always be my baby. (Hush it, Nancy!)

Saturday morning we all got up at the crack of dawn. Last week's tee ball game had been rescheduled because of really bad weather. They moved it to this weekend, but I'd scheduled Jordan's hippotherapy session because I thought tee ball would be over. We decided that therapy trumped tee ball, so we split up. I took Jordan and Alexis to New Heights with me, and Ronnie took Brandon to the tee ball game.

I was amazed at how well Jordan did because she hasn't been riding for over a year. It stunned me to see how poised she was and how grown up she looked. Her posture has improved so much and she didn't need the sidewalkers at all. She was so worried that she wouldn't get her favorite horse that she's ridden since she was two years old. Mrs. Catherine was nice enough to remember that Jordan is very attached to Kit Kat. Jordan was thrilled! 

After she finished, we drove back to Covington. I hoped to get back in time for the trophy ceremony at the end of the tee ball game, but we missed it. Ronnie and his family met us at the gate. Brandon gave Jordan her trophy and she was thrilled with it! They both did an amazing job this season. 

Brandon and Jordan got pizza from the CRD so we sat with them while they ate it. Alexis asked for a snowball and I snapped this picture of her eating it because her blue lips cracked me up. My in-laws ended up coming back to the house to give the kids their graduation presents. All in all, it was a nice but busy day.

Tomorrow I plan to do as little as possible. I am really tired and everything starts again on Monday. I need to fit a day of rest in there somewhere. I haven't scrapbooked in quite a while, and I'm beginning to feel cranky from a lack of creativity! 


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Great pics and videos!!! I loved it all!! Get some rest girl... you deserve it! :)

Cindy deRosier said...

Wow - it all sounds very fun, but that's a lot to cram into a few days. You definitely need a day (or more) with nothing scheduled!

Cindy Gay said...

Lots of great memories Heather! Get some rest!

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

sounds like you are crazy busy. feel ya. great photos, videos, and fabulousness.!