Sunday, August 11, 2013

School Is Cool (Pajama Party)

It's time for an epic photo update like I promised. This week was our last week of Summer vacation and we went out with a bang! We met my friend Stephanie and her kids at the Abita Trailhead on Tuesday so the kids could play in the fountains. It was all fun and games until Jordan fell in the grass, Alexis got an occular migraine, and Brandon smacked the goodness out of his head on the concrete. 

Brandon also scraped the side of his foot up really badly and it's still not healed. Luckily, his head was okay. I fixed him up and Alexis came to me freaking out because she couldn't see. She had "weird colors and lights". I knew exactly what she meant because I get occular migraines too. 

We were there for about two hours before all of the craziness started, and I managed to get quite a few good pictures. I brought my DSLR, but my favorite photo was this one that I snapped really quickly with my iPhone. Jordan was pretending to be Kaos from Skylanders. She's so stinkin' funny!

When we got home, I bandaged and fixed everyone. A Mom's job is never finished! That evening we baked an Earth cake as part of our introduction to homeschool. We are using My Father's World's Exploring Countries And Cultures curriculum with Jordan and it was one of our first project assignments. Alexis and I baked the cake. I frosted the sides of the cake and handed the icing over to the kids.

Brandon and Jordan had already dyed the icing with gel food coloring a few hours earlier, so they got to work spreading it on top of the cake. Please note Brandon's lovely blue mustache in the photo below. He got into the icing! 

Jordan went after frosting the cake like she does everything else... with gusto! I thought it was extra awesome because she was getting great fine motor practice. She found out that it takes a lot of control to ice a cake.

I outlined all of the continents on each hemisphere and Alexis helped me fill them in. She had a hard time squeezing the icing bag so I had to help. (Alexis absolutely loves cooking and she wants to be a chef in Disney World when she grows up.)

Here's our finished cake. It's not the most beautiful cake in the history of the planet, but it's ours and it's pretty accurate too. I think the kids did a great job!

I didn't get pictures of them eating it, but I did snap this photo a while after they were done. It looked like they ate Smurfs. 

Wednesday was a pretty quiet day except for the fact that the girls got in a HUGE fight at Alexis' therapist's office. (I'm betting on the little one. She's tiny but she's scrappy. Run Alexis, run!) I made them have some quiet reading time so they could all calm down when we got home. 

Look! They aren't fighting and they're quiet. It lasted for 30 whole minutes. I made them sit on separate couches. Sisters. Sigh.

Brandon's homeschool curriculum shipment came in on Wednesday. Nothing like waiting until the last possible minute to finish ordering everything. (Especially since we started homeschool this Friday.) I had a very short time to go through everything and I had to read two books. I managed by staying up very late! I don't recommend it and I'm going to be ordering MUCH earlier next year. Brandon was very, very happy. (We are using the My Father's World's Exploring God's Story curriculum with him.)

Jordan had therapy on Thursday. We've been going for so long that Brandon just acts like it's his house. The shoes come off, the TV goes on, and he chills on the floor. 

We got Alexis' hair cut on the way home from Jordan's therapy appointment. I always, always love it when she gets her hair cut this way. She's just the cutest. She's been doing really well lately and we are so thankful. God has been doing some amazing things in our lives! 

I finally got everything finished and sorted late Thursday night. I was SO excited and nervous to start homeschool on Friday that I couldn't sleep. What if I messed something up? What if I forgot something? What if it wasn't perfect? What if they hated it? 

Alexis and I got up really early Friday morning so I could help her get ready and take photos. She picked out pink and black shoes as well as a neon pink backpack when we went shopping. She wore a bow that Stephanie made her and I told her that she looked adorable! The neon pink stuff that she loved makes me remember being young in the 80's. Everything old is new again and trends come back around I suppose.

There's a story behind the picture below. Brandon has been SO excited about being homeschooled. He kept saying, "Mom, Do I have to get out of my pajamas?" I told him he didn't have to unless we had to go somewhere. You would've thought that I'd told him we would have Christmas every day of the year! He was really looking forward to the first day of school so he could hang out in his pajamas all day. Of course their first day of homeschool photo HAD to be in their jammies. The grins on both of their faces make me happy!

We did a lot of activities about the world and continents on our first day. Here's an Instagram of Jordan cutting her passport application apart. They even had to address the envelopes and mail them... to me!

Everything went really smoothly and I was thankful. I know there will be good days and bad days, but our first day was definitely a good one. The kids did all of their work in record time so I gave Brandon the option of doing an art project. He loves art and has informed me that he'll be an artist one day, so he jumped at the chance to draw.

Thank you all so much for the positive, encouraging comments on my last post. They really meant a lot to me! I swear, I don't know why we can't all just get along sometimes. 


Sharon Fritchman said...

Heather, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed seeing all of your photos and reading your post. I am sorry that things went crazy after 2 hours at the fountains. (I get ocular migraines, too, and know how poor Alexis feels!)I am so happy that your first day of school went well, too. Like I said on Facebook - I want to come and be homes-chooled by you, too!!!! (I love your world cakes so much!)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Great photos!!! I love love love love the cakes... they turned out awesome!!!! And I loveeeeeeee Alexis' haircut!! It looks like Brookie's hair!! :)

Cindy deRosier said...

So glad to hear that Day 1 of homeschooling went so well! Off to a great start. There definitely will be good days and bad days, both for you and for the kids, just like there are for teachers and students in public school, private school, and everywhere else.

Debbie P said...

Yeah, glad to hear the 1st day went well for homeschool! Glad no one was seriously hurt during your water outing. I too get ocular migraines. Hate them! And love the cute haircut! Adorable!

Sue Lelli said...

GREAT photos! LOVE the planet cakes! How FUN and FABULOUS!

Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

Great pics! Such fun adventures and I love the blue tongues. Made me smile!:)

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

fun photos. love all the new adventures. enjoy the ride.