Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Dog Ate My Homework (And Everything Else)

Many of you know that we adopted a cocker spaniel last November. Let me tell you, as my friend Kathleen says... "That dog ain't right!" Sophie has tons of toys to choose from but she'd rather chew on anything else. This week she's eaten six different things and I'm about to lose my mind.

1. A lanyard that I kept my gym keys on. She had to dig it out of the ZIPPED front pocket of my gym bag.

2. The pull up she dug out of the trash can after figuring out how to open the lid.

3. A cotton ball off of Brandon's Easter basket craft.

4. She got busted pulling Ronnie's dirty clothes out of his zipped gym bag. She would've eaten them, she just didn't have time.

5. Half a roll of toilet paper directly off of the dispenser, because that's obviously why it's there. Duh.

6. But last night took the cake... We had all gone to bed when I heard suspicious munching sounds. I tracked the noise to the kitchen where I discovered her eating the tests I'd printed out for the girls this week. I snatched them from her and said, "Time out!!"

Sophie obviously doesn't have high standards like this fellow.
You know you have a naughty dog on your hands when she knows what time out means and guiltily slinks into her kennel. She must have a cast iron digestive system, but I'm worried at some point that she'll get into something that will make her seriously sick. We keep everything as picked up as possible, but in a family with three kids things get left out. It doesn't help that she's the dog version of Houdini. She can get in and out of everything.

Does anyone have any advice? She's too cute for me to truly be mad for any length of time. She has cuddly dog superpowers. Help!


Michelle said...

Hard to teach an old dog new tricks?? LOL Best advice really, if she is chewing at night when you are in bed, kennel her. And also when you are gone. Catching my dogs in the act and scolding them (mainly Tucker) has helped. I swear, dogs are permanent little kids. :) We keep things picked up too, but they/dogs still need to learn what is theirs and not theirs. Tucker used to steal the clean wash cloths and socks off the coffee table when I was folding laundry. Finally broke him of that one. We have had one casualty... a lego storm trooper that he stole out of Ben's room (also got scolded for that one). She reminds me of Hooch in a way. LOL Did you ever see Turner Hooch?? That movie with Tom Hanks? I am sure she isn't anywhere near as bad as Hooch. But, it made me think of the scene where Tom is taking the dog room to room, explaining to Hooch what is his and not his. :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Oh boy! I wish I had advice!! My fur babies have always been mellow older dogs by the time I adopted them! Good luck my friend!!!!!!

Debbie P said...

She is a beautiful dog! I agree, at night and when your gone, she goes in the kennel. Otherwise, you have to keep anything important up off the ground. We had a lab that would eat almost anything. Little toys were his favorite. Maybe lots of dog bones to keep her occupied??

Doreen Vasquez said...

Oh wow, your hands are certainly full w/ that one! But yes so super duper cute! As much as I hate dogs being locked up, it sounds like that may be the route you need to go. As much for your fur-baby's safety as for your sanity!!!! Good luck!

Cindy deRosier said...

How frustrating! I don't have any advice, as I haven't had to deal with a chewer. Good thing she's cute! Good luck!

Amanda Sevall said...

OMG. I totally hear you!! We joke that my parent's dog Yoda is a billy goat -- he does exactly the same thing! Once he ate a few coins.... actually had to have surgery to remove them. He's been to the vet for ingesting unknown objects that have made him ill several times. And then there is my brother's dog Belle. She once chewed through the water line coming into the toilet while they were gone. Needless to say, the house was a bit flooded when they got home!! As for what has worked to keep them from repeating? Supervision mostly... that and not allowing him free run when he can't be watched. The suggestions for kenneling are a great idea. My brother calls it "bed" so when he gives his dogs the command to go into their crate, it's "go to bed". The dogs love their crates so much, they can often be found sleeping there when the door is open and they have the run of the house! Good luck with your adorable little trouble maker... hope she doesn't eat anything that makes her sick!!