Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Master Of Disaster

It's time for my weekly iPhoneography update! My DSLR is jealous, so I'll have to get Big Bertha out for a photoshoot soon. Until then... Instagram photos will have to do. 

Last weekend Ronnie and I played an epic game of Monopoly that ended in me kicking his behind. I'm a good winner, but he's a very sore loser. I didn't even do my victory dance. Ha!

Monday found us in the pediatrician's office again. All three of the kids had pink eye. I swear, they should just give us our own room. We could move furniture in and just stay there. Two pediatrician visits in less than a week. It must be a record!

We had drama practice almost every day last week. We were waiting for the other kids to get there when my kids decided to strike a dramatic pose. As you can see, they are very good at drama! Hopefully all of the acting that they do will keep the drama level down on the home front. Girls can be SO mercurial. 

The girls had a book club meeting at the Abita library on Tuesday and Brandon colored half a million coloring sheets while we waited. He is such a good boy and I love him to bits and pieces. (Even though he gave ME pinkeye.)

After the book club meeting, I brought all three of the kids to Lowes to buy Ronnie's Father's Day present. We bought him one of those cool towels that they keep advertising on television because he mentioned that he wanted one. We also bought dirt, mulch, and plants to redo the front garden. Marigolds and herbs! 

I took Jordan to therapy on Thursday. She was really mad at me when I put her braces on but she cheered up when her occupational therapist let her make her own peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It's good fine motor practice and she got a snack. Winning!

This is what Brandon did while Jordan went to therapy. He is really reading up a storm and he's fascinated with pirates. It all started with that Jake and the Neverland Pirates show. He's got a pile of Jake merch too. His Aunt Steph is keeping him supplied. She even bought him Jake swimming trunks this weekend.

You know what also happened Thursday? Drama practice! Again! The kids are really all doing such a great job. Brandon and Alexis have their lines completely memorized, but Jordan doesn't yet. Probably because she has the most lines. She's trying really hard, but since she's a perfectionist she gets super frustrated if we try to help.

Jordan had hippotherapy on Saturday and she was thrilled to be able to lead her horse to the arena for the first time. She's growing up so fast and she does an amazing job following the instructor's directions.

The kids spent the night at my sister-in-law's house on Saturday night so Ronnie and I had some time to ourselves. We went grocery shopping, to church, to dinner, to a car show, and then we watched a movie at home. The first few childless hours were nice, but after a while it was too quiet. 

I just have to share this photo because I got the biggest giggle out of this sign we found under the hood of a gorgeous yellow Trans Am. Ha!

As you can imagine, when you're as busy as I've been this past week there's little time for housework. I spent the entire day today cleaning the house from top to bottom. I think I've washed, dried, and folded eight loads of laundry. You know who hasn't been cleaning? Jordan and Brandon. Their room is trashed. I'm trying not to go in there and do it myself but it's killing me! 

I may have to take away their electronics until their room is clean. It's a last resort and they will be miserable, but I know it will work because I've had to do it before. I'm a mean, mean Momma!


Linda Jordan said...

Sounds like you had a great week, minus the pink eye/doctor's visits! I love your "Grow where you're planted" stones, I'm definitely taking inspiration from them when we get a garden!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Girl... they are lucky I am not their Mama... lol!! I am sooooo strict when it comes to cleaning their rooms! Can't even leave the house to go to the store without it being done! HA!!! I am strict! :)

Loving the photos... but BOO! to the pink eye!!

Courtney said...

It does look like you have had a busy week. I am sure they keep you on your toes. Hopefully the pinkeye has left your house! Have a great week, maybe this one will be a little slower.

Cindy deRosier said...

Such fun pics! I don't know how you find time to clean, let alone blog and scrapbook. Those kids' schedules keep you constantly on the go. Are you one of those Martha Stewart types who only need 3 hours of sleep?

Debbie P said...

My yes, you are a mean momma...not! Love this mix of daily photos. You've all been very busy!

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

sounds like you have been super busy. looks like drama practice is taking up a ton of time...and pink eye? ugggh

Laurie Leahey said...

These are some great pictures of everyday life! I love the sign on the car, too.

A said...

LOL at that sign Heather!
Hope you're having a good week.