Monday, February 24, 2014

Super Great Grandparents: Instagram Style

I have one more very special layout that I made using the October Afternoon Midway collection to share. This is actually one of the first pages that I ever made using Instagram photos. It just took me a while to post it because I needed to finish the journaling.

Why is it so special? My grandparents are two of my most favorite people in the world. These pictures were taken when they came by our house after deciding to buy a new place that was closer to us. I am so thrilled that we won't have to worry about their safety anymore when hurricanes threaten the coast.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Curricula & Botox: A Photo Update

Today, I'm posting a mini photo update so you all can see what we've been up to lately! Ronnie and I decided to order the kids' 2014-2015 curricula early so I could have time to review it and set things up over the summer. Alexis and I unpacked everything, checked it off of the shipping list, and promptly repacked it until the end of this school year. I know, it's a ton of books but I teach Brandon separately. This isn't everything I ordered. There were a few things on back order, but I'm sure they'll be here before we start. That's another great thing about ordering early.

Brandon was super happy this week when one of his friends came over to hang out. Boy playdates are definitely different than the girls'. All they wanted to do was play Minecraft together. They were shrieking and hollering about sheep and buildings. I'm just glad he has someone his own age to "be bros with". 

Jordan had another round of Botox shots in her legs on Wednesday. She had over 20 shots on both legs and ended up with 17 bandages that we had to pull off. She is such a trooper though, later that afternoon she was up walking around even though she was still in pain. We found out from her doctor that he would like to have her legs put in casts to help maintain the range of motion that the Botox shots give her. She's getting them next week and as of now, we aren't sure how far the casts will go up on her legs. I'm trying to keep her from being sad about it, so I've promised her that we'll bling the casts with jewels and have everyone sign them. They'll be the most sparkly, girly casts in the history of ever. 

She's such a fighter, and I'm so lucky to be her Mom. I get to see her make her imprint on the world through sheer faith and true grit. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I hope to be just like her when I grow up.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fun Memories And Chalk Art: Use It Or Lose It

I pulled an older Scraptastic Club kit as part of my Use It Or Lose It challenge, and it included October Afternoon's Midway line. The super color combination worked well with so many photos that I had a hard time deciding which to use. I ended up choosing a picture that I previously had a hard time scrapping because of the colors in the photo.

Chalk_Art_Scrapbook Page_Scraptastic_Banner
Someone bought the girls a HUGE bucket of Crayola chalk and they used it nearly every day during the summer in 2008. My entire front porch and carport were always covered in art. The kids were coated in chalk dust too, but it made them extremely happy. I'm not ashamed to admit that I colored too. We crafty types have to stick together!

I also made a card for a friend who had a baby recently. I adore the rubber duckie game at carnivals, so it's no surprise that I had to find a project to showcase my duckie scraps. 


You know that picture update I promised? It's still in the works. Mostly because I forgot, and I backed up all of my photos right after I edited them. They are now on my EHD, and that means I'll have to go dig everything out and move it back over. I may have to do an iPhone picture update just to share what's up in my crazy house.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Father Christmas: Elf Style

I posted a ton of pages that I made with our 2013 Christmas photos, but I forgot to post these two! Our Elf On The Shelf is named Elvis. He is usually a good elf, but sometimes he gets into trouble. I took quite a few Instagram pictures of his antics last year, and I thought pocket scrapping would be the way to go to get them all scrapped. 

Elf On The Shelf_Scrapbook_Pocket Page
Here's back of the layout. One of my favorite things about pocket scrapping is being able to use both sides of the page protector to create coordinating projects. All of the supplies on these two designs came from Basic Grey's lovely 25th and Pine collection. It is gorgeous!!! 

Elf On The Shelf_Basic Grey_25th And Pine

I know I haven't posted an update on what we're doing around here lately. That's mostly because I've totally been slacking on editing. It's on my to do list though, so hopefully I'll have a few images to post later this week.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

SVG Fun: Freebie Rewind

Welcome to another freebie rewind post! I'm going through the websites where I posted freebies over the years, and I'm pulling all of them to host on my blog. Please note: If you've been a follower for a while, some of these may not be new to you.

