Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summer Vacation (Finally!): Photo Update

If I said we had an interesting homeschool year in 2014-2015, that would be putting it lightly. Three surgeries, one vacation, multiple illnesses, and many injuries later... we are finally having our summer vacation! I took this photo of the three kids on the first morning that we didn't have school. They were all piled up on the couch together like puppies. I do think that homeschooling has improved their relationships beyond anything I could imagine. They still fight, but they are a lot closer than they have ever been.

One of the interesting things about homeschool is that you are with your kids all the time. Imagine my confusion the other day when Jordan declared that I haven't been spending time with her! Huh? I'm with her all the time. It turned out that she needed some one on one time with me. I recently took her on a coffee date and we had a wonderful time. She is obsessed with frozen coffee just like her Momma! 

I also learned the importance of taking care of myself this year. I injured my knee in November the day before we left for our Disney trip. The Disney trip was paid in full, so I went and walked on it during the trip. I finally made the time to go to the doctor this week, and he said that I probably have a left lateral meniscus tear. I have an MRI scheduled soon because the pain is getting worse. I should've done something about it earlier. I'm dreading the results! 

We got to see Alexis' birth brother last week for the first time in three years. He is being homeschooled as well now due to health issues, and they got to talk about how much they LOVE Math. (NOT!) I can't believe that she's 13 and he's 14. It seems like they were tiny toddlers yesterday.

Nathan took this picture of me with the kids. They usually climb on me like a jungle gym, and you can tell that we are always together. No one has a concept of personal space, but I don't mind cuddly kids. Even when it's hot. I love them! 

I've spent the first week of my summer vacation repainting and decorating my hall bathroom. I went with a nautical theme because of this printable from Kimberly Geswein Fonts. It's one of my favorite Bible verses and I couldn't resist designing the entire bathroom around it. 

Brandon started his summer vacation in an unpleasant way. He caught the stomach flu and I've been cleaning like a madwoman to keep it from spreading through the house. He is finally feeling better today and I'm very thankful. My poor baby boy!

We have a busy week coming up because we are trying to pack as much summer into our vacation as possible. I'm working on posting updates here on a regular basis because I love looking back at our stories on my blog. Lately, I've only been posting scrapbook pages and that wasn't the original plan!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looks like you have been busy! LOVING all the photos!! Sorry to hear about your knee ... hopefully you will have a solution for it soon! And glad Brandon is feeling better!!!!!

Heather McMahon said...

I hope everyone is over their illnesses now. Good luck with the injury!