Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My Funny Valentine

Ronnie and I have been married for fifteen years as of this January. You don't get that far into a marriage without arguing or being disappointed. One of the best things about our relationship is our ability to laugh at ourselves when we mess up. Some of my favorite memories are times when we've laughed so hard that we cried. (I'm pretty glad that we have never been great at being super serious.) 

This layout is the perfect example of our relationship and the ridiculousness that sometimes occurs. One year Ronnie forgot Valentine's day, and I got really upset. I've never been the type of person to expect big gifts. I am quite content with a heartfelt handwritten note. Unfortunately, he completely forgot to do anything that year and I was heartbroken. I cried and I don't do that often. He felt horrible, and the next day I got flowers. The card said, "I'm sorry for being stupid". I started laughing when I read it and now it's a story I'll never forget. I think it's awesome that we have the same sarcastic sense of humor. I really love him and I think I'll keep him. 

This layout was created for one of the class assignments in Ashley Horton's Silhouette class on I lifted her design a bit, but then I went off and did my own thing. That tends to happen a lot around here. 

The supplies are all from Fancy Pant's Love Birds collection. This layout is way busier than my normal style, but I like it. I feel like this class is making me step out of my box and that's always a good thing.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What an awesome story to document!! I loveeeeeeeeeee this! LOVING all the hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy deRosier said...

I like it too! I love classes like that where you step outside your comfort zone and like the results. :) Fun story. May you have 15 more happy years together! And fifteen more after that. And fifteen more after that!