Saturday, August 3, 2013

Water, Water, Everywhere!: Photography Update

It's time for another weekly photography update! Brandon lost two teeth at once this week. His two front teeth on the bottom were fused together so they fell out at the same time. He looks pretty happy about another visit from the tooth fairy. (The tooth fairy wasn't expecting any lost teeth, so she had to raid her piggy bank.) 

We've been doing a lot of walking as a family in the evenings. It's much too hot to spend a lot of time outside during the daytime hours. The last time we took a stroll together, Brandon insisted that he would push Jordan's wheelchair for her. 

He lasted about a quarter of a mile before he got tired. Ronnie and I took turns pushing her the rest of the way. Brandon told Jordan that he wanted to sit on her lap while we pushed. I guess that's one way for me to get my exercise! The chair is pretty heavy by itself. 

Alexis had a therapy appointment this week and I brought the best invention ever with us. The therapy office has wireless internet and they gave me the password. Oh how I love those people! Brandon and Jordan play on the iPad together so nicely sometimes. (And sometimes they don't!) She always loves to pet his hair because it feels soft, and he puts up with it for the most part. 

Speaking of electronics, Brandon and I have a new obsession. We're relatively late to the Skylanders game, but we're making up time! I know exactly how I'll keep him doing his schoolwork this year. "If you do your work, you can play Skylanders!" I have a feeling that I'm golden as far as completed school work goes.

I'm still one of those Moms. You know, the kind that can't go to bed until I check on the kiddos. I crept into Brandon and Jordan's room and found them both knocked out and looking too cute! 

Skylanders is hard work Mommy! I love how he's all sprawled out. At least I love it when he's sleeping like that and he's NOT in my bed. That's uncomfortable! 

We had a party to celebrate the end of our special needs small group series. It was a water balloon fight/sprinkler/slip n' slide celebration. I contributed about a gallon of jambalaya that everyone loved! I didn't have a single grain of rice leftover, and I was sure that I made too much. 

Alexis was the only one who knew how to tie the water balloons, so she was in HIGH demand with the younger kids. She was very patient with them and I was totally proud of her.

Friday night we went to our first NHEA (Homeschool Association) meeting to find out more information. We came home to this beautiful sunset over the trees in our backyard. Purple, hot pink, pink, and orange. Seriously, the photo doesn't do it justice at all!

We spent some time at Fountainebleau Park in Mandeville this week too. Ronnie's Mom and his sister met us there. The kids had a fantastic time splashing in the fountains and making sandcastles on the beach. I meant to bring my camera but I forgot it on my desk. I had to make do with my iPhone. It seems like I'm doing that a lot lately.

I did break out the DSLR for the photos below and man can you tell the difference! I slapped my telephoto lens on and was able to sit high and dry in the shade while getting some awesome close ups of the kids playing in the sprinkler in our backyard. 

I've been experiencing a bit of a scrappy block lately. I'm Christmased out y'all! I have been spending a lot of time pulling curriculum materials together, buying supplies, and organizing like a madwoman. Only five more days until homeschool starts!


Debbie P said...

Awesome photos as always! Looks like they have been having lots of fun. Love your sunset photo and the one with your daughter "petting" your son! That's so cute!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving the photos .... that one of him pushing her in the wheelchair is so precious!!!

Lizzy Hill said...

Great, you have a BUSY life...the DSL photos really are lovely....but you can't beat the phone for quick snaps, really.....good luck with getting your school work set up:):) Any time you want Aussie input...I'm here!!!!

Jill Norwood said...

You are an incredible photographer!!! My i-phone pics never look that wonderful! I am so enjoying paging through your blog!
:) Jill

Sharon Fritchman said...

Beautiful photos, Heather! And the stories behind them, too!

Cindy deRosier said...

Great pictures, as always. I love the one of Brandon pushing Jordan's wheelchair. And the sunset is stunning.

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

Great photos.