Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Happy Kids

We've already started homeschool this year, and my kids are very excited! I've had many people ask me why we only take a break for one month a year. The simple answer is that my kids get really bored, and they beg to start again. After a month, they've played hours of video games and have finished the summer reading program at the library. Homeschool keeps them focused and they really prefer being on a regular schedule. I must confess that I prefer it as well. 

I haven't been able to blog much this summer due to our scattered schedule, and our new 7 week old puppy that needs loads of attention. (I guess I didn't have enough to do?) I'm dropping by today to share a layout that I made during NSD. I am that far behind on posting my pages! 

My grandparents have always had chickens or goats and my kids really love visiting them. In the photo below, they were feeding the animals old bread that my grandma kept aside for them. I think the goats enjoyed seeing my children as much as they enjoyed seeing the goats. 

I know what you're thinking... Another project with Scenic Route's Grafton line?! I promise, this is the last one I have to share. I'm all out of scraps at this point!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

A new puppy?!?!?!? How exciting! And YAY for school!! Brookie starts in a little over a week from now! :) I love love love your page! LOVING the photo and the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy deRosier said...

You did know what I was thinking, except the tone was all wrong: "Another project with Scenic Route's Grafton line!" Bummer that you're all out of scraps.

Susanne said...

Nice layout. And I am a little sad that you've run out of Scenic Route, it was a fave of mine too.

Cindy Gay said...

Makes me happy too. You'll have to show us your new puppy!