Sunday, June 30, 2013

8 Days A Week: Dinosaurs, Frogs, + Coffee

Last week was pretty crazy! I wished that I could add another day in just so I could take a break. Who do I have to petition to add another day into the week? I really would like to know!

I have a few photos to share of the fun stuff that we managed to cram into our schedule between therapy appointments. We went to a dinosaur hunt at the library in Abita Springs on Wednesday. It's my favorite library because the librarians there are so personable and patient with all of the children. Miss Sarah ran the dinosaur hunt Summer Reading program where the kids had to search for dinosaur pieces. They assembled them as a group so they could trace their own six foot long dinosaur. They all colored it in together and it turned into an amazingly bright dinosaur with a tree house under his tail.

After the dinosaur hunt, we went home and played for a while in our backyard. The kids ran near the air conditioner and I noticed something hopping. Meet Charlie. Yes, our toad has a name. He's lived near the house since he was a teeny tiny toad. Jordan found him first, and she named him just like she names everything. We see him from time to time and the kids always have to pet him and have conversations with him. Guess who gets chosen as the frog catcher? Me! No warts yet... 

Sebastian (Brandon's friend) invited us over to his house to go swimming after Jordan's therapy session on Thursday. They had a lot of fun and only one of the kids went streaking after they were finished swimming. Of course it was one of mine, but guess which one? 

The kids had a special needs small group meeting on Friday morning. This Summer they are participating in a class that's supposed to help them to understand how valuable they are to God even though they have special needs. (Or maybe even BECAUSE of their special needs.) The class has been such a gift for the kids and has really helped me understand their personalities and spiritual gifts. 

After the small group meeting, we met Ronnie's sister at Panera. Brandon brought his stuffed cat, Figaro. I don't even remember where he got it, but he's been totally obsessed with it lately. Mostly because they have a kitten where we hold our small group meetings. He wants a cat but we can't have one because Ronnie is highly allergic.

Here are the girls at Panera... It was our first time there and they loved it. Maybe the cinnamon roll that was bigger than their heads had something to do with it? I'm pretty much in love with the broccoli and cheese soup so I can understand. We'll be going back soon! 

After Panera, we went to Target with Steph and she gave each of the kids $20.00 to spend. They were so funny. Alexis bought a pair of shorts, a headband, a Hello Kitty water bottle, and nail polish. Jordan bought a Sophia The First stuffed doll and a Hello Kitty fedora. Brandon bought markers, a pad of paper, and a treasure chest full of Jake the Pirate goodies. We also went to Pet Smart and Steph came to the house to hang out. I cleaned the house like crazy while she was there because we were expecting Jordan's music therapist at 5:30. After the house was clean, I got a text message that her therapist was too sick to come. 

Saturday was just as busy even though Jordan's horse therapy was cancelled due to a massive thunderstorm. Once the storm cleared, we all went grocery shopping at Target. I tried to convince everyone that I should just go by myself, but that didn't go over too well. I bought the stuff to make lasagna as a surprise for Ronnie because he loves it and I've never made it before. He helped me cook and I have to say that it was great! I am not the biggest lasagna fan, but I made a few changes that made it a lot better in my eyes. (And my tummy!)

I also found out that my favorite coffee shop has started making K-Cups. I love PJ's Coffee and the fact that I can get it at home now is awesome. Have I mentioned how much I love my Keurig in the last five minutes? No? I think it's a gift from God. Piping hot coffee in less than two minutes is a miracle! 

We went to church on Saturday night and when we came out God was putting on a show! The sky was a beautiful glowing pink. Jordan was very impressed because her favorite color is pink. She wishes it would stay pink all of the time.


S said...

Looks like a busy week indeed. The lasagna looks yummy, entirely too good for someone who hasn't had her breakfast yet.

Courtney said...

I pretty sure that even if we had 8 days a week, I would find it filled up too! That lasagna looks good. I found a crockpot lasagna recipe that is so easy, you don't even cook the noodles. I with you lasagna is good but not my favorite thing.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I guess Brandon! *wink* :) I love love love love the photos ... looks like a great week!!

Cindy deRosier said...

Never a dull moment in the Landry household!

Debbie P said...

Fun, fun, fun! I love our library and the programs they offer too. Love your mix of photos!

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

Lovely photos. Looks like you had a lot of fun.