Monday, May 6, 2013

Where On Earth Did The Sun Go?

You know, it looks like I spoke too soon about Mother Nature figuring everything out. We had a really awful storm rolls roll through this past week, and this weekend the kids were freezing for tee ball. We're talking 60 degree temperatures here people... in May! Ugh.

Louisiana Weather_Storm Rolling In_Scary

Jordan spent three days last week working on an essay after she finished her homework. It's for an award at the school and I swear, when she read the finished product to me I teared up. If she actually ends up winning and reading it at the third grade graduation, I promise you I will bawl my eyes out. Somebody better bring some Kleenex!

I forgot my camera on the way to the tee ball game on Saturday, so I snapped some photos with my iPhone. Look at the way the kids are all huddled up on Ronnie for warmth. Coach Daddy is very cuddly.

 The kids managed to defrost enough to actually play. Brandon got an amazing FOUR people out while playing second. I'm still trying to remember what I fed him for breakfast Saturday morning because... Jeez!

Coach Daddy_Tee Ball Fun

He looks pretty proud of himself doesn't he? Well, who could blame him? He's just growing up so fast that it amazes me. He's come out of his little shy shell so much. I love the way he jokes and clowns around now. He's so expressive and he's really growing into quite a little personality.

Tee Ball_Bat Ready_Boy


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving the photos!! Good luck to Jordan with her essay!!

Michelle said...

Ha! I stole your sun!!! LOL I've had enough of this snow and cold. Sunny and 65 yesterday, and let me tell you, it felt good!!! The sun is out this morning too... high of about 70 today. I know the ball will drop and we will pay for these few nice days... seems to be the pattern the last handful of months. Knowing my luck, there is another blizzard brewing.

Cindy deRosier said...

Win or lose, I hope you end up posting Jordan's essay here. I'd love to read it.

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

wishing jordan well in her essay contest. tissues for everyone!

brandon is so adorable...and of course he rocked t-ball! he is amazing!

Debbie P said...

Awesome photos! I too would love to read Jordan's essay. I sure hope she wins!!!

Izzy Anderson said...

I love that photo of Jordan. A beautifully captured moment. I bet her essay is wonderful. I can tell she poured her heart into it!