Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pocket Scrapping: It Saved My Christmas!

Last summer, I decided to scrap every single Christmas photo that I had in my printed picture stash. I had a stack of photos about six inches high, and I worked my way through all of them in a series I called "The Father Christmas Project". When I finished, I was entirely sick of scrapping Christmas pictures and I swore I would never get that far behind again. 

I chose to turn to pocket scrapping to meet my Christmas aversion head on. I don't like scrapping Christmas photos, I'd rather scrap our everyday pictures. Echo Park came to my rescue with a Photo Freedom kit that allowed me to scrap every.single.picture from Christmas 2013. Don't believe me? Keep scrolling! 

One: Our 2014 Christmas card and my wish list. (Santa is running late delivering my Silhouette because I wanted to sell my Cricut stuff first.)

Christmas List_Card_Scrapbook Page Protector
Two: We went to my cousin's house for Christmas Eve and I had to cook the traditional gumbo. That's a HUGE deal because there has been a lot of great gumbo consumed over the years. Luckily, it turned out to be very delicious. Thank goodness.

Christmas Eve_Family Fun_Christmas_Pocket Layout
Three: After we finished opening presents on Christmas morning, Brandon climbed up on Ronnie's lap and told him how much he appreciated his hard work. He's such a thoughtful kid.

Page Protectors_Owl_Family_Dad Christmas
Four: We had a very peaceful Christmas morning, and the kids were all thrilled with their presents.

Christmas Morning_Presents_Santa_Layout Pocket
Five: We went on our yearly trip to Koop Drive in Mandeville, Louisiana to see Santa. It was freezing! The kids only went on a few rides because they were shivering so hard. 

Visiting Santa_Scrapbook_Pocket Page_Kids
Six: We decorated our Christmas tree late this year because of basketball practice and all of the different therapy appointments we attend. Sophie was also included on this spread with her Christmas gifts.

Pocket Scrapbook Page_Sophie Dog_Christmas
Seven: We made gingerbread houses when we celebrated Christmas with Ronnie's family. Jordan's ended up being more of a gingerbread condo. It had multiple floors.

Eight: My Mom and grandparents were spoiled rotten on Christmas Eve. Everyone tries really hard to get them great presents that they will love. 

Nine: The girls performed in the Christmas choir at Church Of The King and some of our relatives came up to visit. We had them all pose together in front of the huge Christmas tree in the foyer to remember who came to see them sing.

Church Choir_Daughters_Scrapbook Layout
Ten: I was so impressed with how poised and professional the kids were when they sang on stage. I worked really hard to get good photos of them singing. My favorite is the one I snapped from backstage when I volunteered. Seeing them on the big screen TV was so neat.

Christmas Choir_Pocket Scrapbook Page_Church
I am so happy with the way these pocket pages turned out. It only took me two days to scrap an entire Christmas. I think that's a new world record. At least it is for me! 


Stephanie Diaz said...

Nice job girl.... I am still printing out my Christmas pics... I'm

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow wow wow and MORE WOW!!! These pages are amazing! I am LOVING the colors in this collection and loveeeeeeeeeee the photos!!!! So beautiful!!!!!

Ange said...

These are all so fantastic!!
I'm not a big fan of pocket scrapping because the creativity seems to get lost, but you did a wonderful job of keeping it there. Love your pages!

Doreen Vasquez said...

Oh wow! Easy-peasy and cute, cute, cute!

Debbie P said...

These turned out fantastic! I'm still really slow putting the pocket pages together. I'm hoping with a little practice, they'll go faster!

Cindy Gay said...

Love your letter to Santa and typography! Very creative! Did you get a nap?

Cindy deRosier said...

Love it! A great solution to your dislike of scrapping Christmas. Good for you for dealing with the pictures instead of letting them pile up for years. :)

Sharon Fritchman said...

So much fun! Only you could make so many amazing projects and beautiful pages from one pack of papers! I love them all!!!!!

Nancy Keslin said...

rockin the pockets. so creative.

Amanda Sevall said...

You are my scrapbooking hero Heather!! I love that you got it done AND it's SO CUTE!!! Yay for being caught up on Christmas scrapping!!! :)