Monday, July 8, 2013

Code Name: Father Christmas (A Top Secret Project)

In my last post, I mentioned that I filed my vacation photos away so I could work on another project because I'm tired of scrapping about my vacation. I realized something while I was filing those vacation pictures in my bins. I have a bunch of Christmas photos to scrap. I mean an obscenely HUGE pile of Christmas pictures. Don't believe me? See the proof below. A pile of Christmas photos that measures a whopping six inches high!

Top Secret Photo_Christmas Photography

I can just feel everyone judging me, but I have a good reason. I swear I do! Are you ready? It's a deep, dark secret. I really, REALLY don't like scrapping Christmas photos. I am not an event scrapper to begin with because I don't like scrapping birthdays or any other major holidays. My dislike of scrapping Christmas is even deeper than that though... I just do not like to do it. I would rather scrap the smaller everyday moments in our lives. My best guess is that scrapping the Christmas pictures makes me miss the people in them? I also find the color schemes and themes pretty monotonous and boring. I mean, if you've seen one reindeer you've seen them all. Right? 

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas. It's my very favorite holiday. I love the family time, catching candid and posed photos... I just don't like scrapbooking them. It's gotten to the point where I have almost ten years of Christmas pictures to scrap. Every time I see the pile, I cringe. The other day I became convinced that something just had to be done about it. Enter my newest, MASSIVE project. I'm going to fake it until I make it. I pulled ALL of my Christmas photos and every single Christmas scrapbook supply I own. Then I sat down and started scrapbooking. 

My plan is to work my way through each Christmas paper pack that I own. I'm going to match the random Christmas embellishments that I have in my stash with the pre-existing paper packs the best that I can. I am not planning to purchase any new products unless I absolutely have to. I'm also not planning on scrapping every single photo. (Some will be filed if they are extra from the same event that don't add to the story.) 

The first paper pack I pulled is an older one from Scenic Route that Nancy Keslin sent me. I paired it with some epoxy embellishments that Holly King mailed to me as well. Those two girls have spoiled me rotten! I managed to make three layouts with those supplies. First, I used a grid design to feature five photos of us playing outside with the new football that Ronnie's Daddy bought Brandon last Christmas.

Christmas_Family Scrapbook Page_Scenic Route

Sticking with the same year and the same event, I scrapped these pictures of the boys opening their presents at Ronnie's parents' house. The girls were all wearing nontraditional colors, so the pictures didn't work well with the Scenic Route paper. I saved those for later. (Yay! Sigh.)

Masculine Christmas Layout_Arrows Epoxy

Moving to a different event this time, I scrapped another project featuring photos of my kids singing on Christmas Eve at my grandparents' house. I even managed to incorporate the pink polka dot patterned paper that was in the collection. (I scrapped Christmas photos and I used pink. At the same time ya'll. It's a miracle!!)

Scallops_Christmas Singing_Kids

I didn't have enough paper to make another page, so I used the scraps to create Christmas cards. If nothing else, I'll have those ready to send out at the end of the year as well. Look at me being all on the ball! 

Christmas Cards_Poinsettia_Chipboard_Flower

Well, that's what I have so far. Hopefully, I won't run out of products before I get through the fifty billion photos that are sitting on my desk. Tomorrow I tackle the next paper collection and another pile of pictures. Wish me luck!

P.S. In keeping with my top secret project, I'm going to have some Christmas themed .SVG files! Stay tuned.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

OMYGOSH!!! I am THE SAME WAY!!!!! Holy smokes ... I thought I was the only ONE!! LOL!!! I love that you are tackling this!!! Good for you!! I am loving the pages you have made so far! They are beautiful!! I don't know if you saw this post of mine or not ... but ... this shows I share your pain!!! LOL!!

Michelle said...

My stack of Disney pics looks like your Christmas pile. LOL I have a bit of Christmas scrapped. But hardly any Disney. You are off to a great start with what you have done already!! :)

Alison said...

Love it!! Christmas in July!! I think you did a phenomenal job on all your projects. I love all your work!

Ashley Horton said...

Christmas is usually the hardest holiday for me to scrap, because I always have so many photos and I just lose steam after a while!! Love all of your pages Heather, and the card is adorable!

Cindy deRosier said...

Wow! That is quite an undertaking! You're off to a great start. I feel like I've seen Christmas layouts from you in the past; I definitely hadn't noticed that you've been letting the pictures build up for a decade!

Doreen Vasquez said...

I'm with you! I hate scrapping Christmas... but then again I don't really care for the holiday itself either, "Bah Hum-bug", LOL!!
I have scrapped some pictures though and I try my best to not use Christmas papers or colors whenever I can to change it up a bit. One Christmas layout I created was mostly pink w/ just a bit of red and a couple of small Christmas embellies added.
I wish you much luck!

Debbie P said...

These layouts and the card are fantastic Heather! I can kind of relate. And believe me, I do not judge....I have stacks from vacations and Christmas! We're in good company I'm sure!

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

great projects. i think the reason we dislike scrapping christmas so is because of the christmas collections. the colors are right, but the icons are wrong, or the icons wrong, the colors right...too vintage, too hipster. so hard to find the collection that works.

Lizzy Hill said...

Hands up! I HATE red & green & whenever I try to scrap them they look twee & don't have any life....believe me, compared to my attempts, your pages are totally brill...especially love the girls singing one with the pink. Pretty cool!!!! And GOOD ON YOU:):):)

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Well you have done a stellar job of your Christmas scrapping so far! Love what you've done!!!! WTG!!!

Izzy Anderson said...

Your projects turned out beautifully. Of course!! I totally hear you on that. I do not like event scrapping either. I too have many many photos from birthdays, Easter and Christmas Day unscrapped. I don't really mind scrapping holiday oriented events ie visiting Santa, but I delay delay delay scrapping Christmas Day photos. In fact, in the 4 years I have been paper crafting, I think I have done only 1 layout of a photo from Christmas morning.

Linda Jordan said...

Congrats on tackling this project, they are coming out beautifully! I am the same way when it comes to scrapbooking which is why in recent years I have been tackling holidays differently...I made a December Daily last year + now I've fallen in love with Project Life. I'm surprised you haven't turned to project's a good way to focus on the everyday + quickly slip the holidays in without need for too much work [it can be used almost just as a photo album when you really don't want to scrap the photos!]. Good luck with this project, can't wait to see what else you come up with!!

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

You are so not alone in not having scrapped a lot of Christmas. Love your project idea and use of product that you already own. That Scenic Route line is one of my favourite all time Christmas lines. I have a bunch of it in my stash too! Best of luck in this endeavor. Cheering you on.:)