Sunday, October 20, 2013

iPhonography: My Crazy Life

I don't know why they call it "homeschool". It seems like we're always running around, and we just signed Brandon up for basketball. I don't think it'll calm down anytime soon. As much as I fuss about having to run around, the kids are really happy and that makes me super thrilled. Here are a few photos of the happy chaos my crew creates...

Ronnie made a new friend last Saturday at my friend's kids' birthday party. It's been two years since we had to put Lady to sleep, and he will not let us get another dog. As you can see, he doesn't mind borrowing one! Yes, he's growing a goatee. I keep telling him he's having a midlife crisis. He looked it up online to prove that he WASN'T having a midlife crisis, but when he read about it he said... Maybe? 

Brandon outgrew last year's Halloween costume, so we had to make a trip to Party City for a replacement. He insists that he wants to be a police officer when he's older, so I wasn't surprised at his costume choice. Meet "Officer Brandon". 

No cop costume is complete without handcuffs. He pretended to arrest Ronnie while yelling, "Don't make me take you down!!" I laughed harder than I've laughed in a long, long time. He's an adorable mess.

We went to our favorite local park a few weekends ago and all three of my kids climbed every tall thing they could to freak me out. Here's Alexis on the rock wall. 

Right after I snapped this picture, we heard a kid crying. A little boy was stuck on the top of a spinning web piece on the playground and his grandma couldn't get him down. Ronnie and I went over to help. While we were helping him down, I hear a little voice peep "Hi Mom! Look at me." It was Jordan! She'd climbed all the way to the TOP of the spinning structure and was wobbling like mad. I told her to come down very, very slowly. Ronnie was standing under her just in case she fell. I took the photo when she was about halfway down the rope ladder. I swear, she took years off of my life! 

Alexis is a very athletic kid, and it kills Jordan that she can't do everything Lexie can do because of her cerebral palsy. I let her try everything, but like I said before... it scares me half to death. They were spinning like crazy on these little inclined chairs, and she was highly insulted when I noticed that she was getting tired because I made her stop. I am SUCH a mean Momma.

Speaking of Jordan, you know you're a diva when you wear a ball gown to homeschool. Read alouds just got a lot more glamorous. (Please pretend that you don't see the dishes in the background. There are always dishes to wash here.)

We got a phone call to go on a surprise field trip on Wednesday. My grandparents bought a house that's a lot closer to us and everyone's been chipping in to help fix it up. We got to visit the pond in their backyard and we "only" saw one snake. I do believe that Jordan was disappointed that there was only one.

My grandma's scrapbook rooms (Yes, I said ROOMS. That lucky duck!) were a hideous hot pink color. She decided to paint them blue, and the kids volunteered to help. They painted a little of the wall before we transferred them to a closet. 

I know I've mentioned it before, but my grandparents are either very brave or totally insane. This is what the closet looked like when the kids were finished. Thank goodness they're planning to replace the flooring and paint the baseboards. 

Here's the aftermath of the painting fun. Brandon had some paint on his hands and a little on his pants. Alexis had a few spots on her leg, shoulder, and shoes. Jordan's legs, shoes, both hands, her entire back, and her face was covered. We jokingly asked her if she even got any ON the walls. 

Basketball practice has started at our house. Ronnie and I are teaching Brandon about dribbling, traveling, and all of that other good stuff. Jordan loves to help him practice by stealing the ball from him. We're going to start calling her Swiper, not Mine.

Alexis has recently discovered the awesomeness that is UNO and now she wants to play all of the time. She takes great joy in playing cards that make us pick up more cards. The other night Brandon was sitting next to her, and he played a draw four card. He looked at her really seriously and then yelled, "You got SERVED!" We all cracked up because he is usually so quiet and calm.

Jordan has a unique playing style. She puts all of her cards on the table and asks Ronnie which ones she should play. She can't hold and fan the cards in her hands because of her fine motor issues so she does it her way.

Homeschool is going really well. I can't believe we're moving to week eleven next week because it seems like we started yesterday. The only things that we're struggling with are the art projects. I know, that's pretty hilarious considering that I like to believe that I'm crafty. We've had clay projects crumble, and this week the kids could not get their straw flutes to play even though I demonstrated that they worked. The book said to just have them keep trying until they figured it out. Thirty minutes later we had no music and three incredibly ticked off children.

So yeah, it's a crazy life around here but (for the most part) I enjoy every minute! 


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving the photos!!! HA! To Ronnie and his midlife crisis!! LOL!! LOVE IT!!! And I used to LOVE playing UNO ... such a fun game!!!!

Debbie P said...

Ha, ha, ha, too cute! You should take these blog posts & make them into digital year books. I don't know how hard that would be, but your mix of photos and stories are great! tfs

Izzy Anderson said...

Terrific pics. You do such a great job of documenting the every day and all the fun things you do as a family.

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Cute photos!!! :D

Cindy Gay said...

Brandon's a great cop and love the pictures of the family. (Where are the pictures of you?)

Cindy deRosier said...

Great pics! I love Officer Brandon. BTW, I didn't notice the dishes in the background til you pointed them out!