Friday, September 26, 2014

Playing In The Rain

Jordan has had physical therapy three times a week since her surgery. When you add those appointments to our already hectic schedule... it explains why I haven't had time to blog. I thought it would be fun to pop by with an update on what we've done lately.

Of course, we're still doing homeschool in between appointments. Last week, everyone woke up in a bad mood and homeschool was not going well at all. It started raining outside and I got really bummed because that meant no recess which would've equaled even crankier kids. Instead of letting the rain make everyone depressed, I let them outside and told them to play in it. My plan worked. After running around like mad, everyone had a better attitude and we were able to finish our work.

Sophie has been trying to win an award for laziest dog on the planet. She actually sleeps this way! I think she's got the award won already. She's not going to be happy next week when we bring her in for her shots and a hair cut. 

We saw Dolphin Tale 2 as a homeschool field trip last week. The kids enjoyed it and so did Ronnie. I spent most of the time trying not to cough and disturb others because I was not feeling well. We are participating in a curriculum that teaches all about marine life through Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

Remember how I said I didn't feel well at the movie? It turns out that I had bronchitis and pneumonia. Hey, if you're gonna get sick, go big! Right? The doctors took x-rays and told me that I have fragile lungs with scarring in them. I guess it's from breathing in some chemicals while cleaning the pool when I was a teenager. Who knows? Anyway, I've been ordered never to smoke or be around any kind of smoke at all. (Not that I'd planned to.)

Ronnie started coaching Miracle League baseball. Brandon and Jordan are playing, and Brandon was so nervous that he stayed by Jordan during the first game. Alexis was able to volunteer, but I couldn't because I had to rest. Oh well, there will be plenty of games over the next two months.

Something amazing happened... Jordan has always wanted an adapted bike as long as I can remember, but the cost was too great for Ronnie and I to get her one. Recently, I applied for one through the Grant's Gift Foundation, and she was approved! If I said she was excited, it would be an enormous understatement. She kept yelling, "I'm finally free!" as she rode up and down our street.

She even got to pick the colors. She went with purple and yellow. Why? Well, because they're LSU colors. We start our fans young around here. 

I'll be back soon to share some layouts. I finally finished scrapping all of our Disney photos. I made it just in time to take MORE pictures on our next trip. A scrapper's work is never done.


Cindy deRosier said...

I am thrilled for Jordan. She's an inspiration with her amazing positive attitude and determination. Those photos of her on her bike are priceless.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving the photos!! But sorry to hear you were sick!! :( I get bronchitis every year ... so I feel your pain :( That is AWESOME about the bike!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Sharon Fritchman said...

I have tears in my eyes as I type this note. I am so very happy for Jordan! Her new bicycle looks amazing. I hope you are feeling better, too, Heather. Oh my goodness.

Cindy Gay said...

Happy pictures except for the one with your hospital bracelet. Hope you get much better Heather!

Nancy Keslin said...

you are so crazy busy that you really need to make sure and take time for yourself. you must be healthy! Love seeing photos of ms J on her new bike. she has such a passion for life.