Feel free to right click on the image and click "Save As" if you only want to download the sketch. If you want some of my very first .svg freebies and a few layered digital templates... keep scrolling.

First up, I have the Party Banner template. It's a grid sketch with room for lots of extra goodies. As a bonus in the download, I've included the party banner as an .svg for die cut machines.

Birthday Sketch_Banner_Grid Design

Next, I have the You Gotta Learn sketch and template to share. It was the very first sketch that I designed at Ideas For Scrapbookers. This sketch also has a coordinating .svg freebie. The crested border at the top of the page is included as an .svg in the download. 

Circle Sketch_Grid_Sketch Blog_Free

Finally, I have a grid/bracket sketch to share. It's my Bracket Sketch Template! I left room for at least two photos and a lot of shaped accent papers.

Free SVG_Download_Digital_Bracket

Head over to download your free digital template by clicking on the image above, or here. I hope you're all enjoying the freebie rewind posts. If not, don't worry. I'll be back to my regular posts soon because I only have a few more to share after this.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Use It Or Lose It: Girly Edition

I am still working my way through a bunch of older product in my use it or lose it challenge. I found a Katlin Crate Paper collection in my stash that was several years old, so I decided to create a kit with it. I pulled gems, old die cuts, and flowers that matched. Nearly everything on the three pages that I'm sharing today is more than two years old. (Possibly more than three... I'm not quite sure about those purple gems.) The newer things are the doilies and white die cuts. 

The LOL die cut has been on my desk for a while, and I didn't have a particular story that went with this photo of Jordan. I decided to tell a funny story about something she said when she was seven years old. It was pretty mortifying at the time because everyone in the bathroom laughed, but now it's hilarious.

Funny Scrapbook Page_Little Girl_Crate Paper
Next, I decided on a grid design because grids truly make my heart happy. These pictures are from Ronnie's 33rd and Alexis' 11th birthday party. It's also the day that Ronnie's parents announced that they were taking us to Disney World. 

Those clear flower buttons have been in my stash forever. I can't remember looking in my button bin without seeing them. It was definitely time to put them on a page. 

Grid Design_Scrapbook Page_Flowers_Birthday
Finally, with the last bits of scraps, I made this layout about Jordan insisting that my iPod was really HER iPod. She would yell, "It's MY-Pod!". We finally had to buy her one for Christmas so she'd leave mine alone.

The pink bling swirls on this page have been in my stash for a while as well. Eventually, I'm going to make a dent in all of this stuff. Right?

Sisters_iPod_Crate Paper_Lace_Scrapbook
Do you ever go back and use older products? If I've inspired you to dig deep into your stash, I'd love to see what you make.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Oldies But Goodies: Sketchy Rewind

I'm slowly pulling older sketches and freebies that I gave away over the years so I can host them on my blog tabs for easy access. I have three sketches with coordinating digital template downloads to share today. Feel free to right click on the sketch images to save them to your computer. If you want the digi freebies, scroll down for the download links. 

The first sketch and template is called "Bellybutton Sketch". I used to name my sketches after the layouts that inspired them. Years later, I've realized that I ended up with some really interesting titles. You can download the layered digital template by clicking on this link, or on the image

Graphic Design_Free Template Download_Adobe Elements

Next up, I have my "Excellent" template and sketch. No, I don't have an inflated ego. Remember? It was named after a layout with the same title. You can download the free excellent digital template here.

Free Digital Download_Template Freebie

I got really creative when I named the last sketch that I'm sharing in this post. It's called November Template One. It's official that I'm the worst namer in the history of ever, but don't let that keep you from downloading the matching freebie template.
Scrapbook Sketches_Free Download

If you're looking for more freebies, check out the tabs along the top of my blog. Happy scrapping!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pocket Scrapping: It Saved My Christmas!

Last summer, I decided to scrap every single Christmas photo that I had in my printed picture stash. I had a stack of photos about six inches high, and I worked my way through all of them in a series I called "The Father Christmas Project". When I finished, I was entirely sick of scrapping Christmas pictures and I swore I would never get that far behind again. 

