Monday, August 26, 2013

A Little Dirt Never Hurts: Weekly Photo Update

We made it through our second week of homeschooling without any huge issues. I think the crazy amount of time that I spend preparing for each day really makes a difference. Even on the days that we have therapy appointments, we make it work! Sometimes we don't finish until Alexis gets home, but we get through everything. 

The kids had a bit of cabin fever on Monday, so I let them eat lunch outside. They were both pretty thrilled with the idea and it helped them wake up a little. Brandon kept yawning all morning, and I was sure he was going to fall asleep at the table.

Alexis is doing really well in school. She's bringing home A's and B's, and we're so impressed! She's been working hard on her homework as well. She gets really frustrated because her homework takes her at least an hour each night. She's realized that Brandon and Jordan don't have any homework and she doesn't think it's fair. She still wants to go to public school because her friends are there. I don't get it, but I respect her choice.

I got in so much trouble Tuesday afternoon! It started raining without any lightning and the kids were bored, so I let them go outside to play in it. Unfortunately, it quit raining about two minutes after they went out. 

Luckily, Brandon found a different activity... He discovered a mud puddle. Brandon decided that the puddle wasn't deep enough, so he started digging a deeper hole. The kids made mud soup and sailed their sailboats across the muddy swamp to the evil castle. It was pretty awesome until Ronnie got mad at me for letting the kids dig a hole in the yard. I told him that we were studying the water cycle and called it homeschool. Ha! 

Thursday found us back at therapy. Miss J put her braces on her feet all by herself that morning! I was pretty proud of my girl. Her outfit in this photo cracks me up. She chose pink basketball shorts, cheetah print socks, and a sporty t-shirt. She also asked for pigtails before she declared the outfit complete.

My girls participate in a book club at the Abita Library and we got the books on our way home from therapy. Jordan's first idea was to find a comfy spot so she could start reading! 

Our entire family went to Jordan's hippotherapy session on Saturday because it's been a while since I watched her ride. (Ronnie's been helping me by bringing her so I can get the house clean in the morning.) We bought an industrial size bag of carrots so the kids could feed all of the New Heights horses. They had such a great time!

We went home for lunch before heading out again. I had to bring Jordan to buy some new glasses because her old ones were crooked and the screws kept coming loose. She decided that she had to have red glasses so she could be a cover girl. I'm not sure what she meant, but she was really insistent about it! We found some really cute frames that make her eyes pop. My girl was super happy and she asked me to take a photo so we could show her Daddy what she picked.

We are studying the United States next week in homeschool. Everyone is looking forward to cooking for our weekly country assignment. This week it'll be cheeseburgers and apple pie. I'm sure I'll have a lot of help!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sounds like a great week!! LOVING her new glasses!!!

Cindy deRosier said...

It's always fun reading about your everyday adventures! I'm glad to hear that both public school and homeschool are going well.

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

sounds like a great week. glad homeschooling is going so well.

Debbie P said...

Love the photos! Jordan's glasses look awesome & I love her cheetah socks! Our girls love to play in the rain...and the mud too. I can relate totally, I have gotten in trouble more than once for letting them dig holes to China. I can't use home schooling for an excuse though! LOL And Alexis sounds like our middle granddaughter. She loves school because of the socialization she gets there. She would die if she didn't have that! Anyway, glad all is going well!

Pam said...

The mud hole picture reminded me of our house in Florida. It was a rental and during those torrential afternoon downpours, the water running off the back roof, made a hole in the back yard. The kids loved it and when we left three years later we had quite the hole to fill in. I have some fabulous photos though and the kids had a blast.

A said...

Sounds like a busy week Heather!
Gotta love Jordan's socks :-))))