Friday, February 12, 2016

Fantasmic: Disney 2014

The kids got light sabers at the Fantasmic show because my in-laws spoil them rotten. They waved them around before the show started, but once it began I ended up holding Brandon. He didn't like the fireworks too much, so I had to comfort him. I didn't get any photos of the fireworks, but I did get some good cuddles so I'm calling it a win.

Basic Grey's Aurora collection was absolutely perfect for the colors in my pictures. My friend Stephanie gave it to me, and I'm so glad she did because it saved me from having to buy another collection with purple in it. This layout was inspired by a PageMaps sketch.

I'm a big fan of scrapping my real life, and some of the moments aren't too upbeat. Many of you know that I'm the parent of three kids with special needs and they keep me busy. Brandon's autism makes it easy for him to be overwhelmed by loud noises and public places, but we try not to let that change the quality of his life. We bring him everywhere, and if a meltdown occurs we deal with it. I don't think he should miss out on experiences due to autism. He did very well in Disney. In fact, he only got seriously upset twice. He went from happy to upset in a few minutes when we were waiting in a very large line to get into the Lion King show. Ronnie and I comforted him, and he was able to calm down and enjoy the show. Since it's such a big part of our life and his... I decided to scrapbook the pictures I took.

I used Basic Grey's Ambrosia line to create this page. I also pulled several bits and pieces from my stash to embellish this pocket page. My favorite was the "IT IS WHAT IT IS" sticker from Jillibean Soup because that's something we say in my house all the time.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love these!! LOVING the photos and the colors!! And I totally agree ... we can't always just show the happy times! :)

nylene said...

I am loving all of your Disney layouts. I love that they are individual works of art and don't have to have the typical Disney colors. They are all so interesting and so beautifully scrapped.

Cindy deRosier said...

Another great pair of layouts. I totally agree about scrapping what's real. It is what it is.. so true.

Susanne said...

Nicely done on both projects, but I especially like how you used the Aurora collection. And I am glad to hear that the in-laws are doing their grandparenting thing well!!