I chose to turn to pocket scrapping to meet my Christmas aversion head on. I don't like scrapping Christmas photos, I'd rather scrap our everyday pictures. Echo Park came to my rescue with a Photo Freedom kit that allowed me to scrap every.single.picture from Christmas 2013. Don't believe me? Keep scrolling! 

One: Our 2014 Christmas card and my wish list. (Santa is running late delivering my Silhouette because I wanted to sell my Cricut stuff first.)

Christmas List_Card_Scrapbook Page Protector
Two: We went to my cousin's house for Christmas Eve and I had to cook the traditional gumbo. That's a HUGE deal because there has been a lot of great gumbo consumed over the years. Luckily, it turned out to be very delicious. Thank goodness.

Christmas Eve_Family Fun_Christmas_Pocket Layout
Three: After we finished opening presents on Christmas morning, Brandon climbed up on Ronnie's lap and told him how much he appreciated his hard work. He's such a thoughtful kid.

Page Protectors_Owl_Family_Dad Christmas
Four: We had a very peaceful Christmas morning, and the kids were all thrilled with their presents.

Christmas Morning_Presents_Santa_Layout Pocket
Five: We went on our yearly trip to Koop Drive in Mandeville, Louisiana to see Santa. It was freezing! The kids only went on a few rides because they were shivering so hard. 

Visiting Santa_Scrapbook_Pocket Page_Kids
Six: We decorated our Christmas tree late this year because of basketball practice and all of the different therapy appointments we attend. Sophie was also included on this spread with her Christmas gifts.

Pocket Scrapbook Page_Sophie Dog_Christmas
Seven: We made gingerbread houses when we celebrated Christmas with Ronnie's family. Jordan's ended up being more of a gingerbread condo. It had multiple floors.

Eight: My Mom and grandparents were spoiled rotten on Christmas Eve. Everyone tries really hard to get them great presents that they will love. 

Nine: The girls performed in the Christmas choir at Church Of The King and some of our relatives came up to visit. We had them all pose together in front of the huge Christmas tree in the foyer to remember who came to see them sing.

Church Choir_Daughters_Scrapbook Layout
Ten: I was so impressed with how poised and professional the kids were when they sang on stage. I worked really hard to get good photos of them singing. My favorite is the one I snapped from backstage when I volunteered. Seeing them on the big screen TV was so neat.

Christmas Choir_Pocket Scrapbook Page_Church
I am so happy with the way these pocket pages turned out. It only took me two days to scrap an entire Christmas. I think that's a new world record. At least it is for me! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Back In The Saddle: The Sampler Kit Club

As most of you know, I took a break from designing at the end of Summer 2013 to get all of my ducks in a row so I could begin homeschooling my kids. It took me about six months to get into a routine, and I missed my design team work so much. I decided to go back to creating for The Sampler Kit club a few weeks ago, and I'm proud to post my first project with the February 2014 kit called "Love Recorded". 

Sampler Kit Club_Bullying_Scrapbook_Page_Gold
I found a photo of Jordan looking extremely sad in my printed picture stash. This facial expression was one that we saw a lot in 2012-2013 due to the extensive bullying she experienced in third grade. I wanted to write to her and tell her not to believe all of the awful stuff that people said about her. We are slowly rebuilding her self-confidence, and I wanted to journal about how I see her. She is beautiful inside and out! 

Detail Shots_Bullying Layout_Scrapbook
The February kit from The Sampler worked so well for the feminine, pretty look I had in mind for this page. It goes perfectly with her sweet personality. I showed her the layout this morning and she smiled shyly. I'm hoping that she took my words to heart!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

It's My Party: SVG Birthday Freebie

Remember how I promised y'all some birthday freebies? I have a set of two cards for pocket scrapping to share today. One of the cards has a sentiment on it, and the other is a frame with word art. 

Pocket Scrapbook_Birthday Cards_SVG Freebie

Download your free birthday themed .svg pocket cards by clicking here. Feel free to link me to any projects you make. I'd love to see what everyone creates!