Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wonderful Weekend Wrap Up: Brandon's Sleepover

After Jordan's hippotherapy session last Saturday, we picked up Brandon's friend for a sleepover. Sebastian has been Brandon's friend since they ended up in the same class in pre-k. I invited him to Brandon's 5th birthday party, and eventually became friends with his Mom. Saturday was Brandon's first official sleepover and he was beyond excited. He made a bunch of lists about what I had to cook and what activities they had to do together. The first activity on the agenda was swimming! 

Jordan wanted to play with the boys so much. She kept trying to barge in on what they were doing. Here she is in the pool with Brandon showing off how she's learned to go underwater without holding her nose. 

Brandon only stayed in the pool for a few minutes because Sebastian decided that he would rather play on the swing set. I snapped this photo while he was practicing his floating technique. 

Later in the evening, they found something that made them very happy. They are both completely obsessed with Mario video games. I watched them play the Wii while giggling and being completely silly in a way that only little boys can.

Jordan got pulled in to play Princess Peach to Brandon's Mario and Sebastian's Luigi. They had to pose for a super photo. (Sebastian told everyone how to pose. It was hilarious!) They even all had the accents going and were "rescuing" Jordan from the imaginary Bowser. Of course, Alexis was entirely above all of this since she's 11 and MUCH to old to play with "little kids". Sheesh!

I crept outside for a while to take a shot of the Super Moon. Ronnie was the master of chaos for about 20 minutes and everyone lived. I got this neat shot of the moon with the telephoto lens that I bought last Summer. (I so stinkin' love that thing!)

As the night went on, they slowly started falling asleep. Ronnie and Jordan went to bed at 11:00, Brandon finally gave up at 12:30, but Sebastian and I were up until 1:30. He finally crashed and slept until 10:00 the next morning.

Brandon was up by 8:00, but he wanted to let Sebastian sleep. He asked me to turn on the iPad so he could play quietly until he woke up. I turned it on and went back to bed until Ronnie got up and started cooking breakfast. He woke Sebastian up!

They all had such a good time that Sebastian didn't want to leave. I couldn't even get him to get dressed when his Mom called me to say she was on her way. Brandon was so sad after he left too. I guess he thought he would get to keep his "best buddy" here. They were pretty heartbroken so I promised them to do it all again soon.


Cindy deRosier said...

So cute! We haven't done a first sleepover yet.

Alison said...

Awe! My heart would break just a little knowing they wanted to stay together! So sweet!

Cindy Gay said...

I love the pool shots and that's a great shot of the moon!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How fun!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee the photos!!

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

sounds like they had a great time. i want to come for a sleepover at your house.

Debbie P said...

How cute! I love these times with the kids. Those memories are so special! Your moon photo turned out amazing!!!