Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Wedding, Thanksgiving, And An Improved Van: Photo Update

It's been a while since I shared about what's been going on in our lives. I did post a short summary in my last post but now I have pictures to go with it. We spent a crazy two months driving everywhere in Ronnie's tiny commuter car while we waited for Jordan's van to be converted into a wheelchair van. It was really hard for Miss J to get in and out of the car, and she even got stuck a few times. (Luckily, she had a sense of humor about it.) We were all relieved to get our van back, and it works so very well for her.

Handicapped Van_Conversion_Jordan
We spent Thanksgiving with both sides of our family, and we had a wonderful time at each place. The kids all went out on the shallow pond in a flat bottomed boat at my grandma's house, and no one fell out. It was a Thanksgiving miracle! The food was delicious and the company was fantastic.

Thanksgiving_Family_Boat Ride
My brother got married at the end of November, and the kids were all in his wedding. Brandon was a Jr. Groomsman, Alexis was a Jr. Bridesmaid, and Jordan was a flower girl. It was a beautiful ceremony, and they make a super sweet couple. 

Wedding_Brown And Teal_Burlap_Flower Girl
I guess you guys can see why I haven't been around much? I'm hoping 2015 will be a little calmer and quieter. I will be back soon with more layouts and photos from Disney World. I hope you guys are having a fabulous year so far. Happy New Year!


Cindy Gay said...

I love the wedding photos! Happy New Year Heather!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving the photos! The wedding ones are beautiful!!!

Micupoftea said...

Looks like fun times. Glad you have the van back. Happy 2015! :)

Susanne said...

Best wishes to the happy couple. Always nice to get caught up with such joyful events. Happy New Year.

Amanda Sevall said...

Looks like you've been having lots of fun my friend! Yay for the new van and love the pics of the kids all fancied up -- they are so cute! :)

Nancy Keslin said...

so cute. love these photos. fun to seeing all the photos in one place.

Jordan Brewer said...

Thanks Susanne! We were just blessed with a baby boy!! And yes I'm stalking my sister's blog. Didn't know it was her . <3 So wonderful and so talente .